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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 95


Chapter 95 - The Purple Lotus Master!

After a while...

Xiu-Er sighed and said, ’’I guess we really have no such destiny that would tie us together. Let me fulfill your final wish and send you to your death.’’

A sword light flashed!

The end of her words signified Ning Bi-Luo's death!

She swung her sword and a cold light moved quickly towards Ning Bi-Luo's neck.

That was a sword without mercy, without any regard for life!

Suddenly, she changed her motion. The sword light that was filled with killing intent was drawn back and held in front of her chest. - Bang! - It created some sparks. It suddenly illuminated the dark surroundings which bathed in the heavy rain, and then died out quietly.

Her sword which was going to kill became a wall that she could use to defend herself!

’’Who dares to initiate such a sneak attack in the dark?’’ She put down her sword and stood still, with her sharp and cold eyes glancing at the brushwood.

She caught the crystal that was used to attack her and was now held in between her fingers.

It was cold. It was actually an ice cone.

In the brushwood, Ye Xiao humphed and stood up. He spoke in a disdainful voice, ’’I have heard that the House of Chaotic Storm was full of astuteness and resourcefulness and was the best in the Land of Han-Yang. But you actually do things as bad as compelling people to engage in prostitution. It turns out you are just good at these dirty pressing cunning schemes.’’

Right now, he did not resemble either Ye Xiao or Feng Zhi-Ling.

He was wearing a new face!

At this moment, he was a slim man with a square face. He was about thirty years old. He was incomparably vigorous. He walked out into the rain with his shoulders steady. It looked like he was trying to take charge of all the raindrops.

He had the vigor of 'peerless in the whole world and unexampled among all the great men' and he was full of confidence.

Xiu-Er was shocked when she saw him.

He casually walked over to her and it gave her a feeling similar to when she interacted with her own master who was so proud and elegant and despised the whole world!

[They... are so similar!]

It immediately aroused her alertness.

[This man must be a peerless superior cultivator!

It is not ordinary for someone to give off the same impressions as master!]

She was astonished and extremely cautious at the moment, yet she still looked calm and steady. Her face suddenly turned colder and she spoke blandly, ’’Compelling people to engage in prostitution? You are talking nonsense. May I have your name? Do you realize that you are attempting to be our enemy by attempting to say such slander. Speaking wrong words could result in you being dragged into hell from the heavens!’’

Ning Bi-Luo's face was initially red and then quickly turned blue. [She is asking me to be the head of their assassins group. That may not be a decent job... I am lucky to have someone standing up for me, but this one actually talks like I am compelled to be a prostitute. So am I good at selling my body or what...

The way this man talks... is really unbelievable.]

Ning Bi-Luo didn't know that Ye Xiao had to say so because he couldn't think of anything else to say when he was compelled to appear.

Ning Bi-Luo was a tough guy.

And Ye Xiao believed so.

He thought it was worth his efforts to save such a guy!

Besides... Ning Bi-Luo had once helped his father to kill the Northern Wolves. And he had also saved Ye Xiao once, although Ye Xiao had helped him kill those men that were chasing him. Well, those were different things though. Ning Bi-Luo had saved Ye Xiao while he was weak and helpless, and Ye Xiao helped him in a simple and easy way.

Anyway, Ye Xiao believed that he should save Ning Bi-Luo this time!

It would be a pity if a guy like him was killed.

If Ye Xiao was to simply watch a guy like him die in his sight, it would simply result in a nightmare that he was never be able to get rid of.

So, he had to save him!

The question was how?!

He was not capable enough. That was obvious!

If he acted recklessly, he might fail to save Ning Bi-Luo and would also get himself killed in the process.

While Ye Xiao was collecting his thoughts from within the brushwood, Xiu-Er had already made her move. It all happened very quickly, and in that tense moment, he instinctively took action in order to save Ning Bi-Luo.

It was not his choice;it was his instinct!

He didn't even think about the consequence when he struck.

After the strike, when he looked at the cold eyes of Xiu-Er looking at him through the rain, he was terrified. [I am absolutely not a match for this woman now!

What should I do?]

Suddenly, he had an idea. He knew it was impossible to escape. There was only one thing he could do, so he casually walked out into the open.

Facing this dangerous situation, he once again displayed the fearless vigor that he had carried in his previous life!

