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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 98


Chapter 98 - How is it possible?

Ning Bi-Luo remembered that the three men who had been hunting him didn't have high cultivation levels. They were just at the first stage of the Grade of Tianyuan. However, Ning Bi-Luo had run out of energy at that time. Because his secret martial art had rebounded onto himself, he was badly weakened. If not for the assailants fearing his reputation and not daring to fight head on, he would have died a long time ago.

His enemies didn't fight him using their utmost efforts, but he was badly injured. When he was escaping, he met Ye Xiao. He showed mercy towards him and pushed him away and was surprisingly saved by him. He remembered the face. He would never forget it.

And he would never forget the shocking power of the gelid qi.

However, this time, Ye Xiao had changed his appearance. That was the reason why Ning Bi-Luo couldn't recognize him.

Until Ye Xiao said 'I have saved you twice' to disclose his identity after saving him from the Xiu Of The Heavens, Ning Bi-Luo was sure Ye Xiao was his savior.

As Ning Bi-Luo thought deeper about it, there seemed to be many strange facts popping up here and there.

Things seemed to be suspicious to him at the moment. The last time in the long street was his first contact with Ye Xiao. While he was busy fleeing, he protected Ye Xiao from danger. It was rather easy for him to push Ye Xiao that time.

If Ye Xiao had been a peerless cultivator, it wouldn't be so easy to push him away. In fact, Ning Bi-Luo had pushed Ye Xiao away so easily, although he was weak at that moment. That meant Ye Xiao was truly not that strong!

However, it didn't matter how strong Ye Xiao was, and it didn't matter how he saved Ning Bi-Luo. It was not important to Ning Bi-Luo! The truth was that Ye Xiao actually saved Ning Bi-Luo!

Although Ye Xiao was weak, he had saved Ning Bi-Luo twice. For Ning Bi-Luo, this fact was more than enough to be grateful.

However, what Ning Bi-Luo noticed was that this Purple Lotus Master seemed to be totally different from the guy in the long street. Different appearances. Different behaviors. Different ethos. They were totally different men!

Well, he was right about it though. That day in the long street, Ye Xiao was 'Feng Zhi-Ling'. The funny part was that Xiu-Er knew Feng Zhi-Ling well. So apparently, Ye Xiao couldn't show up looking like Feng Zhi-Ling this time.

That's why Ye Xiao disguised himself with the appearance of the true Purple Lotus Master. So of course, Ning Bi-Luo could believe they were the same person!

While Ning Bi-Luo thought further, he noticed a few more suspicious points. He was confused.

At the moment, Ye Xiao had disappeared. Ning Bi-Luo followed up in a hurry. He was so confused that he had an incredible urge to find out the truth.

He climbed over the wall effortlessly, as if flying. Ye Xiao was unable to do it as breezily and elegantly as he could.

The capability of a man in the Grandmaster Levels of Tianyuan wasn't a joke.

Even though it was raining heavily, he could still sense the direction where Ye Xiao was heading and followed him silently.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao had absolutely no idea that he was being followed.

He thought that Ning Bi-Luo would just leave after he had gone away.

The capital was truly a place full of troubles for Ning Bi-Luo at the moment. Even though he wouldn't encounter the Xiu Of The Heavens, he would still be in a tough situation because he was now a rat on the street in the capital...

Anyway, Ye Xiao believed that Ning Bi-Luo would never follow him!

It was quite a simple truth. [You don't want to serve anybody, so I won't force you to. I have saved you twice and I don't have any requests from you... It all clearly pointed the truth that you owe me a lot and I owe you nothing...

Then what reason do you have to follow me?]

Apparently, he was wrong about it this time. Even a wise man who had made a thousand right decisions could make mistakes after all. From his perspective, he had nothing more to do with Ning Bi-Luo, but from Ning Bi-Luo's perspective, he couldn't understand how the two men who had saved him could be the same guy. Besides, he was saved twice and was unable to repay the debts. So he was upset. So he eventually decided to follow Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao didn't know he was being followed, but he was cautious as usual. He had changed directions several times to check out if anybody was following him and then quietly went back to his house when he felt safe.

What he had done was enough to escape from most of the people in this world.

It was even enough to escape from those top superior cultivators like the Xiu Of The Heavens.

Yet, it was not enough to escape from Ning Bi-Luo.

Ning Bi-Luo was one of the most capable cultivators in this world, yet he was still far from being the No.1 cultivator. However, he was the No.1 assassin in the Land of Han-Yang.

