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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 - War In The South;Disturbance In The Capital

What was most important was that from now on, Steward Song could recover his cultivation on his own, and he could also use his own cultivation to resist the hot power of the Golden Mai Palm.

Through a conservative estimation, the effects of the Golden Mai Palm wouldn't show up within the next three years.

’’After three years...’’ Ye Xiao looked at his palm where a golden purple mark was fading away. He sneered, ’’... By then I will need the slightest effort to cure the effect of the Golden Mai Palm!’’

He had cured the loyal Steward Song and didn't expose himself. In fact, he had even improved his cultivation.

That was something like 'a good man deserved some good luck', right?!

Ye Xiao felt relaxed and sweetly fell asleep, of course, in his own bedroom.


The next morning!

The steward slowly woke up.

’’Hmm. It has been a long time since I slept so well! Eh... I am alive? How come I didn't die?’’ The steward felt extremely weird. He hurriedly checked himself, but couldn't find any sign of a wound.

Then he turned over quickly and tried to sit up. However, when he was turning over, he suddenly stopped. This was an extremely awkward position!

His eyes showed an expression of astonishment.

Because... He felt that the sickening hot power, which had been running through his Jing and Mai and had tortured him for the last 16 years, had completely vanished!

- PAH! - The steward immediately heavily slapped himself!

[This must be a dream. It is always easy to wake up from a good dream. Whether I am dead or not, it is not a good thing to remain in a dream forever. Come on, I need to wake up!]

That slap was truly solid and had left a firm mark on his face. He could even count a couple of stars in his vision, as he had nearly hit his teeth out of his mouth.

’’It hurts me to death... Am I actually not dreaming?’’ The steward touched his cheek and felt the buzz in his ear that was caused by the slap. He instantly regretted his previous action, ’’Why did I slap so hard... Hmm... That power...’’

He tried operating the elemental qi in his dantian. - Boom!- He felt the spiritual power in his dantian suddenly rose and rushed out like a furious billow!

At the moment, the bones of his body were suddenly crackling!

His Jing and Mai had been left uncultivated for the past 16 years, yet they had suddenly regained their vigor. They expanded tidily to allow the long lost spiritual power to rush into them. The brisk qi kept rushing out, as all of his hair suddenly stood straight up!

- Pooh! -

He opened his mouth and this time, he spat out a true phlegm.

He reached his hands and looked at them. His hands were now full of energy...

’’Miracle! What a miracle!’’ His hands were shaking while his body was quivering.

Suddenly, two streams of tears rolled down his cheeks, ’’I thought... I thought there was no hope left for me in this lifetime. I thought that all I could do was to stay here in my big brother's house and act as a steward... Yet suddenly, I have fully recovered... The bloody power of the Golden Mai Palm has completely vanished!’’

’’I can't believe that I, Song Jue, can have such luck today!’’

’’Although my cultivation today was completely different from 16 years ago, and I can only use 10 percent of it... I can still exert the level 9 of the Grade of Diyuan... In the Land of Han-Yang, this is definitely enough for me. Besides, while cultivating more, my original cultivation will come back to me bit by bit.’’

’’Finally, I, Song Jue, will have the day to enact my revenge!’’

His eyes were filled with tears.

After a long time, he finally calmed down, ’’But... what is really going on? Who was that guy last night?’’

Last night, Song Jue hadn't been able to see the guy's face. He had also failed to see the guy's outline before he was knocked unconscious.

So he had felt full of despair and shame.

But as for now, he only felt grateful, endlessly grateful.

’’It must be the guy last night who treated my injury caused by the Golden Mai Palm...’’ Song Jue was grateful, ’’This guy is my lifesaver... But why did he do that? Why did he save me? How did he know I was hit by the Golden Mai Palm? And how could he dispel the power of the Golden Mai Palm which has been known as impossible to dispel? Even though I only had a short moment to feel his strength, I am sure he was only in the third or fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan. How was he capable to deal with it...’’

There were so many questions emerging inside Song Jue's mind.

They became abstruse knots in his heart.

However, the happiness of surviving from the clutches of death had immediately overtaken everything else.

’’As long as I am still alive, there will be the day I repay this immense favor.’’

’’Since the mysterious benefactor of mine showed up here, he shouldn't just disappear like this. He must be here for something... I just need to patiently wait. He will show up again. If there is anything he wants me to do, then I will make sure to do it.’’

’’However, if he asks me to do something against my big brother, I will kill myself right away, returning my life to him.’’ Song Jue thought so and instantly felt relieved.

’’Humph! Now that I have recovered a part of my cultivation, while I am guarding the house of Ye, I would like to know what kind of morons would dare to mess with us!’’

He humphed through his nose, as he was full of pride!

Ever since they had gotten up this morning, the guards of the house of Ye had seen their Master Steward smiling. He usually looked rather sullen, but currently, he was in an exceptionally good mood.

They really didn't know what kind of joyous event had happened to their Master Steward.

He tapped on the shoulder of everyone who passed by and chatted with them, he was even full of smiles.

