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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - Stormy Night;Tracking;Hunting

After that, Ye Xiao prepared to go to bed.

He had been so busy for several nights. He was really exhausted. He finally had some time to have a good night's rest.

If he was still the previous Xiao Monarch, who was always alone and aloof, how could he possibly deal with the Crown Prince so courteously without any sincerity? He wouldn't have been full of worries and let the things develop further. With his temper, he would have likely struck out the needles and killed the Crown Prince and his wife once and for all.

Even if he needed to escape and hide from the royal court's pursuit without definite residence, and even if he was facing enemies from all over the world, he would still do that. There would be no compromise.

However, he was different now and he clearly knew it.

Now he had something to worry about.

His father, his family, the steward, the blood guards, Su Ye-Yue, Prince Hua-Yang, Lan Lang-Lang, Zuo Wu-Ji...

These were the people he was concerned about, and also the people that made him restrain himself.

For the sake of these people, Ye Xiao had to be more meticulous in choosing a way to solve the problem in front of him.

He had been unwilling to part with any of these people.

If any of them died because of him...

It would be something he would never be able to bear, and it would definitely be something he would regret for life...

’’Is that what they call family affection?’’ Ye Xiao was lying in bed with his eyes half-closed. There was a stream of warmth that rose and ran slowly in his heart. He felt very comfortable.

These people would sacrifice anything for him, even their lives.

That was what they call an affection.

An affection that he had never experienced before!

Since they were willing to sacrifice for him, then it became his responsibility to protect them.

That was the responsibility of a man.

It was something he, as a man, had to bear!

It was such a dark night. He sighed involuntarily.

He had already accepted his new identity. He had also accepted his family. Most ridiculously... since he was reborn, he had never even truly seen his present father, yet he had completely accepted his present identity and family.

He felt that everything was so ridiculous.

’’Maybe it is a farewell to my lonely days in the past...’’ He murmured to himself, ’’Maybe I have been too tired of those... lonely days that were full of uncertainty... for a long time...’’

’’Family affection... It feels fantastic... I have been through so many lonely days in my previous life... I have been through so many joys and sorrows, too many bloody battles and madness... Who has ever given me any kind of family affection?’’

Thinking of that, he took a deep sigh and murmured, ’’Why was I an orphan... in my previous life? I asked myself a million times why my parents abandoned me. Why did they?’’

He felt sad and stopped thinking.

He closed his eyes to force himself to sleep.

He fell asleep with an infrequent dream...

In the dream, there was a woman gently looking at him standing in the mist. She kept calling, ’’... Xiao-Er...’’

Ye Xiao was asleep. He didn't know that a drop of tear from his eyes dripped into his pillow.

It was glittering and translucent like a dewdrop.

It stayed on the pillow for a while, and then it seeped into the pillow. Only a tiny wet mark that showed the transitory existence of the teardrop was left, and it also disappeared right away.

If he was awake, he would rather die than let it come out. However, in this dream, he chose to set himself free. He was venting the hidden emotions inside his heart.

That fond face in the mist staring at him with a pair of eyes that were filled with love... Then he felt a soft hand touching his face gently...

His mouth showed a smile of happiness. Such smile would have never shown up on the Xiao Monarch's face. Such smile had never belonged to Ye Xiao!

It was tranquil... in the dream.


In the middle of the night, Ye Xiao was immersed in the sweet dream and didn't want to wake up. However, a clap of thunder suddenly awoke him from his sleep!

- BOOM! -

It sounded like it had splitted the dark sky, and it had awaken many people in the capital!

The next moment, the dark clouds gathered together from different directions...

Some of them were even colorful!

When Ye Xiao saw that, he was astonished. He stood up and discovered that it was raining heavily outside.

He watched the heavy downpour and felt that something was wrong.

However, he had just woken up and he was still a bit dazed. He couldn't find out what was wrong.

He didn't see the scene when the clap of thunder emerged from the sky with his own eyes.

If he was able to see it... He would have naturally figured out what was going on.

Yet he had been in sleep because he was too tired...

And it was a tight and good sleep.

The roaring thunders continued to struck the land. But only ordinary thunders were left. - Boom. - - Boom... -

The rain was getting heavier.

