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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 - The Golden Mai Palm!

In fact, the steward hadn't spat out some regular spit;he had actually spat out some... Golden purple blood!

’’The Golden Mai Palm!’’

In Ye Xiao's mind, the name of this technique emerged;he was astonished.

The Golden Mai Palm. Ye Xiao had seen it in his previous life for hundreds of times!

Because in his previous life, the Zi-Yang Mount, one of the three factions who had hunted him down, was famous for its Golden Mai Palm!

In the Qing-Yun Realm, they were the only group who could use it;there was no others!

It was the specialty of the Zi-Yang Mount.

The Golden Mai Palm had vigorous and firm palm strength;it was grandly powerful. It could break stones into pieces, but that was just normal. The real horror of this technique was the viciousness hidden inside it.

When one was struck by the Golden Mai Palm, the power would sneak into his Jing and Mai like burning fire. It would produce some golden material inside the Jing and Mai. This golden material was like a living thing. It was extremely difficult to dispel. It would infect the energy of the body to strengthen itself, while it would also continue to turn the blood into golden blood. If it didn't get dispelled soon, in the future, it would lead to severe complications;the victim was almost doomed to die.

How could a person live on when all of his organs turned gold?

Of course he would die instantly!

Steward Song, who was now in front of Ye Xiao, was actually a victim of the Golden Mai Palm, and he had actually endured a feeble existence till now. There were only two explanations for that: First, the one who had attacked him hadn't cultivated into a higher level of the Golden Mai Palm;the internal injury he had left had been expanding gradually, and now it was overstepping Steward Song's limit bit by bit.

Second, there was some efficacious medicine continuing his life;it was slowing down the organs from becoming golden.

However, after being hit by the Golden Mai Palm, if he couldn't acquire the special antidote, his cultivation would drop slowly because of the infection. Even a great superior cultivator would become an ordinary person who had little strength bit by bit. Once his veins could no longer bear the effect of the Golden Mai Palm, he would die anyway.

Yet Steward Song, who was in front of Ye Xiao, had obviously almost reached his limit.

Alcohol was the major taboo for whoever was hit by the Golden Mai Palm!

Because the golden material that had infected the body would run strangely! Once it ran too strangely, the victim would never have the chance to survive!

Yet Steward Song had drunk so much liquor today.

Ye Xiao's eyes lit up and he said, ’’I felt tired suddenly... It must be my lack of good rests these days. Uncle Song, how about we call it a day now?’’

Steward Song nodded but said nothing. What Ye Xiao said was exactly something he needed. To drink more today, he was afraid that he would truly lose control. He was about to spit out blood for the second time soon.

Ye Xiao left without any hesitation;he turned around and walked away.


It was midnight.

Steward Song's body was curled-up while lying on his bed. He was covering his mouth as he coughed. In his eyes, there was slight hint of sorrow.

[The young lord is sixteen now. That means I have been suffering this injury for sixteen years, right?

Finally, I can't suppress it anymore!

In sixteen years, my cultivation have been dropping till. Now, it is getting faster. Last month, I was still in the sixth level of the Grade of Diyuan, yet now, it is first level of the Grade of Diyuan.

After drinking so much tonight... maybe tomorrow it will drop to the Grade of Renyuan. Or maybe I don't have a tomorrow anymore...]

He smiled bitterly and murmured, ’’This is my life... Rising up so high and then falling down rapidly. Heh heh...’’

He coughed, and finally spat out some purple golden blood again. He felt his entire body was faint and he could clearly sense that his qi was scattering bit by bit...

’’I better sleep now... I don't have many days like this anymore.’’ The steward was lying in bed closing his eyes as he murmured, ’’Brother... If that day comes, could you come back and watch me go...’’

While thinking about that, a sound suddenly echoed. - Shoot! - Somebody entered the room through the window.

The steward stood up on the floor right away. Although he was suffering from both injury and tiredness, he didn't lose his wariness. Before he could sound a warning and alert the guards, he felt someone pressing his shoulder. - BANG! - He passed out.

Steward Song only had one thought right before he passed out: [This night stalker moves neatly and weirdly, but his cultivation is no higher than level 4 of the Grade of Diyuan. In the noontide of my prosperity, I could blow him to death with just a single breath. Yet now I am in his hand and can do nothing but give myself in...]


Ye Xiao stood by the bed looking at the fainted steward and sighed gently.

He reached his hand on the steward's wrist and operated his martial art to check the steward's pulse.

’’As expected, he was hit by the Golden Mai Palm, and it was the Golden Mai Palm of middle level. Whoever can create such injury, even in the Zi-Yang Mount, he must at least be one of the major disciples...’’

’’As a conservative estimation, it has been ten years after he was hit by the Golden Mai Palm...’’

Ye Xiao couldn't help frowning slightly.

’’If my cultivation reaches the Grade of Tianyuan at the moment, I can surely cure him. But now... I lack the power to do so even though I really want to.’’ Ye Xiao had dealt with the Golden Mai Palm for many times in his previous life, so he certainly knew how to cure it.

He knew every way to cure it;even without the special antidote, there were still ample of ways to deal with it.

However, this place is not the Qing-Yun Realm;there weren't any of those required medicines here.