It made these old soldiers, who had used to fight between millions of troops and had survived after hundreds of battles, to feel extremely flattered.

Some of them even murmured in their minds, ’’That killing god... Has he suddenly lost his mind? He must have woken up without a mind! Why is he so weird... Is he haunted by ghosts? I think we need to splash some black dog blood [1] on him... What the hell. His smile gave me goose bumps, it also chilled my backbone. That is exactly what they call thrillingness.’’

After Ye Xiao got up, he washed his face roughly and rushed up to the watchtower to enjoy the power of the East-rising Purple Qi.

On a day, the best time for cultivating the East-rising Purple Qi was the early morning when the sun had just started rising.

At that moment, the pure yang purple qi around the world would be at its thickest and purest!

Certainly, Ye Xiao wouldn't let that good chance go.

When he was preparing to go, the steward had already been waiting for him at the door. He was smiling... while his face was glowing with a healthy color.

Of course, Ye Xiao knew why he was so happy and so aglow. He also knew, that if he was held up by the steward, he would lose the entire morning...

’’Erh... I, I, I... I am ur that those wow hahaha *&))[email protected](&^...’’ Ye Xiao talked balderdash and rushed by the steward like the wind. He ran towards the watchtower before the steward was able to utter a single word.

’’What does that mean?’’ The steward rubbed his head. He was puzzled by Ye Xiao's actions.


When Ye Xiao got down from the watchtower, the steward rushed forward, ’’My lord, something is wrong. Something has happened in the south.’’

’’The south?’’ Ye Xiao was a bit shocked. He thought that the steward was about to tell him about the recovery of his cultivation, however, something about the south had suddenly popped up. His father was the Northern General, so he didn't understand why the south would matter to the house of Ye.

’’The war has begun in the south. The report arrived at the capital this morning. The battle started five days ago...’’ The steward frowned, ’’This time, the Southern Barbarians and the Kingdom of Jin-Yang are cooperating... I am afraid that General Lan is in danger.’’

’’General Lan? Lan Lang-Lang's father?’’ Ye Xiao frowned.

[I see. It is about the Lord Lan's father. I suppose, that that does matter to me somehow.]

’’Yes, the battle suddenly bursted out... General Lan was unprepared. He is nearly surrounded from three directions. He is now in a terrible situation.’’ The steward frowned, ’’It all depends on the king's decision now...’’

’’What about the north?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’The great general is there. It is as stable as a mountain!’’ The steward raised his head proudly.


Ye Xiao sighed.

[How on earth did this sightless confidence develop?]

’’Even though something weird has happened in the south, there is nothing we can do to help, right...’’ Ye Xiao spoke strangely, ’’Could I be recruited to the battlefield? That couldn't be possible, right?’’

The steward was left speechless, and at the same time, he was slightly amused.

[I believe the king would rather send ten thousand rats to battle than you, the foppish young lord!]

’’It is not that.’’ The steward twitched his mouth a bit and said, ’’The current situation is, besides the main force of the royal court, there is only one group that can be deployed... But if these men leave for battle, our situation will become very dangerous. So I think I need to warn you about it.’’

’’Oh? Men from where? Are they really so close to us?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’They belong to Prince Hua-Yang!’’ The steward spoke in a deep voice, ’’This battle concerns the life and death of this kingdom. Now that General Lan can't save the situation on his own. There is only one man who can save it. That is the No.1 in the military of the Kingdom of Chen - the Military God of Chen, Prince Hua-Yang!’’

’’General Ye has been guarding the north throughout the years. All of his families and his soldiers are all in the capital, including us. It is the same with General Lan. We are all under the watch of Prince Hua-Yang... If he really leaves for battle, then in the next period of time, when someone breaks the balance of the royal power, families of the military forces will become the disadvantaged groups...’’

Ye Xiao was shocked. Prince Hua-Yang, father of Su Ye-Yue, prospective father-in-law of Ye Xiao. It was said that he was a big fellow. Ye Xiao didn't know that all the families of the military were living under his favor!

If so, this Prince Hua-Yang, the Military God of Chen was really an honest man. Ye Xiao's heart became filled with respect for this man.

’’So, during these days, you better don't go out, in case you fall in trouble once again.’’ The steward had talked for such a long time before he finally arrived at this point.

’’So it is like this. I see.’’ Ye Xiao felt relieved and boasted clapping his chest, ’’Uncle Song, don't worry! I have been greatly awakened these days. I will definitely stay safe and sound here at home. I would never get into any kind of trouble!’’

Song Jue's mouth twitched again.

Hearing this, he suddenly felt pain in his balls [2].

[That little prick really dares to broast. What 'greatly awakening'. What 'stay fine'... Last time you swore you wouldn't get into any trouble, you have killed the brother-in-law of the crown prince...

Now you gave me another promise like you did last time. And you even added something like 'greatly awakened'. Why don't you go and fool yourself with that...

If I were to trust you on that... Then I must have spent all my years living like a stupid dog...]


[1] In China it is said that the black dog blood can dispel all evils.

[2] pain in the balls(蛋疼): means that someone feels bad.


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