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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 970


Chapter 970: Mistake
[This is such a huge humiliation! You have to give me a good explanation! Otherwise, you and me, we become sworn enemies from now on! I… You don't get away from this!]

[You are a great figure in the realm. You are known as the second most powerful cultivator in the realm. So what? It won't be worse than death! A man dies and his c*ck stands up! I don't care!]

Ye Xiao got a really bad temper. He was utterly pissed off and he wouldn't care about anything now. He was exactly like he used to be in his previous life. He wouldn't get so angry if people beat him, shouted at him, even killed him, as long as she was powerful enough.

However, if he was humiliated, even though she was a billion times stronger than him, he wouldn't endure it!

That was his dignity.

That was his bottom line.

He wouldn't let anybody challenge it!

Xuan Bing was actually having a rather weird thought. [He is the man… I like indeed. Proud, haughty, domineering, brave…]

[But… if you don't need the interaction method to solve their problems… why did you… do that to me?]

She really wanted to ask him.

But… she couldn't.

She had to keep it in mind and stare at Ye Xiao… [It seems… if I don't say sorry to him, he wouldn't stop this?]

The jealousy had vanished. Instead, she had a strange feeling in her heart.

"You… this is only the statement of your side… You will certainly protect your own reputation…" She unwittingly stopped being so overwhelming. However, the grievance filled her heart and she couldn't let it out.

She still didn't want to give in. It seemed she was arguing, but it was so weak…

At this moment, she was not the Lady Devil of the realm anymore. Suddenly, she was like a young wife who had done wrong…

It felt like… she was the maid again, who didn't know what to do facing her furious master.

If Han Bingxue could hear them, he would definitely freak out.

That was astonishing!

The world's strongest Lady Devil, the well-known second most powerful cultivator of the Qing-Yun Realm, was actually soft like a young girl!

He definitely wouldn't believe what was happening…

"What do you mean the statement of my side? How is it only the statement of mine?" Ye Xiao was going crazy. [What do I have to say to make you understand that I didn't molest your people! How much do you want me to explain? I didn't take advantage of them! How do I make you believe that instead of me taking advantage of them, they did take advantage of me!]

[Do you understand?]

[Special /> [Special interaction method that I take on your people… All the ladies in your sect…]

He thought of such an idea and just felt like freaking out… totally freaking out…

He definitely wouldn't assume that responsibility because he reckoned this Elder Xuan Bing would immediately smash him into a pile of flesh and blood. Besides… [Do you think I can actually do that? Of course not! I am definitely unable to do that to all your people! Okay?]

"Well… It takes a long time to do that!" He finally started to talk. He must be too angry to stay calm. "It takes at least half a day to do that interaction method… You have 130,000 people… Damn… I… I'll be damned! You… You…"

Xuan Bing's body shook. She blushed. [What is he talking about! Does he know what he is talking about? Is he hit real bad on the head? I didn't do anything to him!]

"Look. Elder Xuan, if you don't believe, go check the two ladies. There are only women in your sect. I believe you know how to check a lady's body. Go check them and you will see whether they have lost their virginity or not!" Ye Xiao was too angry to talk decently. "You wronged me too bad! Do you want me to suicide?"

That was such a sad statement. It was sad enough to make the heaven cry.

Ye Xiao looked down at his crotch and thought, [I… Of course I can't do that… over a hundred thousand women…]

[Even an iron stick may become a needle after having se* with so many women… I may completely vanish after that…]

Xuan Bing was speechless. [Did he just tell me to go check the two disciples' virginity? Bastard… Bodacious… How could he say that! Of course we know how to check it… Don't you think it is too much to say that out…]

Even though she was mad, it was a chance to get out from this embarrassing situation. She waved her hand and acted like she was generous. "Fine. Maybe I was wrong… It was a mistake…"

Ye Xiao was pissed again. "What do you mean 'maybe'? It is a mistake! You are wrong…"

He was helpless though. [A super powerful cultivator in the realm… A powerful lady… Why is it so hard to make her understand the truth? She is ruining my reputation here! If she tells others… How do I live in the martial world?]

Xuan Bing felt helpless too. [Why can't you just stop this. Can't you just be generous to a lady? I said I was wrong. Do you want me to kneel down and apologize? Or… maybe you need me to warm your bed and apologize in the bed to you?]

"Hmm… It is a mistake… is a mistake… I wronged you…" She sounded even softer.

She wouldn't have thought that she, the Great Elder of Misty Cloud Palace, the second most powerful cultivator in the realm, would say such soft words.

She was apologizing to a young man who was only level seven of Dream Origin Stage.

She couldn't even dream of it!

However, it just happened…

More importantly…

After she said it, she didn't feel it was weird at all…

She was actually a bit scared. She didn't want Ye Xiao to continue being mad at her.

When she felt that fear in her heart, she was speechless about it. [Does the memory of Bing'er really influence me that much? Why can't I just let him bear the grievance? Why do I have to take the grievance?]

[On one hand, I am the invincible super cultivator in the realm;on the other hand, I am just a girl who warms his bed everyday. Do I prefer to be the latter?]


"… Fine. I am a nice man. A nice man always forgives a woman." Ye Xiao took in a few deep breaths and rolled up his eyes.

He finally calmed down, but then he started to sweat.

[Holy heavens… What did I just do?]


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