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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 151


Li Bingbing was pricked by the thorns on the roses. Qin Guan carefully pulled the thorns away and handed the roses back to her. He looked at Li with a worshipping expression as he said nervously, "They’re for you."

Li accepted the flowers with slight surprise and secret delight. Zhang shot the scene twice just to be safe.

As an old friend of Li, he knew exactly what she was thinking about. The girl would definitely play some kind trick.

In all conscience, if he was a girl, he wouldn’t have let Qin Guan go either. He had to finish this short film in two or three days though. Two Sung was waiting for him. He had no spare time to connive with Li, so he’d warned her in advance.

As for Qin Guan? The silly boy had no idea. He just acted according to the director's instructions.

Acting was easy. In the last scene, Qin Guan gave Li Bingbing the videotape, which was the only proof of her crime, with the intention of putting an end to his love.

The film ended in a cliffhanger. It took them two and a half days, and there were only six people working on it. According to the director, there would be only 30 minutes left after the final editing.

It was actually a home DV show! Qin Guan felt a deep feeling of resentment. No wonder Sister Xue had disappeared after the first day. She had done this deliberately!

The crew was dismissed without any celebrating feast or bonus. Qin Guan had finished his first movie without realizing it.

Zhang Yang told him that he would send the work to Two Sung. If he got his own studio, then he would publish it.

On the other hand, Li Bingbing pretended to be Qin Guan’s understanding older sister. She confirmed that the film had been a trial and warned him so he wouldn’t be cheated by Zhang.

Patting her own chest, she promised Qin Guan appropriate roles in the future as compensation.

Looking at her young beautiful face, Qin Guan had the impulse to warn her that in his past life she had chosen countless awful roles.

Qin Guan now had a clear idea of how unreliable those guys were and abandoned any hope of their plan succeeding. I’ll just go back to being a straight-A student. I’ll return to my courses with a broken heart.

Qin Guan buried himself in his books, studying for CET 6 in June. His whole mind was concentrated on learning. Meanwhile, the annual CCTV drama was quietly broadcasted.

With exquisite scenes, graceful lines and outstanding actors, the TV play "Daming Palace" showed the audience a splendid page of the prime time of the Tang Dynasty. The audience quickly indulged in the style, wilfully luxury and romance created by Li Shaohong.

The handsome Zhao Wenxun, who was the first actor to come on stage, became the object of girls’ affection.

Qin Guan's character appeared in the middle and later scenes. The hit show didn't have any influence on him, yet he was unprepared for the exposure.

The Two Sung Group seemed to know that Qin Guan had played in the TV series. Taking advantage of it, the advertising company aired his DV on TV.

CCTV and numerous other TV stations broadcasted his advertisement. Some were cunning enough to air the ad in the commercial breaks during the TV play.

By then, Qin Guan was recognized on the streets. People still didn’t know his name though, so he didn’t cause any traffic jam when he went out of campus. At most, they would kindly ask him, "Are you the alien nobleman?"

In those cases, Qin Guan would answer honestly, "Yes, it’s me." By the time the 23rd episode aired though, the effect was magnified.

Housewives expressed their feelings about the play. "It must be the queen's toy boy. Only a handsome man like him could be brought into the palace by the queen."

"He is really quite the troublemaker. If I was the queen, I would have grabbed him myself."

Young girls also recognized Qin Guan. "He is the model from J shirts and the Two Sung DV. He’s so handsome!"

"I’ll buy some J clothes for my boyfriend. I wonder if he’ll be as handsome as Zhang Changzhong in them."

In 2000, the internet reached ordinary people's homes. Technology had improved a lot, and the standard network speed at the time was 512 K/S.

Launched in 1999, the "Haijiao" Forum became popular among netizens. It was famous for its content and clarity.

The most popular parts of it were the tittle-tattle and gossip sections. The gossip section was especially noisy. Qin Guan's post was at the top of the forum. That section was generally considered the wind indicator of the entertainment circle. Most hit shows and stars had a space there.

Titled "Talking about the most handsome man in an ancient costume", Qin Guan’s post attracted lots of attention.

The author had written, "As for the recent hit show ‘Daming Palace’, a lot of my friends have published relative posts. Just like everyone else, I had also fallen in love with Zhao Wenxun, who plays Zhang Yizhi and Xue Shao in the play. When I saw the 23rd episode today though, I betrayed him. I decided to award the crown of the most handsome man in an ancient costume to Zhang Changzhong. He’s my new favorite."

"When he turned away from the screen and Taiping Princess, my heart was conquered. The graceful lotus on the frame paled in comparison to him. He deserves to be remembered as the Lotus Childe in historical records. The title matches reality perfectly."

"While I was waiting impatiently for the commercials to end, I also saw him act as an alien nobleman!"

"To conclude, he is handsome not just in an ancient costume, but also as an alien! He’s a really handsome boy. From now on, he will be my Prince Charming. Don't try to compete with me!"

The post was like a stone thrown in a lake. Girls who had just finished watching the TV play gathered under it fast.


"He’s mine!"

"I betrayed Zhao Wenxun myself! Breaking news! I have also seen him on posters and magazines. I have the whole set."

"Are they on sale, sister? Where did you get them? I’ll offer you a high price!"


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