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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 96


Chapter 96 - Promise? Why Did You Save Me?

Ye Xiao rejoiced in his mind, [Thank god that I acted so well. Even if the dead Purple Lotus Master was alive, he would have failed to make a purple lotus that was better than mine...

Otherwise, I would surely be exposed, wouldn't I?]

Ye Xiao realized that things were going in an unpredictable and strange direction ever since he had shown the purple lotus...

Xiu-Er was visibly more cautious and she asked in a low voice, ’’I didn't know who you were... It was said that you were hunted by the peerless Xiao Monarch in the Qing-Yun Realm. After that, no one has ever heard about you... We all thought that you were...’’

Ye Xiao shook his head slowly and showed hatred on his face. He said, ’’The Xiao Monarch is indeed the most terrifying person in the Qing-Yun Realm. I am clearly not a match for him. In fact, if he hadn't kept hunting me like a mad dog, how would I have ended up in this realm... Oh.’’

While he was making up a story, his pulse quickened.

[She actually knows that I hunted the Purple Lotus Master?

That is weird!

Who is this Xiu-Er? And the master behind her? Where are they from?

How come I have never heard of them?

There are not many people who know what happened... Anyone who knows is a great figure in the world... But I don't have any memories about Master Bai of the House of Chaotic Storm. Why...

That is... extremely weird!


And the way she talked to me doesn't seem fearful or respectful.

Apparently, she is not afraid of the Purple Lotus Master!

Why is that? Even in the Qing-Yun Realm, there will be no more than 200 people who would dare to talk to the Purple Lotus Master like that. I don't think there is a man named Bai among those 200 people.

She is just a maid, yet she doesn't fear the Purple Lotus Master...]

Ye Xiao was shocked, [This will surely lead to complications later on!]

Xiu-Er had, by now, confirmed that he was the Purple Lotus Master.

After all, she had the same thought process as Ye Xiao, [In the mortal world, there are only the master, Wan-Er and me who know about the Purple Lotus Master!

It is impossible for other people to know about it.

And no one can speak out the pet phrase used by the Purple Lotus Master.]

She then smiled and said, ’’It is my pleasure to meet you in person. I have some good news for you... Your enemy, the Xiao Monarch was hunted down by the three factions three months ago. He was eventually slaughtered!’’

’’What the hell!’’

The rough words escaped Ye Xiao's lips.

He wasn't pretending this time. He was truly astonished!

[Why does this girl know everything?

She actually knows that I got killed?

What the hell is going on?!

Is there a communicating channel connecting the Qing-Yun Realm and the mortal world?

That... That is too unbelievable!]

’’It is true!’’ Xiu-Er thought that he was shocked by the news itself, so she nodded and said.

For Xiu-Er, it was reasonable for the Purple Lotus Master to be surprised. The Xiao Monarch was arrogant and peerless. Such an invincible figure wouldn't naturally have been killed so easily!

Xiu-Er herself didn't believe it before she confirmed the news three times!

’’The Xiao Monarch... He... He actually died...’’ Ye Xiao showed a strange expression. It was like mourning, and also like regret, or a bit like hatred, but it was mostly an indescribable blankness...

Such expression was exactly what the Purple Lotus Master would have shown if he was alive and had heard the news.

Xiu-Er looked at him and was now certain that it was the Purple Lotus Master who was actually standing before her.

’’He actually died... Heh heh heh...’’ Ye Xiao laughed in a sad way and spoke, ’’How come he died so soon?’’

In Xiu-Er's mind it was naturally translated into 'how can he die so soon before I can get my revenge and kill him myself...'.

Xiu-Er looked at him and a sense of disdain flashed in her eyes.

She thought, [You are nothing but a loser who was hunted by the Xiao Monarch and escaped to such a low-class world... Yet you are actually thinking about revenge? That is truly just your stupid dream. If you really wanted that revenge, why didn't you go back to take it?

You have no guts to return to the Qing-Yun Realm. That's all. Do you really think you are still that Purple Lotus Master...]

Naturally, she didn't dare to speak it out.

The Purple Lotus Master might be just some garbage for the Xiao Monarch, yet he was still someone she absolutely shouldn't mess with!

Xiu-Er suddenly spoke in low voice, ’’Are you hurt?’’

Ye Xiao became cautious immediately and spoke indifferently, ’’If I was not... How would I come to this place... It was a sad story of mine anyway. However, I guess I am going to return.’’