Generally, if his cultivation was high enough, he could cure it anyway, but it was not. He was nearly helpless.

At present, Steward Song's cultivation and body conditions had all dropped to their lowest. After no more than half month, he would die. There was not much time left;that was the biggest problem right now!

’’Even though I will do it with my utmost, it will only slightly improve his situation. Luckily, I have reached level 3 of the Grade of Diyuan after cultivating for 10 days, otherwise, I really could do nothing but helplessly watch him...’’

Ye Xiao frowned. He took out a Pei-Yuan Dan Bead and put it into the steward's mouth. He made sure the dan bead had been pushed down through his throat. After that, he put his hand on the back of the steward and operated the gelid power to draw out the scorching power of the Golden Mai Palm.

Bit by bit, it was being absorbed into his palm.

The Zi-Yang Mount was holding the sway over the world with the Golden Mai Palm. It was surely because this technique was shockingly powerful and extremely vicious, but at the same time, it was also because nobody was able to defuse the Golden Mai Palm. Countless sects and countless cultivation masters were trying to resolve the Golden Mai Palm but failed eventually.

However, Ye Xiao had fought against the Zi-Yang Mount for many times, so he had coincidently figured out the secret of the Golden Mai Palm. In fact, when the Zi-Yang Mount had tried their best hunting Ye Xiao, it was partly because Ye Xiao had figured out their secret. If he revealed the secret to the public, the Zi-Yang Mount's power and reputation would absolutely decrease.

Whoever was hit by the Golden Mai Palm, those golden material would appear inside his body. Meanwhile, his organs would become golden bit by bit. People all thought that this technique should be attuned with gold attribute. They thought the cultivator could absorb some special metallic materials into the palm and attack with it. Thus, they focused on reducing the golden material and slowing the organ from becoming golden, but they weren't aware that it was only a camouflage.

The Golden Mai Palm was no gold attribute technique at all;it was fire attribute. The golden material, which appeared after the attack, was merely the outcome of the Golden Mai Palm's power burning the Jing and Mai. Its power would linger around for a long time, transforming the victim's blood, vigor, and cultivation into its own motive power. If one could not dispel the power of the Golden Mai Palm after being struck, the Golden Mai Palm would continually strengthen itself.

As for some superior cultivators who cultivated the Golden Mai Palm, they could instantly make the opponent's organs become golden with a single strike. It was simply just speeding the process up by countless times. So when people were fixated on eradicating the golden materials and slowing down the process of becoming golden, they failed to realized that these actions would only cure its symptoms;in fact, this was far from the proper treatment.

In fact, it was quite a coincidence when Ye Xiao discovered how to deal with the Golden Mai Palm in his previous life. In that day when he came across a man of the Zi-Yang Mount, he was hit by the Golden Mai Palm. After being hit, the injury expanded rather fast, so he tried his best operating the Pure Yang Martial Art to resist it. Coincidently, he found that his Pure Yang Martial Art actually could assimilate the power of the Golden Mai Palm.

He was enlightened;he noticed the Golden Mai Palm was a fire attribute technique. When one thing was learned, a hundred similar things would also be uncovered. As long as the major direction was confirmed, it was naturally an easy job to cure it. Since then, Ye Xiao had seized many solutions to resist the Golden Mai Palm.

He was weak at the moment and couldn't cure it efficiently, but he now had a more specific solution than those he had learned in his previous life. The two extremities of ice and fire were the most effective treatment to the Golden Mai Palm. The one with the opposite attribute absorbed, while the one with the same attribute digested. That made a perfect pair!

He tested this solution with great caution;he didn't dare to be reckless. He just absorbed a little bit of the power of the Golden Mai Palm, but surprisingly after the hot power was absorbed and ran around his Jing and Mai, it actually turned into his scorching power - one of his two extreme powers.

Ye Xiao was thrilled.

He was surprised that the assimilation went so smoothly;it was even smoother than when he was cultivating the Pure Yang Martial Art. It practically skipped the process of the assimilation. It felt like his scorching power was the ocean and the hot power from the Golden Mai Palm was only a little stream. It was merely the stream flowing into the ocean;it really wasn't worth mentioning!

[It turns out dispelling the power of the Golden Mai Palm... can bring me such a benefit. That is a sweet surprise.]

He dared not to neglect it, so he hurried operating the martial art, absorbing the hot power.

He didn't stopped until the moon indicated it was late. He murmured, ’’The hot power of the Golden Mai Palm inside the Jing and Mai has been absorbed clean... But the power that has already gotten into the organs and dantian is impossible to dispel. Not with my current condition...’’

He gritted his teeth, took out one of the only two Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads and put it into the steward's mouth.

And then he began to operate the martial art again!

When it was dawn, Ye Xiao left quietly.

The result of this rescue was better than expected. Although he didn't cure the disease radically, he had already suppressed the elementary power of the Golden Mai Palm into the deepest place of the steward's dantian! The hot power of the Golden Mai Palm that was flowing around the steward's body had all been absorbed by Ye Xiao. There only remained the deeply hidden elementary power which was impossible to dispel.

That meant from then on, there would be no more problem with the steward's body;the injury could never deteriorate.


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