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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 97


Chapter 97 - Anti-tracking!

Ning Bi-Luo stood up, but his legs were trembling.

Apparently, he had reached the limits of his strengt. He was supporting his body with just willpower. It seemed that taking a single step would cause him to fall down.

He was truly a tough guy!

Ye Xiao stepped forward and held his arm.

He wouldn't want to see a tough guy embarrassed. Not even in front of his own eyes.

He spoke blandly, ’’Don't push yourself. It will be a big joke if you let yourself fall and die because of it. Including this time, I have saved your ass twice already. I don't want to learn that I have saved a dead man!’’

Ning Bi-Luo raised his head and his eyes became sharp, ’’You? It's you?!’’

’’Hush! Don't you feel tired shouting that loudly? Do you really think that you are at the peak of your health? Do you really want to make everyone know of your location?!’’ Ye Xiao pointed his finger upwards.

Ning Bi-Luo stopped talking, yet his face showed that he was thrilled.

[My savior!]

He had been hunted and nearly died that time. Ye Xiao was the one who saved his life! Nobody else knew about it... So when Ning Bi-Luo was sure Ye Xiao was his savior when he hear what Ye Xiao said!

Ye Xiao took out a Pei-Yuan Dan Bead and put it into Ning Bi-Luo's mouth right away.

Ning Bi-Luo was a bit annoyed being fed forcibly, yet Ye Xiao was his savior who had saved him twice, so he didn't resist. When the dan bead went into his mouth, he felt a stream of hot qi suddenly scatter inside his mouth and then rush into his belly. After that, the qi spread around his Jing and Mai. Suddenly, he felt his weak body became indescribably comfortable.

His dantian had been empty, yet now as the hot qi kept running into it, it produced some energy. And then the disengaged qi in his dantian started to gather together. His whole body had regained energy and vigor in a matter of seconds.

Ning Bi-Luo was spirited and said, ’’What is it? It is actually so wonderful.’’

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, ’’Nothing special. Just a supreme dan bead!’’

Ning Bi-Luo was shocked again.

He stopped talking.

[He has saved me twice. And now he has given me the precious supreme dan bead!

I continue to owe him more and more.

Considering the return...]

Ning Bi-Luo thought, [His cultivation capability must be enormous. He is a least stronger than Xiu Of The Heavens. He made the girl leave by only telling her his name. He is at least in a level that is higher than the limit of this world... What can I possibly give him in return? Things I have will only embarrass me if I take them out!]

Ye Xiao held Ning Bi-Luo and they headed to the city slowly. When they were walking, the Pei-Yuan Dan Bead continued operating. Ning Bi-Luo's body started to operate his cultivation automatically. He had already recovered half of his strength. It was not enough for him to fight yet, but it was enough to let him move freely.

Ye Xiao naturally stopped holding him.

Such heavy rain was truly rare. It didn't let off at all. It rained cats and dogs on the whole world.

They made sure that it was safe around them and then took a break in an abandoned shed.

Ning Bi-Luo was exhausted and Ye Xiao had experience astonishment.

’’Thanks.’’ Ning Bi-Luo rested for a while and then stood up again.

He didn't seem to like sitting. As long as he was able to, he would stand, ’’I am not a man who is good at saying sweet words. Anyway, if there is anything you need me for, just give me a word. I will do whatever I am capable of for you.’’

Ye Xiao smiled and looked at him without saying a word.

Ning Bi-Luo was annoyed, ’’Are you looking down upon me? Are you thinking that you won't have anything that a man like me can help with?’’

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’No. I am just curious since you are exhausted and you have time to rest now, why aren't you sitting down?’’

Ning Bi-Luo was quiet for a while and then spoke, ’’Do you think I don't want to rest. I am an assassin. An assassin has no comfortable life. As long as I am still standing, I can stay alert. Once I sit down... and get used to it, laziness will keep me down forever. Even if I can resist the laziness and stand up again, it won't be the same! I shall just give up 'sitting' and get used to standing. That's all.’’

Ye Xiao nodded, ’’That's true. That's reasonable. You are truly the No.1 assassin in the Land of Han-Yang!’’

He stopped and then continued, ’’However, I don't have anything you can help with. I am just being honest.’’ He stood up and spoke blandly, ’’Now that you are fine, and you have enough energy to defend yourself, I think I should better be off now.’’

