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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 - To be Shameless to an Incredible Extent!

People in the Crown Prince's Palace became stunned when they saw the cucumbers, grapes and apples in Ye Xiao's hand.


Do you think you are visiting some normal citizen? You actually brought all these things that are only worth 3 wen as a gift to the great Crown Prince's Palace?

And you actually asked our great Crown Prince... to accept it?

Accept your ass!]

The Crown Prince felt his face become stiff. He wanted to smile, but he couldn't. He forcibly curled his mouth into a painful smile and said, ’’Please come in, Lord Ye.’’

’’Your highness, you are being conventional by saying that.’’ Ye Xiao laughed brightly. On the other hand, he wasn't being conventional at all. He casually put the fruit basket into a guard's arms and said, ’’You go. Put them away for the Crown Prince. These are real fine stuff...’’

The guard was stunned and stood there doing nothing. He looked at the fruit in his arms and didn't know whether he should take them or not.

Ye Xiao had already turned around to talk to the Crown Prince. He laughed and spoke, ’’I am here already. Of course I will get in... Hahaha. I wonder what kind of fine liquor you have prepared, your highness...’’

With that, he entered the door without hesitation and said, ’’It is well said that all lands belong to the king and all men should bow to the king... The royal family are the richest people in the world. They have a lot of good liquor, good food, precious animals. I heard that the Crown Prince had invited me to dinner, so I stopped eating since the noon of yesterday... I wanted to save room for today's feast. The gods have truly granted my wish. Hahahaha... I am going to eat till my stomach bursts!’’

He paced forward slowly and noticed the presence of the Crown Princess when he got close. He was surprised. He took a deep breath and stared at her pretty face. He praised, ’’This must be our Crown Princess... Heh heh. Greetings. Our Crown Prince is truly a lucky man. I have heard that the Crown Princess has been the No. 1 beauty in the capital for a long time. Now as I see her with my own eyes, I have to admit, it is true. She is even more beautiful than described... What a beauty. Heh heh... heh heh heh... You must enjoy your life with such a beautiful wife, your highness...’’

While speaking, he looked up and down on the Crown Princess's face with a randy look. It was like he had lost 150 grams in the weight of bones when seeing such a beauty...

After looking at the face, he looked at her boobs. After that, he looked down a bit, inspecting her all the way to her feet, and then looked again from her feet to her face...

He acted like he was choosing a whore in a brothel... Yet he didn't say 'take off your clothes and let me take a close look'. If he had said so, it would have been perfect!

Of course, he had been a virgin for such a long time, so he wasn't able to say that... It was not easy for him to pretend to be a randy guy.

The Crown Princess frowned and finally couldn't bear it. She spoke with disdain, ’’Lord Ye, please behave yourself.’’

The Crown Prince was truly unhappy at the moment.

[Why is this guy so sick?

Don't you know who a Crown Princess is? Do you really think you can treat her like that?!]

Ye Xiao was indifferent. He laughed loudly and spoke to the Crown Princess, ’’You invited me here. We should be like a family. Your highness, hey hey... You are so pretty...’’ He looked at her neck and thought, [Her neck is so thin. I can just break it with two fingers, can't I? ...]

The guards standing aside were all pissed when they heard him. Their faces started showing anger and they started releasing an intimidating aura.

[Bastard! Three of our men died because of him and one is missing. Now he has come to the Crown Prince's Palace, yet he actually said those dirty words to our Crown Princess? He is too overweening and unscrupulous!

He is truly bodacious.]

’’Lord Ye.’’ A middle-aged man with three long threads of sideburns looked at Ye Xiao sullenly, ’’This is the Crown Prince's Palace. Please show some respect.’’

Ye Xiao was still indifferent. He turned his head casually and laughed, ’’That's fine. That's ok. Please get in, guys. Make yourselves at home.’’ He was telling people to get in, yet he walked into the middle hall before them.

The guards outside the door, the Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and their trusted subordinates were all speechless and felt sullen.

They were all well-informed people and they had seen shameless men, but they had never seen someone who could be so shameless so openly...

This was shamelessness of an incredible level!

It is true that there is always a better man while there is always a higher sky;there is always a man who is more capable and there is always a man who is more shameless!

’’A man knows nothing about the height of the sky and the thickness of the land. A shameless and ignorant person.’’ The middle-aged man shook his head. He felt annoyed that he had to stay with Ye Xiao.

