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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 91


Chapter 91 - Who Tricked Whom? Curing The Melting Bone Palm!

’’Urn...’’ Ye Xiao realized that he had divulged too much information, ’’Well... You wouldn't know. In fact, I've read a lot of books. Reading makes a man well informed. My knowledge...’’

Ye Xiao fabricated some baloney and said, ’’The martial art that I am cultivating can cure the wounds caused by any of these six martial arts, so I decided to absorb the attacks. The strength of our house has almost been completely exposed. That is not a good thing, so I think we should intentionally hide some of our strength. This time, they laid their dirty hands on me... It now gives us a good reason and a good opportunity to return the favour.’’

Song Jue said, ’’I understand that. But the most important thing is your safety. Melting Bone Palm, as I know, is not easily dealt with. I am unable to deal with it anyway. We should still get your father to make sure that you are safe.’’

Ye Xiao stopped talking. He slowly took off his upper garments and revealed the smooth white skin of his chest. He turned around and showed his back to Song Jue. His back was fair and no abnormalities were visible.

And then he started operating the East-rising Purple Qi, causing a stream of hot qi to slowly rise from his body.

Song Jue stared at Ye Xiao while watching out for signs of any wounds and abnormalities.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, some faint palm marks showed up on Ye Xiao's back one by one.

These marks were appearing from underneath his skin. One after another, these palm marks materialized on his back, covering it entirely. They were packed extremely tightly and a few even overlapped...

As Ye Xiao kept on operating the East-rising Purple Qi, the initially faint palm marks became more prominent as they started to turn into a darker shade. At the beginning, these marks were light cyan in colour, and as time passed, they became dark cyan. They looked gruesome.

’’There are 18 cyan coloured palm marks. It really is the vicious Melting Bone Palm.’’ Song Jue took a deep breath and his face filled with coldness.

But not long after, the coldness on his face disappeared.

He was an expert in cultivation. Since Ye Xiao had known that he was secretly hit and could make the hidden wound show up on the surface, that meant he truly had the capability to negate the effects of the Melting Bone Palm.

It was now absolutely certain.

Song Jue had never heard of a man in his early stages of cultivation actually forcing the hidden wounds caused by the Melting Bone Palm to appear on the surface of his body.

The martial art that Ye Xiao used seemed to be unbelievably magical to Song Jue.

If Song Jue had never been hit by the Golden Mai Palm and he was at his peak condition, it would be an easy job for him to cure the damage caused by the Melting Bone Palm. However, he was suffering from hidden injuries and that made him fall to the very bottom of the cultivation stages. He was no longer able to cure the wounds caused by the Melting Bone Palm.

Yet, he was sure that even if he was at his peak condition, it wouldn't be as easy for him to deal with the Melting Bone Palm like Ye Xiao was able to.

It would at least take him one month of effort to totally force the hidden marks to show up.

’’That was truly vicious!’’ Staring at the 18 cyan wounds, Song Jue grinded his teeth.

Ye Xiao's face was all red at the moment. He was required to operate the martial art in full flow to force the hidden wounds to show up. With his current capability, it had taken his whole strength to do so.

While he kept on operating the martial art, he could feel the Melting Bone Palm's extraordinary viciousness and cruelty.

With the marvelous East-rising Purple Qi, he had already compelled most of the wounds to arise, yet there was still a part of the wounds which remained deep within his bones.

Luckily, Ye Xiao was quite experienced, and the East-rising Purple Qi was truly fantastic, otherwise, he would have probably missed these hidden wounds. They were almost impossible to be find.

[To resolve these wounds that have seeped into my bones, I need to use the gelid qi to assimilate them slowly when I am alone.] Ye Xiao immediately devised a plan in his mind. He sped up the operation of the East-rising Purple Qi to resolve the surface wounds.

After a short while, ninety-nine cycles of Qi circulation had passed.

Song Jue was shocked and he looked at the white mist that kept rising from Ye Xiao's body. It only took a while and the dark cyan marks slowly started changing. They had turned light cyan...

- Puff! - Ye Xiao opened his mouth and spat out some cyan-purple blood.

When the mist disappeared, the marks on his back had almost completely faded away.

Ye Xiao gradually stopped operating the martial art. The light marks disappeared at the same time. They returned into the skin.

Although the wounds were still inside him, they were almost harmless now. At least, they wouldn't take his life.

In fact, the damage that was caused by the Melting Bone Palm was similar to that of the Golden Mai Palm. They both created some impacts and forced themselves into people's body. They hid inside the body, and when they finally acted, they would immediately cause death.

To deal with it, a power of the same attribute as the wound was required to assimilate it. However, these two martial arts were of quite different levels regarding to their capability. If the Golden Mai Palm was a rank 1 martial art, then the Melting Bone Palm was, at best, worthy of rank 2. It could be ranked worse.

