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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 899


Chapter 899: Laughter of the Monarch;Hero of Eternity!
"This poison is Dream Soul Powder! It is a drastic poison!" Ye Xiao opened his eyes and said, "I don't know how many enemies you have or your young lord have, but I guess there must be a lot. They all want to get the young lord killed!"

He made a sigh.

Shangguan Zhuifeng was gasping. He stared at Ye Xiao and said, "Young man, you are right. However, I just want to know one thing… Can he be saved?"

Ye Xiao looked at him in the eyes.

Shangguan Zhuifeng spoke with a gasp, "Who did this, how they did it, how to seek revenge, how to vent the anger, let's put them all away for now. What's important now… is my son's life!"

His eyes were filled with anger and a slight sorrow.

Apparently, he must have figured out who wanted to get his son killed.

"Hmm…" Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "Yes!"


Everybody was spirited and stared at him with wide-opened eyes.

"Then… Please… Young brother…" Shangguan Zhuifeng sounded sobbing. His voice was shaking. He suddenly lost his words.

"Not only your son can be saved, your legs can be saved too," Ye Xiao said.

- Boom! -

The room was boiling.

The elders were shocked that they couldn't control their breaths. They started to cough and nearly got themselves choked.

"However, you have to fully trust me. You have to do everything I say. First of all, you must find something for me." Ye Xiao said, "Without those things, nobody can save the young lord."

The crowd stopped boiling.

Some of them started to doubt.

[Fully trust you? Do everything you say?]

[Why does he sound just like that bloody murderous therapist?]

[Is this… another trick?]

Ye Xiao blandly smiled and said, "I know what you are thinking and hesitating. Let me speak to the old alliance chief. You will have a decision."

He walked to the old man and looked into his eyes. He whispered word by word, "One sword crosses the sky;thousands of horses surpass the wind. Laughter of the Monarch;hero of eternity."

Shangguan Zhuifeng was shocked!

Suddenly, his pale face turned red. He started to gasp heavily what staring at Ye Xiao. He couldn't believe it. He said, "You… You…"

He held the chair and heavily gasped, trying trying to stand up!

Ye Xiao calmly looked at him and didn't say anything more.

Shangguan Zhuifeng gasped once again. Suddenly, he raised his head and closed his eyes. Tears rolled down on his cheeks. He gasped and gasped.

The room was silent!

The old chief, who was so tough that even when his legs were broken, he didn't exclaim, actually shed tears!

"No more b*llshit! No more hesitation! Do whatever he says! Now!"

Shangguan Zhuifeng closed his eyes while shedding tears, then he suddenly gave the toughest order he had ever made, "Nobody violates his commands! Whoever violates… will be expelled from Black Cavalry Alliance!"


[That is the most severe punishment in Black Cavalry Alliance!]

For the black cavalry, this was much worse than death!

They couldn't believe their old chief actually trusted this young man that much!

They were all shocked. Nobody talked!

[What the hell?]

[What is wrong?]


[What did he just say to our chief?]

[Why did the chief change his mind so quickly?]

The next moment, they believed it did happen. When Shangguan Zhuifeng looked at Ye Xiao, they found that his eyes were full were full of trust!

They knew this young man must be trustworthy because their chief showed such respect to the young man!

"Brother, what is your name?" Shangguan Zhuifeng sounded gentle and soft. He even talked as if they were in the same age.

"I…" Ye Xiao suddenly stopped midway.

People kept asking about it, Guan Lingxiao, Captain Mu, and the others. It was the most usual thing to do to ask for somebody's name. However, Ye Xiao didn't answer the questions frankly. All they knew was his family name, Ye!

Ye Xiao didn't care about making a new name for himself. He just hadn't thought of a good one yet!

He couldn't use "Ye Xiao" anymore.

In fact, he couldn't use "Ye Chongxiao" either…

Because Ye Chongxiao should be dead.

He had thought of "Feng Zhiling", but considering that once the tunnel connecting the two worlds was opened again… such name might reveal many secrets... If somebody tracked the name and got on the people he cared about in the Land of Han-Yang, they would be in great danger.

However, Shangguan Zhuifeng was asking about it now. He was Li Wuliang's sworn brother. They were now in such a in such a special situation. Ye Xiao couldn't avoid answering it anymore.

However, he didn't have a proper name yet.

"My family name is Ye." Ye Xiao said, "Chief Shangguan, just call me Ye Jun."

It was apparently a fake name that he made up.

The others started to glare at Ye Xiao.

[Chief asked about your name. He has shown you more respect than he should. How dare you, a rookie in the martial world, give him a fake name to palter!]

They thought the old man would be annoyed, even though he wouldn't rage up in such situation!

However, unexpectedly, when Shangguan Zhuifeng heard the name, he became more cautious. He thought for a while and laughed. "Good name! Beautiful name! Brother Ye Jun, now you have told us your name. Look, just tell us what to do. We will do whatever you say."

Some of the others had sharper eyes. They found there was astonishment deep in the chief's eyes.

[Ye Jun is definitely a fake name. Why is chief so shocked?]

[Does the name Ye Jun have any special meaning?]


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