He meant that his wounds were mostly cured, or completely cured.

Xiu-Er glanced at him and said, ’’Well. Why do you want to save this man?’’

Ye Xiao spoke inscrutably, ’’I surely have my concerns to save him. I am afraid it is inconvenient for me to tell you about it. Would you please do me a favor? What do you think?’’

Xiu-Er smiled and said, ’’Since the Purple Lotus Master has given his word, I must step back... Since this bloody Ning Bi-Luo doesn't want to join us, it will be fine to let him join you... However, now that you are in the mortal world and it seems you are going back to the upper realm soon, I wonder if you could do me a favor too?’’

Ye Xiao frowned, ’’A favor? As a return? I don't want to owe people. Go ahead!’’

’’I don't dare to talk about returning to you. I just want to ask you to help us with one thing. I don't know what it would be at this moment though. But I will come to you as soon as I have decided upon it...’’ Xiu-Er smiled, ’’As long as you promise, I will leave right away.’’

Ye Xiao increasingly felt that this Xiu-Er and that Master Bai were no ordinary people.

Facing the cruel and well-known Purple Lotus Master, she actually dared to make a request...

She was truly a ticklish person. As a maid was this ticklish, who knew what her master was like!

’’You meant you don't have anything that needs my help right now?! I won't make such a promise!’’ Ye Xiao shook his head stoutly, ’’If it turns out that you want me to do something that I shall never do or just want me to kill myself for fun, how can I fulfill my promise then? The foundation of a deal was that both sides consider it as a fair deal. Do you really think you have the right to ask me for everything you want like that?!’’

Xiu-Er's eyes lit up with a cold glow, [This Purple Lotus Master knows that I have a low cultivation strength, so he actually despises me. I will get to him sooner or later for this.] She was furious, but remained smiling, ’’You are misunderstanding me. My request will never cause you any embarrassment. It will go no further than requesting you to kill a target.’’

’’Well it is not a difficult thing... to kill a person... In this world, even killing a king is an easy job.’’ Ye Xiao acted vigorous and said, ’’In that case, I will say yes, since your request is just that simple.’’

[I just need to get off all this today. And you can go to the Purple Lotus Master if you want him to fulfill his promise, only if you can find him...]

’’You are a straightforward man. I will leave Ning Bi-Luo to you then.’’ Xiu-Er's white clothes fluttered. Her sword flashed and then disappeared. She was standing still, slim and tall, but the sword was nowhere in sight. It was really well hidden.

’’If you have time, please come to the House of Chaotic Storm to talk to our master. He would be very happy to see you.’’ Xiu-Er spoke with smile. When she spoke the word 'master', she was obviously proud and restrained.

Ye Xiao realized that this Master Bai must be at a higher position than the Purple Lotus Master!

He then smiled and said, ’’When I am fully recovered, I will naturally go visit Master Bai and Lady Xiu-Er.’’

’’You will be welcomed anytime. It is quite a difficult thing to have a chat with an old friend in this mortal world...’’ Her clothes floated and she flew up like a fairy. She moved backward and spoke gently with a peaceful smile, ’’See you soon.’’

And then a stream of white silk rushed away. Suddenly in the rain, there appeared a pristine white bridge. It gave the impression that it would lead you to the end of the world...

Xiu-Er's slim body was walking on the bridge in the sky. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. She appeared to be moving slowly, but was infact travelling at a rapid pace. With her floating white clothes, soon she disappeared in the rain.

She didn't even glance at Ning Bi-Luo.

Her white clothes didn't even get a raindrop or any dirt on itself!

She came clean and white and she left clean and white.

Under the boundless heavy rain.


Ye Xiao moved closer to Ning Bi-Luo who sat on the floor, looking at him with extreme fear and asked, ’’Who are you? What is Purple Lotus Master? Why did you save me? What do you want?’’

Ning Bi-Luo was known as the No.1 assassin in the world, yet after all, that title only applied to the mortal world.

He knew nothing about the Qing-Yun Realm.

’’You just asked me four questions in a row. You really can talk in one breath! Well you don't need to know who I am or where I'm from. I will only tell you one thing. I saved you just because I could. That's all.’’ Ye Xiao spoke indifferently, ’’Can you move?’’

Ning Bi-Luo gritted his teeth and held his hands on the floor. He stood up constrainedly and took a deep breath. He said, ’’Sure! My legs and arms are all fine. Why can't I.’’



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