Ye Xiao was able to cure the effects of the Golden Mai Palm in Song Jue yet strangely, he could not cure the wounds on his own self. In fact, to cure Song Jue, he had to send his energy out of his own body. Whereas now, he was self-saving. There was a big difference between these two scenarios.

Regarding the current situation, it should take Ye Xiao only a few days to fully cure the rest of his injuries. But to fully cure the wounds inside Song Jue, it had required Ye Xiao to be much stronger. That showed the difference between Golden Mai Palm and Melting Bone Palm.

’’Uncle Song, now you can relax, right?’’ Ye Xiao smiled tiredly.

Ye Xiao was all sweaty. He had nearly used up all his spiritual power after that.

’’Yes.’’ Song Jue was finally relieved. His face turned from dark and angry to happy and cheerful. He said with his eyes half-closed, ’’Good for you, kid. You made me worry. It turns out you have played a trick on those bastards. Amazing.’’

Ye Xiao watched Song Jue's face. His expression had changed so fast that Ye Xiao suspected his uncle of being temperamental. He said, ’’The Crown Prince has been heartless to me, so I shall treat him the same way. There will be a time for me to make the scores even. Our family is spread apart at the moment. The part in the capital is weak, so we can only slow down the rhythm for now.’’

’’That's true.’’ The steward spoke in high spirits, ’’Now the challenge has become an opportunity. Now that you are 'badly injured', we can fall back from the open into the dark and get out off their sight...’’

’’Exactly.’’ Ye Xiao clapped.

’’When they no longer focus on us, we can make covert actions to take care of those motherfxcking sons of bitches...’’ The steward was getting excited while he talked. More and more rude words came out from his mouth.

[Motherfxcking sons of bitches?]

Ye Xiao thought, [Some motherfxckers... who were sons of bitches... That is a real tragedy.]

’’Dirty tricks eh? Humph.’’ Song Jue's eyes were shining and he spoke viciously, ’’I have a huge amount of tricks in my arsenal. Maybe I should send some guys to rape the Crown Princess. What do you say? Take some small advantages.’’

’’......’’ Ye Xiao looked at his uncle and immediately became sweaty.

[To do that to someone is just a small piece of advantage to you?]

Song Jue seemed to realize his rude language was inappropriate. He coughed and said, ’’I mean urn... I should send some guys to make some trouble in the Crown Prince's Palace to distract their attention.’’

Ye Xiao spoke gently, ’’As for now... We should stay still and keep low. We should at least wait for a half month. First, our men need to prepare and we need them to be stronger. Second... we need to wait for the moment when they'll think that the wounds within me are about to take my life...’’

’’True.’’ Song Jue nodded, ’’Why did I forget this? First there needs to be a danger, and then it could transform into an opportunity...’’

And then he spoke mysteriously, ’’By the way, I have a good news for you. I nearly forgot it.’’

Ye Xiao was surprised, ’’What news?’’

’’You uncle, that means me, has improved a lot in cultivation...’’ Song Jue was proud, ’’Now I am in the first level of the Grade of Tianyuan.’’

’’Congratulations, Uncle Song! You finally become a superior cultivator of the Grade of Tianyuan.’’ Ye Xiao was happy.

Song Jue laughed, he was overjoyed.

And then he suddenly stopped.

He spat immediately and thought, [What the hell am I happy for? I was a superior master that had broken through the Grade of Tianyuan a long time ago... Now I have just recovered a part of my strength to reach the first level, yet I actually felt enjoyment because of that. That... was so embarrassing...]

He relaxed for the rest of the night. He could finally have a good rest. But Ye Xiao had been busy all night to deal with rest of the wounds. They were much more difficult to cure, because they were dispersive. They were hard to aim at and force out. The extremely cold energy that was hidden deep inside his bones were the most difficult ones. Ye Xiao had tried everything, he kept operating the gelid qi to finally force them out of his body. He was exhausted and sweaty, and right now, he felt that he was made entirely of sweat...

The whole night, he had done nothing but deal with the wounds.

His bedroom was destroyed a certain uncle of his, so he had to temporarily live in the guest room.

’’I was underestimating the damage dealt by the Melting Bone Palm. It's really vicious.’’ Ye Xiao looked at the cold yin qi in his hand. Even his gelid qi couldn't assimilate this cold yin qi. It was surely useless.

It was not only useless, but also so hazardous that wherever it appeared, nothing would survive.

Ye Xiao thought about it and stomped on the floor. A deep pit was instantly created. He threw the dark yin-cold qi inside the pit and then used his gelid qi to freeze the floor solid. He didn't want the cold yin qi to get out and to create disasters.



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