He casually strode forward with his hands on his back and spoke blandly, ’’It is not important for you to know my identity. The affairs of the people in the martial world that have been caused by the way of the martial world should be solved by the means of the martial world. Now that I am at the sight of injustice, I have to simply render my help.’’

Xiu-Er calmly stared at him and sneered with her pretty face, ’’Rendering help at the sight of injustice huh? I didn't know that you are a knightly man... I wonder whether you have heard of this saying 'The one who wants to be a knightly man in the martial world... usually dies early.'’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’That is quite true. However, I have rendered my help so many times in my life, yet I am still alive. Even the House of Chaotic Storm has never hurt me, not even a scratch. I wonder whether I am an exception to that saying?’’

Xiu-Er's pupils shrank and she asked, ’’Who are you?’’

Ye Xiao really had no other plans to deal with the current situation, so he had to keep playing. He casually put his hands on his back and spoke blandly, ’’How is Master Bai by the way?’’

Xiu-Er was a bit surprised and confused and then she spoke angrily, ’’Do you really think that it would make me believe you or fear you by mentioning Master Bai?’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly and reached out his hand. A purple cold qi in the shape of a ball suddenly appeared in his hand. The heavy rain couldn't even dampen it. The purple qi slowly transformed into something like a purple jade, and then it unfolded slowly and turned into a small purple lotus. The lotus bloomed in his hand.

The small lotus was vividly purple. It was peaceful and calm in the heavy rain, spreading the aura of mystery. The process that turned it from the purple qi to a purple lotus was magical. However, Ye Xiao's hand didn't move a bit.

It remained still, as if saying that it was only natural.

Yet the purple lotus just appeared in his hand from nothing.

What a magical and fantastic scene!

Immediately when the lotus was formed, an extreme cold qi spread out, enveloping everything within 30 meters of the lotus!

Ye Xiao's hand reached out steadily and his eyes were half-closed. He was staring at the lotus attentively. He spoke casually, ’’I wonder if you have heard about this from Master Bai?’’

Xiu-Er's eyes were filled with surprise again and she looked at it carefully. She looked around the lotus and then spoke blandly, ’’What is it?’’

Her curiosity had calmed Ye Xiao down a lot.

[As long as you don't just come to me and fight like a mad dog, it will be an easy job for me to fool a little girl like you with my great experience.]

Ye Xiao sighed and spoke slowly, ’’The world is great;the purple lotus is faint. It lives through the ages;it circulates through centuries. It blooms;death comes. It falls;the sky shines. ...’’

It was a pet phrase used by a top superior cultivator whom he had killed in his previous life. He was called the Purple Lotus Master.

With the purple lotus, he killed the dissenters;in the universe, he governed worlds!


However, he was unlucky to mess with the Xiao Monarch. Ye Xiao had chased him for three thousand miles and killed him with his own hands. After that, the whole Purple Lotus Gang was wiped out.

Yet, no one in the Qing-Yun Realm knew about it, because the Purple Lotus Master was always mysterious and the Xiao Monarch always did such things secretly.

At this very moment, Ye Xiao needed to act like someone powerful, so he spoke the phrase.

He was sure that nobody would know about the Purple Lotus Master in the mortal world anyway.

However, when he finished the phrase, Xiu-Er's expression suddenly changed!

She had been calm all along, yet she actually took a deep breath and fearfully stepped back. She asked, ’’You... you are the Purple Lotus Master?’’

Ye Xiao was astonished.

[She... She has actually heard of that guy?

A girl in the mortal world actually knows about the Purple Lotus Master?

The guy was a very mysterious figure in the Qing-Yun Realm. He was always acting strange and it was extremely difficult to see his true face. Many people know about the Purple Lotus, yet, very few of them know about the Purple Lotus Master.]

Ye Xiao pretended to be relieved and said, ’’Hmm... Your master didn't forget his old friend, I hope.’’

He was talking politely, yet his mind was agitated!

[The girl actually knows about the Purple Lotus Owner. Her master shouldn't be an enemy of the dead guy, should he? So... In fact... Are they friends or enemies?] Ye Xiao had no idea.

No wonder that the girl had looked at the lotus for a while. She was checking if it was real... wasn't she?



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