Tracking and sneaking were the special skills of an assassin.

He could sneak away by taking advantage of the tiniest of opportunity and flee far away, even when facing someone who was much stronger than him...

With the same line of reasoning, it was never a difficult task for him to track people whom others were unable to track.

He was the best assassin and also the best tracker!

That was why he could catch up with Ye Xiao.

But he was surprised!

From the whole tracking process, he was sure about one thing;his savior was not a top superior cultivator like he had thought;instead, he was quite weak in cultivation.

He found that Ye Xiao's cultivation capability was far lower than his own and was even under the Grade of Tianyuan!

According to that, Ning Bi-Luo began to speculate that this Purple Lotus Master could be the same guy who was at the long street. They were both men with a low cultivation capability.

Yet he had been saved by this man twice from the hands of some superior cultivators who were at the Grade of Tianyuan!

That was however the first strange thing.

There was second strange thing... He found that Ye Xiao was extremely cautious, even more cautious than himself. In such a heavy rain, Ye Xiao was sure that nobody would follow him, yet he changed his direction for dozens of times. Even though Ning Bi-Luo was quite good at tracking, he had nearly lost him several times.

In fact, he had lost him, but he had a strong spiritual sensation, had abundance of experience in tracking, and he had recovered most of his strength, so he was luckily able to get back on track.

If he had been lacking in any of these three departments, he could never have kept up with Ye Xiao!

So he was sure about one thing, [In this world, nobody except me can keep following him. Others would surely be left behind! That is an absolute fact!]

’’Well maybe there is another one who can do the same as me... Red In The Sky. Maybe he can catch up. Who knows!’’

Ning Bi-Luo murmured.

He couldn't think of anyone else who was as capable in tracking as himself. He thought that Ye Xiao was more lubricious than a loach, more deceitful than a fox!

Finally, Ning Bi-Luo saw Ye Xiao enter the House of Ye. Even though he was an experienced man, he couldn't help being astonished.

[This guy... is actually... from General Ye Nan-Tian's house?]

He then flew into the house like a wind without hesitation.

The rainy dark night was a best cover for a stalker.

He arrived at the roof of Ye Xiao's room easily and lowered his body.

Ye Xiao entered his room and finally took a breath of relief. He thought that everything was settled!

He was preparing to return to his true appearance, yet he had a strange feeling and he didn't know why.

He felt like he was being watched by someone else. It made him feel uncomfortable!

’’What is wrong? Am I followed?’’ Ye Xiao murmured in mind.

He then jumped up and rushed into the rain again. - Poof!- He got to the roof immediately.

When he was going to check around, he saw Ning Bi-Luo lying in front of him!

At that moment, Ye Xiao was shocked!

And Ning Bi-Luo was shocked too!

[You have returned to your house... I am already lying on your roof... Yet you actually came out again!

Could you even be more cautious buddy...]

The stalking specialist Ning Bi-Luo hadn't thought that Ye Xiao would come out again. So when Ye Xiao was standing beside him, he was still lying on the roof like a fool...

’’Oh! It is you!’’ When Ye Xiao saw Ning Bi-Luo lying on the roof like a fool, he couldn't help feeling a bit dizzy!

[What the hell! I was so cautious all the way back, yet I actually missed this guy!

He could actually follow me to my own house and I actually failed to notice it...]

At this moment, Ye Xiao was rather frustrated.

At the same time, he felt an eagerness to improve himself. [If I am what I was in my previous life, do you really think that you could stalk me? In the past, I could kill you by simply breathing out! Damn it! I am too weak!]

After a while, they both entered Ye Xiao's room and looked at each other without uttering a word.

It was raining so heavily that staying outside in the rain was simply out of the question. When Ye Xiao discovered that it was Ning Bi-Luo, he stopped being contentious and said, ’’Come on in.’’

Ning Bi-Luo was stunned and he just followed him in. It seemed he was still unable to understand the whole situation.

’’Well... This... This is your room?’’ Ning Bi-Luo sat on the luxurious chair. He was a bit speechless.

’’Yes.’’ Ye Xiao wiped and dried his clothes with a towel.

Ning Bi-Luo didn't use such an inconvenient way. He naturally use the method that people of the martial world usually did: Operating the QI!

Some mist appeared around his body right away and then his clothes became dry in just a second...

’’Is... Is this your home?’’ Ning Bi-Luo was still a bit blank.

[How... How is it possible?]



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