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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 - Ye Xiao's New Look

The reason why the house had turned scorching hot was quite simple. Ye Xiao was continuously operating the scorching hot power of the East-rising Purple Qi. Even though it was only operated in a small range, the small streams of heat kept spreading and increased the temperature in the house.

However, nobody had time to find out the reason, because there was something else going on in the house at the same time.

All the blood guards were training under the compelling eyes of Song Jue. They were all complaining and sweating and they didn't realize that reason they were sweating so badly was because of Ye Xiao...

A voice had been resounding in the house during the entire night, ’’Look at your stupid faces. You just have moved for a short while and you are sweating all over. Don't you feel ashamed? Are you still the blood guards? Are you still feeling proud to call yourselves the blood guards? From now on, all of you, kept taking the full-strength training for one month. Next time when I check on you, if you are still this weak, pack your stuffs and get the hell off...’’

In fact, with Song Jue's capability, he was able to sense the unusual rise in temperature. It was seriously hot. Yet, he just used it as an excuse to give the guys a lesson...

Besides, as he had been humiliated so bad, he simply wanted to vent his anger to them...

Ye Xiao had been busy till the next morning. He stretched himself and took a deep breath. He looked at the 108 needles and the 12 knives in front of him. Each piece of weaponry was dark and shiny...

The result after the night of hard work was not only remarkable, but also surprising. It took Ye Xiao a lot of effort to develop each needle. At the beginning, every time after he finish one needle, he needed to wait and recover a bit of his qi to continue with the next one.

To melt and temper the Deep Sea Frigid Metal, a continuous flow of energy was required. If he stopped during the development of one needle, it would cause the energy to flow in reverse. The knives were much bigger than needles in scale, so he thought that he couldn't handle them. He was afraid that this one night would not be enough to sharpen them.

Yet after finishing the needles, he became more proficient. He could do the same amount of work by consuming lesser amount of energy. With the enormous amount of qi from the Spaces being sent to him, he had even developed a knife. So he didn't stop and worked on the knives one after another. Finally, he finished all the needles and knives.

The tips of the needles and knives were completed.

Under the light, they were all shining with a cold glow.

They looked like they were made from an inferno to slaughter and seek blood.

They were filled with the aura of extreme danger.

’’The divine Weapons with Demonic Edges finally show up, but that is not finished yet...’’ Ye Xiao rubbed his jaw and murmured, leaving the sweat dripping down his cheeks, ’’They still need to be disguised anyway... They are so dark, that if I use them at day time, it would leave traces for sure. That is eye-catching. Really...’’

’’To make them truly invisible, I am going to need some Colorless Gold... But I don't have that. Even if I do, I won't be able to develop them into that stage with my present capability.’’

He sighed, ’’I guess they can stay how they are for now.’’

He took off the band that was used to bind his hair and it hang down loosely. There was a mirror in front of him.

He looked into the mirror. He had red lips, white teeth, jade-like pretty face, prominent nose, double-fold eyelids, long eyebrows...

[I am so freaking handsome with the look right now. With my long hair hanging down, I can be the number 1 handsome guy in the world.] Ye Xiao thought. And then he bound his hair into a new hairstyle.

It was a coiled knot on the head that was a little bit askew.

Actually, men were all required to bind their hair decently. They wouldn't be allowed to show up with hair disheveled. Yet Ye Xiao had tied his hair in a skewed coiled knot and a few strands of hair were hanging down to his neck on his left.

That made him look more like a foppish black sheep than he he was before. It was a look filled with unruliness and evilness.

’’It is much better now.’’ Ye Xiao looked into the mirror and spoke gladly, ’’That is unique. I shall keep my hair this way... How convenient.’’

The Xiao Monarch was not only talking about how the way he bound his hair was convenient.

He picked up the needles and put them into his hair knot from different directions one after one. The needles were dark and his hair was dark too. Not a single piece of the needles could be seen through his hair.

Hidden inside his hair, they were difficult to find. Even the gods wouldn't notice them. The needles were flawlessly camouflaged.

Ye Xiao bent down, stepped aside, got on the floor, lowered his head, turned his head... He made more than a hundred gestures. For some of them, he used his hands, while most of them were simply moves of the head.

The threads of hair on his head kept fluttering up and down, left and right... There was always some of the threads of hair covering the knot...

’’That's acceptable. With that, I can be sure in anytime anywhere, no matter what I do, nobody will notice when I throw the needles out.’’ He nodded with satisfaction, ’’But there are not enough spaces for all the needles... There can only be 12 needles. Rooms must be kept for the knives somehow...’’