People sighed and nodded. They all felt that it was quite a decrement of their personal value to be ordered to interact such a foppish fool. They wondered what the Crown Prince was thinking...

[Let all the best of us be with Ye Xiao is simply letting the white snow comer in contact with a piece of shit...

That is so disappointing!]

Only the oldest man among them reacted differently. He frowned tightly and sighed gently. He was collecting thoughts, [I am afraid this Lord Ye is not ignorant. Nor shameless...

He is extremely confident so that he doesn't see any of us in his eyes. He is unbridled and unruly!]

He was the only one who had such thought. And he didn't think that it was a good time to state it.

So he kept it in his mind, [I should act carefully. I need to observe more... What makes him so arrogant?’’]

And then he entered the hall after everyone else.

When everyone was seated, Xe Yiao decided to stir up some trouble.

Ye Xiao looked at the seat that was arranged for him and then stood up. He spoke to a man who sat on one of the host's seats and said, ’’Could you introduce yourself please?’’

’’This is the first brain truster of the Crown Prince, the world-shocking Master Guan Zheng-Wen.’’ A middle-aged man was introduced with a sullen face.

’’Er... Pleasure to meet you... And I hope you don't mind please, but who are you?’’ Ye Xiao changed his target.

’’I am Meng Zi-Xiao, just a soldier. I don't think you have heard about me.’’ Men Zi-Xiao spoke blandly.

Men Zi-Xiao was a well-known gifted youth in the Kingdom of Chen. The man had done well in the recruiting tests of the court. He had passed five of the six tests before failing the last one, in which he hadn't pleased the king. So he missed the first place and only got the second. He was rather talented, yet he was grundy. He always sought revenge even for the smallest grievance. The king didn't like him and so, he wasn't selected to work in the court. However, the Crown Prince had recruited him. He really was a capable man.

As for the words 'I don't think you have heard about me', he was being humble to in order to be recognized and praised. Deep in his heart he was thinking, [You must have heard of me.]

Yet he had never thought that Ye Xiao would nodded and said, ’’No I haven't... Calling yourself 'just a soldier' truly shows your good self-awareness. Heh heh...’’

’’You! ...’’ Meng Zi-Xiao suddenly felt his throat plug up. His eyes were wide opened with fury.

[I am just being modest... I didn't expect such a rude reply, did I?]

’’Do you mind if I ask you...’’ Ye Xiao already ignored Meng Zi-Xiao, who was so angry that his face turned purple. He was asking another man already.

With the same way, he had asked all the people at the table. Finally he said, ’’That is strange... Today the Prince invites me for dinner. And basically I am the only guest here. You all serve here. How come you all sit up there? While I am sitting down here? Is that how the Crown Prince treats his guests? That's really enigmatical!’’

He shook head continuously. He looked very displeased by the way the Crown Prince did things. He gave the impression that he was thinking along the lines of 'he is not a wise man and he doesn't deserve my service...'.

When he said that, all the people sitting there wanted to beat him to death immediately!

[Treat you politely? Are you kidding?


How so?!]

In fact, he had his point. [You are all in the same group and I am the only guest here. I am invited. It is inappropriate to let me sit down here, isn't it?]

Ye Xiao's 'reasonable' points had obviously aroused the anger of the people. The Crown Prince's men were all furious and the Crown Prince himself was pissed.

As a Crown Prince, it was a normal to invite capable men for dinner. That was actually quite common. He had invited so many people, yet he never arranged the seats in respect to the relations of host and guests.

The men here were serving the Crown Prince. That was true. In fact, every one of them was a well-known man in some places. They were all extraordinary people. Even the great officers in the court had been seated the same way. It had become an unwritten rule. [You ignorant fool! He is actually choosy about it!]

However, they couldn't speak out their minds. Ye Xiao's argument seemed to be right. Whoever wanted to reason with him would only disgrace himself!

Facing Ye Xiao's speaking, people were all furious, yet no one dared to open the mouth. The situation turned into a waiting game.

People didn't talk, yet it didn't mean Ye Xiao stopped would stop talking too.

’’That is really short of sincerity. Truly.’’ Ye Xiao shook his head and sighed, ’’I am a guest of the Crown Prince anyway. I am a remarkable talent. I know all about battles and strategies. I know a lot about geography. I have capabilities to bring peace to the kingdom... Yet I didn't even get a decent treatment? What does that mean!’’

People were furiously glaring at him. They were pretty upset.


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