Ye Xiao watched for a while and didn't find anything suspicious. He was preparing to sleep again to continue the god-given sweet dream. Suddenly, he felt another powerful thunder splitting the sky fiercely!

The next moment, a lightning flashed in the sky.

And then it instantly disappeared.

A normal person or even a superior cultivator in this world would think that it was nothing but a normal thunder.

Yet the hair on the back of Ye Xiao's neck stood up with fear right away.

That was not a lightning! It was the movement of two superior cultivators!

One of them was escaping, while the other was chasing!

They were moving in an extremely high speed!

The spiritual qi that was covering their bodies rubbed the air while they were moving, and that created the flashing lights. Combining the extreme speed and the flashing lights, it looked exactly like a thunder!

In Ye Xiao's estimation, these two were at least in the Grandmaster Levels of Tianyuan. Both of them were absolutely stronger than Guan Zheng-Wen!

He had thought that with the capability of the Grade of Diyuan, he was able to knock down everyone he encountered. However, just a while ago, he had fought against Guan Zheng-Wen, and now, he saw these two superior cultivators. Not to mention even Steward Song had returned to the Grade of Tianyuan too.

Ye Xiao thought for some time while looking at the direction of those flashing lights. His eyes lit up and then his right hand reached to the bed. A suit of black clothes flew up. - Hewh -

The next moment, he was dressed in black. - Puff. - He flew out through the window and suddenly, the rain got him all wet.

He didn't care much about the rain. He twitched his body and immediately arrived at the roof. In the next instant, he instantly disappeared.


That was not the Lunisolar Shadow he was using;it was the One Laughter in Skyline!

The Lunisolar Shadow kept him concealed while moving in high speed, while One Laughter in Skyline purely increased his speed to the fullest. Because its sole focus was his movement speed, it made his speed instantly reach its peak!

He who was just drinking at the door, suddenly appeared in the skyline with just a laugh!


Someone was just drinking at the door of a tavern in the market, but after a single laugh, he was already at the end of the world!

One Laughter in Skyline.

It was publicly accepted as the fastest martial art in the Qing-Yun Realm!

The only one!

In his previous life, because of this martial art, he had been able to escape from all those people chasing him for over 30 thousand miles!

Within an instant, he had moved 300 kilometers already. The rain didn't disrupt him. In fact, it actually boosted him!

He was like a wind blowing to the ends of the sky.

The tiles of the roofs of the houses he passed by were like fish scales under his feet. - Shoot shoot shoot. - They flashed away. Soon, he had arrived at the edge of the capital. The city wall was over 20 meters high. Before the guards on the wall noticed anything, Ye Xiao had already disappeared. - Puff. - He instantly arrived outside the wall.

Far away, yet another two lightning flashed in the sky, they were like two silver snakes dancing.

Ye Xiao had sharp eyes. He noticed there were sword lights flashing in the sky. He was distant from it, so he couldn't see it clearly, but he knew that these flashing lights were indeed sword lights.

Ye Xiao was like a rolling Chinese dragon who rushed forward as he instantly entered the forest. He then operated the Lunisolar Shadow...

The One Laughter in Skyline gave him the fastest speed, but it couldn't conceal his whereabouts. It was the only negative result of pure speed. As for the Lunisolar Shadow, it covered both speed and concealment. It was slower than One Laughter in Skyline, but it kept him safe while moving.

[Why did these two superior cultivators chose to fight at night, not to mention the heavy downpour?]

As of this moment, he was getting closer and closer!

- Dang! - The weapons of the two superior cultivators struck each other. Looking at them from a distance, Ye Xiao could see some flashing lights blasting to the sky. It was quite a marvelous sight.

In the heavy downpour, the status of the battle constantly reached his senses. From what he heard, some trees had obviously fallen down...

Ye Xiao frowned and watched. The battle was about four miles away from him.

He waited. He didn't approach, and as he expected, after a while, another lightning appeared. It came from the other direction this time. They were nearly a thousand kilometers away from where they had been.

’’They are both top superior cultivators as I expected.’’ Ye Xiao was motivated in mind as he operated the Lunisolar Shadow in order to get closer to the battle.


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