After that, he cautiously put one needle on the skin of the inside of his left wrist tightly, and then he covered it with something which looked like his skin. Suddenly it looked exactly like his skin, fully covering the needle. Most importantly, there was no embossment of the needle.

That skin-like strange material was something Ye Xiao bought recently when he was hanging around the market. It was normally used to make the skin masks.

The skin masks that were made from this material made people feel uncomfortable wearing them, and they were easy to be exposed. However, on the wrist, this material worked perfectly well. Nobody would notice it.

And then he did the same thing with his right wrist.

And then the left ankle, right ankle, both sides of the waist, each of these place held a needle.

That made it 18 needles hidden on his body.

He then took out 12 of the remaining 90 needles and put them into a small needle bag. He threw the other 78 needles into the Space of Gold.

The needle bag was mostly used as a distraction. The others hidden on his body were for the emergency use if he got into any unexpected situation.

The real killing ones were the 78 needles inside the Spaces. He could hold the needles in hand by only operating his mind. That was the most convenient way to make a strike...

The two of the 12 knives were hidden in his hair while the rests were all kept in the Spaces.

Finally he finished dealing with all these weapons. He started to move, to do actions, until he made sure the needles and knives were completely well covered no matter how he moved. He opened the door to his room and rushed to the watchtower.

Because in fifteen minutes, it would be the time when the purple qi in the whole world would rise. It was the best moment for cultivating the East-Rising Purple Qi and Ye Xiao would never let it fleet away.

Song Jue was just walking toward Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao was preparing to greet him, but he only saw Song Jue walked away from him with his head lowered murmuring, ’’What else do I still need to do?’’

He looked like he was lost in thoughts and walked away...

Ye Xiao nearly bursted into laughing.

The steward, his uncle was now rather hilarious to him. When he was only a steward, he criticized everything about Ye Xiao. Now he was an uncle, yet he ran away when he came across Ye Xiao...

Ye Xiao heard a guard speaking, ’’Oh, chief. Was that our young master in front of you? Yet you didn't even say hello?’’

Song Jue spoke hurriedly, ’’Oh really? Really? Really... Why didn't I notice? Never mind. I can see him every day. I am busy. You guys are busy...’’ Then his voice went far away.

Finally, Ye Xiao couldn't help bursting into laughter. [My Uncle Steward is truly adorable.]

If Song Jue could hear Ye Xiao at the moment, he would be embarrassed. Of course he could do nothing about it, but he would definitely vent his anger on the poor blood guard, as the guards were all easy targets to bully.

It was the afternoon. Ye Xiao was going to attend the dinner arranged set by the crown prince.

He didn't consider too much about the meeting. He decided to accept the situation.

The crown prince huh?

In the Xiao Monarch's heart, honestly... that meant nothing. He was just a fart.

As he had said earlier, if the crown prince dared to do anything to him, he would slaughter both him and his wife.

He had nothing to be concerned about.

Why did he need to worry about something like a fart?

The sky quickly turned dark. Ye Xiao rode on his horse, his clothes fluttering, his hair dancing in the wind;He looked dashing. He rode to the Crown Prince's Palace.

On the way to the Crown Prince's, he paused to buy a bag of fruits before continuing his journey.

Lan Lang-Lang happened to show up during his ride and came towards him, ’’Xiao Xiao, where are you heading?’’

Ye Xiao laughed, ’’The crown prince invited me to dinner. I am going to get a couple of drinks. Are you coming? Did he invite you?’’

Lan Lang-Lang was sad, ’’No, he didn't. Why did he invite you but not me...’’

Ye Xiao left.

After travelling a long distance, a guy on a horse came over, ’’Xiao Xiao, where are you going?’’

The guy talked loudly. It was Zuo Wu-Ji.

’’The crown prince invites me to dinner. I am going to get some drinks.’’ Ye Xiao shouted.

’’Ah?’’ Zuo Wu-Ji suddenly felt admiring, ’’The crown prince invites you to dinner? What for?’’

There were a lot of people on the street. They all looked to Ye Xiao with admiring eyes, [The crown prince invites him to dinner? No shit!]

Ye Xiao laughed and spoke enrapturing, ’’You are asking a silly question. The crown prince invited me. Surely he wants to talked with me about some national affairs. Now it is an eventful time for the kingdom. That is obvious.’’

Zuo Wu-Ji started singing praises, ’’That so. I am in admiration. Brother Ye is indeed the mainstay of our kingdom.’’


Translated by - Rain

Edited by - Alpha


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