Ning Bi-Luo wouldn't have thought that in the raining night, someone actually saved him and asked nothing for return. He was surprised, ’’You... You saved me for nothing? Really?’’

Ye Xiao became silent for a while and then spoke with his back to him, ’’At the beginning, I had a purpose. But... You said that you wouldn't serve anybody... So I don't want to push you. Besides... It is never a bad thing to have another friend in the martial world. You don't need to bear it in mind.’’

Right before he finished talking, he had disappeared in the heavy rain.

He had carried the thought of recruiting Ning Bi-Luo.

But as he said, Ning Bi-Luo had shown his attitude that he didn't want to serve anybody.

It wouldn't be helpful for Ye Xiao to force him.

It would break his faith in Ye Xiao if he were to push him around as his savior. It was impossible for him to do so!

Moreover... He knew that he was really too weak at the moment. If Ning Bi-Luo found out his true status and his true strength, it would be too embarrassing for him. Currently, no one in the House of Ye was a match for Ning Bi-Luo.

Although Ye Xiao believed that Ning Bi-Luo wasn't an ungrateful guy, he knew that they would feel very uncomfortable if Ning Bi-Luo found out the truth.

Ye Xiao was a carefree guy, so he decided against recruiting him upon pondering deeply.

He couldn't recruit Ning Bi-Luo anyway, so he decided to just leave and let Ning Bi-Luo remember him.

Ning Bi-Luo watched Ye Xiao leaving. He wanted to say something, yet he didn't. He could only stare blankly.

’’At the beginning, I had a purpose. But... You said that you wouldn't serve anybody... So I don't want to push you.’’

What Ye Xiao had said made Ning Bi-Luo thrilled.

’’What he wanted, was to recruit me...’’

’’Yet he gave up after he heard what I said to Xiu Of The Heavens. And he just left. He didn't even say anything about what he wanted... Apparently, he is a man with extreme pride!’’

’’He didn't want me to struggle in difficulty, and he didn't want to be embarrassed too. So he just went away and left everything behind.’’

Ning Bi-Luo was thinking.

’’But I am not an ungrateful man, am I?’’

’’However... Do I really want to be his underling? Isn't it against my will to serve him?’’ Ning Bi-Luo was collecting his thoughts but couldn't find any answers. He eventually shook his head. [I can't resist my will. I can't be your servant. But I will offer my help anytime you need me!]

He then rushed into the rain like a speedy arrow.

He was heading in the same direction as Ye Xiao.

He was at the Grandmaster Levels of Tianyuan. In the Land of Han-Yang, he was one of the most powerful men. Although he only recovered half of his strength, he was still much stronger than Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao wasn't in hurry when he was heading back to the city, and he wasn't in his best condition, so he didn't use the One Laughter in Skyline or Lunisolar Shadow. He wasn't moving very fast.

That's why Ning Bi-Luo could easily sense his trace before he arrived at the city.

Ning Bi-Luo was surprised. In fact, he was shocked. And then he thought that Ye Xiao must have known that he would follow up... So Ye Xiao intended to let him catch up.

Ning Bi-Luo was convinced that Ye Xiao was much stronger than him. Even in his best condition, he would never be a match for Ye Xiao. Besides, he was hurt at the moment!

However, Ye Xiao hadn't turned his back at all.

The next moment, something happened which surprised Ning Bi-Luo more. When Ye Xiao was about to get into the Chen-Xing City, he actually took a breath before he leaped over the tall and huge wall.

The rain was hitting Ning Bi-Luo's face. He was astonished.

He really couldn't understand it. What Ye Xiao had shown had really confused him.

[He actually took a breath before he jumped over the wall?! It was nothing but a wall. Yet he actually needed to take a breath? That... That was even worse than me! No. It was much worse than me... What is going on? Maybe he was hiding his capability, but who was he hiding from?]

[If he wasn't hiding anything... What gave him guts to save me from the grasp of Xiu Of The Heavens?]

Ning Bi-Luo was confused.

And then he recalled the first time Ye Xiao had saved him.

That day, he was hunted by the men of the Boundless Lord. He was wounded and he had to operate a lot of healing martial arts to cure himself. He was trying to leave secretly after he got through the fight, yet his enemies found him...



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