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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 - The Truth About The Demonic Edge

Ye Xiao nodded in agreement.

Song Jue took a breath and continued, ’’I didn't finish yet. The crown prince had sent an invitation. He wants you to go to the Crown Prince's Palace for dinner tomorrow night... I think it is for the same topic we are discussing right now...’’

Ye Xiao thought and nodded, ’’I know. Don't worry, Uncle Song. If the crown prince dares to do anything to me, I will take care of him and his wife for good. I promise that no one will notice...’’

’’Take care of them for good...’’ Song Jue gave him a look filled with hopelessness. He couldn't help but have a coughing fit. He was furious, ’’You, you... you... Cough, cough,, cough, cough, cough, cough...’’

’’I am joking...’’ Ye Xiao quickly played off his previous statement as a joke.

But in fact, he was thinking along the lines of, [Shit! The crown prince and his wife, dirty bitches. They always stand against me. Even if I slaughter them, so what?]

Song Jue was speechless. He said, ’’Go to the dining room. What to say and what to do, you make your own decisions. You have such capability now. That means you are in the Grade of Diyuan at least... Then I can be less worried. But don't you be reckless! You understand? Gosh... I am playing the harp to a cow [1]...’’

Ye Xiao grinned cheekily and said, ’’Relax, Uncle Song. I know the what to do.’’

’’You know shit...’’ Song Jue murmured before replying, ’’Fine then. Nothing else now. I need to check on the blood guards. They are always idle. Getting worse and worse now...’’ He left hurriedly with big paces.

He didn't want to talk to Ye Xiao anymore. [What kind of human is he? Talking about slaughtering a crown prince and killing a crown princess... Shit. Even if you really want to do so, couldn't you just keep it under table...’’

And... I was so embarrassed!]

As he walked, his face turned hotter.

[That was truly embarrassing... Am I still the Vital Blade?

I actually got beaten up by a sixteen year old kid with a single wave of attack...

I, I, I... I really should find a tree and hang myself from it...

It is lucky that the kid is my brother's son, not a stranger. Otherwise I have to end my disgraceful like for good...]

He turned around a corner and made sure Ye Xiao wasn't following him. And then he sat on the floor and rubbed his chest, ’’... Ouch... Bloody hell... That hurt me to death... The little prick was really good. He actually hit on my chest with 178 strikes of the fists... Every hit was the real deal... I almost spat out blood... That seriously hurt... I thought my bones were about to break...’’

When rubbing his chest, a blood guard turned around the corner and saw him like that. The guard was shocked, ’’Chief! What happened to you? Who beat you up?’’

He then rushed forward to help Song Jue.

Song Jue blushed and stood up instantly, ’’You jerk! You are talking nonsense! What do you mean beating me up? In the whole Chen-Xing City, do you really think there is anyone who can beat me up? I was just... feeling a little bit breathless... So I rubbed my chest for a while... Are you blind...’’

The guard was confused and stared at him. He stammered, ’’But... Obviously you looked like you were beaten up... Look at the dirt on your clothes. Even on your butt...’’

Song Jue turned angry because he was exposed by the guard. He jumped up ,caught the guard's ear and gave it an almighty twist. He was furious, ’’You bastard. Do you even know how to talk... You, you, you... You are driving me crazy... Come and let me teach you how to be a smart man... You have been a moron most of your life and you are still as stupid as a pig...’’

Then he dragged the guard and left.


One the other side, Ye Xiao was concentrating on eavesdropping on Song Jue's conversation with the guard. Now that he had caught the conversation, he couldn't stop a delightful smile from appearing on his face. He felt relieved and returned to his room.

Then he took out his divine Weapon with the Demonic Edge!

’’Deep Sea Frigid Metal huh...’’ He was looking at the 108 needles and 12 knives lying in front of him. He was feeling the coldness being emitted from the weapons and a mysterious smile showed up on his face, ’’If it really is only the Deep Sea Frigid Metal... how could it possibly exhaust a smithing master's life? Besides there are no tips on these...’’

’’The Deep Sea Frigid Metal is a precious metal indeed, but how could it possibly contain such power.’’

’’Most importantly, weapons that made from the Deep Sea Frigid Metal could never deserve the title of 'divine Weapon with Demonic Edge'! There must be something hidden within these. If I am right...’’

He picked up a needle and held it in his hand. He operated the scorching hot power of the East-rising Purple Qi!

Suddenly, his hand became incredibly hot. That cold needle was wrapped inside the heat. Yet, he could still feel a slight coldness emitting from the needle.

That was the speciality of the Deep Sea Frigid Metal.

