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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 155


Cong Nianwei was not prepared when Qin Guan lowered his head to kiss her lips. She tasted like vanilla, sweet, cold, and smooth.

Cong Nianwei was annoyed by her boyfriend, who reached out for a yard after taking an inch. After their first kiss, Qin Guan had become an addict. He would take advantage of any chance to kiss her. Cong Nianwei was already afraid to be with him in public.

As punishment, she took a bite out of the ice-cream in Qin Guan's hand. It was chocolate, and it tasted sweet and slightly bitter.

They headed directly to the third floor, planning to shop from top to bottom. In the service centre on the first floor, they got an Ikea pencil, a map, and a list of all the products. Ikea was always considerate.

Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei were drawn to the new products on the third floor, where the bedroom furniture was exhibited.

They saw a three-piece French style set that included a wooden queen-sized bed, a bedside table, and a big closet. The closet was designed for a couple, and it cost 3,900 yuan. The small bedside table could also be used as a dresser. The drawers on both its sides could hold more sundries. It cost 699 yuan. It would cost Qin Guan about 6,498 yuan to furnish the whole bedroom. Qin Guan felt a pain in his chest. Realizing that Cong liked the furniture though, the mean thoughts in his mind were pushed out. But will she stay overnight for the furniture?

Cong Nianwei had no idea about Qin Guan's plans. As a top student at the Architecture Department, she liked those kind of things. In her mind, such simple furniture was easy to assemble and it was suitable for a young person's home. She was really enjoying decorating a new house.

Gritting his teeth, Qin Guan bought a curtain that reached the floor, a complete set of sheets, cushions, towels, and two hairy carpets. Everything matched Cong Nianwei's taste, and it cost Qin Guan about 2,000 yuan.

We didn't even buy household appliances! Qin Guan sniffled and pulled Cong Nianwei to the kitchen supplies section, where he spent hundreds of yuan.

The Dazhong electric appliance market was nearby. Qin Guan could only afford to buy a fridge, but women were all born shopaholics. There were no exceptions. Cong Nianwei was a straight-A student, but she still was one. Right before leaving, she took pity on Qin Guan and treated him to a portion of chips and a hot dog to comfort the bankrupt boy.

Qin Guan had the impulse to tell her that he still had about 10,000 yuan left in savings, but he was planning on spending it on her birthday present.

During the summer holidays, her tutor would be teaching at a big program. Cong Nianwei would be one of the assistants, and she would perform data analysis. She was also planning on staying in the capital for the holidays to earn both money and experience.

It was the first time they would be spending a whole holiday together. Qin Guan would be able to celebrate her birthday with her in a happy, sweet way.

Dating time always flew by. After begging for a French kiss, Qin Guan saw Cong Nianwei off and she ran into her dormitory building.

The final battle had come. With a calm expression, Qin Guan took the CET 6, which was normally meant for postgraduates.

He wrote swiftly and finished the paper without any difficulty.

The invigilator watched the other students, who were obviously older than Qin Guan. They seemed to be regretting that their offspring hadn’t lived up to their expectations. What a promising student! If you fail to get a higher score than the sophomore, don’t choose me as your tutor!

The surrounding seniors were annoyed by Qin Guan. Do you want to piss us off, young man? Do you think you’re talented? Show us your paper then!

When the invigilator turned around, the senior student on Qin Guan's right kicked his desk vigorously and commanded in a low voice, "Hey, young man! You seem smart. Share your answers with me, or I’ll make your life miserable!"

With a shy smile, Qin Guan pushed his papers towards him.

I blamed you wrongly. You are a loyal man! Before he could copy off Qin Guan though, the invigilator appeared behind his back like a ghost. Qin Guan pretended to write and turned his paper over.

The invigilator kicked against the desk of the senior student, who was too proud to cover his tracks.

He’s staring at me! Does he know?

Looking at Qin Guan's innocent eyes, the invigilator reminded him kindly, "Watch your papers. Better fold them. Don't help those cheaters, or you’ll be unfair to yourself. I know you are a hardworking man."

Qin Guan nodded tamely at the tutor, who seemed happy to be saving a lamb from the claws of a wolf.

The senior student was under close surveillance until Qin Guan submitted his papers and left.

Under that kind of pressure, and thanks to his poor knowledge of English, his results were awful.

Qin Guan's finals were finished, and the summer holidays began.

Qin Guan called his parents and friends to inform them about his arrangement. Zhou Jing and Li Jian beat their chests and stamped their feet in outrage. They’d have to depend on themselves now.

Laughing, Qin Guan hung up and opened the door of his new home. The cozy smell overwhelmed him. Although the living room was still empty, the warm bedroom and fully-equipped kitchen were enough for him to comfortably spend the holidays there.

He put the shopping bags beside the fridge and filled it with groceries. He was very satisfied with his work.

Everything was ready for Cong Nianwei. After handing the spare key to her, he would fly to Zhejiang to begin shooting for his new play.


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