Yet Ye Xiao didn't let go of the suspicion in his mind.

So he continued increasing the heat using more power.

Gradually, the whole room became hot like hell.

Finally, a crystal like glow started to show up on the needle. The surface of the needle started to melt and peel off. Its true appearance finally emerged.

Hidden underneath the Deep Sea Frigid Metal exterior was a crystal material, dark like ink but shiny like the stars in the night sky!

When the hidden material showed up, an aura of death that belonged in the depths hell started spreading out slowly. It had an indescribable aura of coldness... That coldness didn't belonging to the mortal world!

Ye Xiao stared at that special material with his sharp eyes and murmured, ’’I knew it... It is not the Deep Sea Frigid Metal! Something else is hidden within!’’

His eyes were sharp as he looked at the needle in his hand, murmuring, ’’The aura of slaughtering and destruction can only be emitted by one material in the universe!’’

’’That is Sky Demonic Steel!’’

While he was talking, the surface of the needle had melted completely. The dark and shiny needle was completely uncovered.

A aura of destruction was forming around it.

It was like the demons from hell were ready to do something evil. Once they got a chance, they would keep killing until they slaughtered and swallowed the whole world!

’’It is the Sky Demonic Steel!’’ Ye Xiao felt relieved, ’’Only something like this could possibly make a smithing master spend all his life to temper it!’’

’’Only, the aura of death around the Sky Demonic Steel causes it to reject all other metals. Because of this, no other metals could be used to make the tips!’’

’’The Sky Demonic Steel needed to be covered by the Deep Sea Frigid Metal. If it had remained uncovered and people kept held it long enough, their minds would be affected, turning them into mindless demons!’’

’’Only the weapons made from the Sky Demonic Steel are qualified enough to be called... the divine Weapons with Demonic Edge!’’

’’Now that I have revealed its true face in my hand, it means... I can slaughter the whole universe with these weapons in my hand!’’

Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

He held the Demonic Needle in his hand and entered the Spaces.

The Demonic Needle had entered the Spaces with him too. Ye Xiao looked at the small pile of Spiritual Essence of Gold and walked to it without hesitation.

- Shoot! - The Demonic Needle flew into the Spiritual Essence of Gold automatically, it started to glow.

’’They are not unfinished. They are fully developed. But... they just need the Spiritual Essence of Gold to sharpen them. Only after that can they become the real Demonic Edge. The Sky Demonic Steel is not suitable for making tips of needles and knives...’’

At the moment, the shiny glow on the Demonic Needle had disappeared.

Ye Xiao waved his hand and the needle returned to his hand.

Only this time, the needle had a long and narrow tip.

It was shining a indescribable glow of cold!

The needle was like nature itself with no flaws!

The throwing needle, finished!

’’I knew it!’’ A satisfied look appeared in Ye Xiao's eyes.

After that, Ye Xiao started to repeat the same process on the other needles. He took a needle and then operated the East-rising Purple Qi to melt the surface, and then he got into the Spaces to create the tip...

Because his cultivation of East-rising Purple Qi was at a low level, he could only work on one needle at a time. As for the 12 knives, as they had a larger size than the needles, he was unable to develop them till now!

Even so, he was rather satisfied!

The ultimate weapon that only existed in the legends was now in his grasp. That was already a huge fortune! Even though he could only develop one at a time, it was good enough for him. He only needed to be patient and spent more time on it and he could naturally get all the needles and knives finished.

’’The point is that it could be done!’’ Ye Xiao rubbed the sweat on his forehead.

While he was operating one after another, the East-rising Purple Qi was becoming purer and purer, sharper and sharper. And its strength seemed to be increasing...

Not long after, he could also create the sharpened edges of the knives!

He was so concentrated on working on the weapons that he didn't even notice the time flying by.

He also didn't notice that with a large amount of the qi in his body being consumed, the qi in the Spaces was rushing into his Jing and Mai like a tidal wave. As for the the purple qi in the universe...

They were continuously replenishing his energy.

During the process, Ye Xiao was extremely focused. That was why he had already reached the rare situation of 'harmony between man and nature'.

Both his spiritual and mental power were increasing rapidly...

He was consuming his energy to unveil all the divine Weapons with Demonic Edges. The massive amount of qi in the Space was replenishing his energy continuously. That became a delicate cycle. The Spaces seemed to be at a disadvantageous situation, as it kept offering qi without any returns...

Ye Xiao was working in full flow. He didn't know that everyone in the house of Ye felt that it was extraordinarily hot that night...


[1] Play the harp to a cow (对牛弹琴), means choosing the wrong audience that would never be understanding.


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