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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 65


Chapter 65 - Cultivate With Great Concentration

The big boss nodded, his action resembling a chicken pecking grains, ’’Yes, yes, yes.’’

And then they all entered the salesroom.

While walking, the man in black casually inquired, ’’The Cosmic Hades, what price was it sold for?’’

Guan Wan-Shan answered humbly, ’’250 thousand.’’

’’250 thousand?’’ The man in black was stunned. He showed an extremely weird smile and asked, ’’Gold?’’

’’Ahem. Not gold. Silver.’’ Guan Wan-Shan replied.

’’Khoff Khak Khak Khak...’’ The man in black had a coughing fit. The continuous coughs made his face turn red. After coughing for a while, he started to laugh loudly.

Wan Zheng-Hao's big fat face suddenly turned into the color of a pork's liver!

’’Brilliant! Truly brilliant!’’ The man in black gave a thumbs up and raised it to the nose of Wan Zheng-Hao, ’’Even selling the entire Land of Han-Yang would never be enough to exchange for half of that Cosmic Hades, yet you sold it for just 250 thousand silver bars... Wan Zheng-Hao, in the entire universe, only you can absolutely claim the title of the super No.1 black sheep! You cannot decline to shoulder this title because you fully deserve it!’’

Wan Zheng-Hao felt humiliated and his face was completely red. He felt too ashamed to show his face, and so, he had no choice other than to lower his head.

However, the man in black clearly didn't want to let it go.

’’Such thoughtless wastage is obviously indescribable and tremendous.’’ The man in black shook his head and sighed, ’’It is a dissipation that could lead to chaos and darkness! It is really a high-class dissipation that could darken the moon and stars!’’

Behind him, Guan Wan-Shan, who was following them up the stairs, happened to overhear this conversation. His sight turned dark as he sat heavily on the stone step.

[What did I hear?

Was it an illusion? Were my ears out of order? Or am I actually dreaming!]


Ye Xiao surely wasn't aware that the salesroom would be waiting for him and had set up a massive trap ready to be sprung at any time. At the same time, he had planned to return to the salesroom and claim his money after everything settled down.

As of now, he was cultivating like a madman. After all, it was of utmost importance that his strength improves.

Since he had some free time, he kept devouring all kinds of knowledge.

As for the strange Space inside his body, he was using it extremely efficiently!

There was another reason why he was working so hard. In the last few days, he had realized something, something that was so serious that he didn't know whether it was good or bad.

Because of this 'something', he was more unwilling to go out.


Inside the Sky Space, the Cosmic Hades, which was recently added, was truly powerful. It was way too powerful. The frost qi it was emitting was getting thicker and thicker, showing no signs of dissipation. Because it was too powerful, it had already made a severe impact on the other Spaces.

The nine Spaces, by their nature, always restricted each other. The spaces complemented each other and it maintained a delicate balance. However, if one of them was far too powerful, to the point that it was beyond the summation of the power of the other eight, the balance would naturally be nonexistent. And right now, that was exactly what was happening. The Sky Space was too powerful and it seriously broke the balance of the Spaces.

Ye Xiao clearly felt that the other Spaces were showing signs of suppression.

Together, the eight Spaces actually failed to match the power of the frost qi released by the Cosmic Hades.

If the situation kept on proceeding in this direction, where only the Sky Space remained powerful and the other Spaces became unable to restrict it, the balance between them would be completely broken. There could only be a single outcome the Sky Space, which held the frost attribute, would absorb the other Spaces.

This was without a doubt the last thing that Ye Xiao wanted to happen. With no other options available, he had to personally enter the Spaces and use the blue gelid qi of the East-rising Purple qi as the temporary bridge to transport the frost qi of the Cosmic Hades to the outer world!

[No matter how overbearing you are, you're just some frost qi of the Cosmic Hades, I will get you out of my endless Spaces to the outer world. After that, you won't be able destroy my Spaces anymore, will you!]

He had no choices left, except for one last option. With the experience from his previous life, he knew that it was rather risky to do so. The East-rising Purple qi was the marvelous martial art created by the nature of heaven and earth, but Ye Xiao was inferior in cultivation at the moment. He doesn't have the least bit of certainty whether he could withstand the frost qi of the Cosmic Hades.

That was some incredible power that even the other eight Spaces together could not compete against. Besides, even if the East-rising Purple qi was extremely powerful and could withstand the frost qi, during the transporting, it was Ye Xiao's body which needed to bear the impact of acting as the temporary carrier and bridge. With the current condition of his body, could he bear with it for long enough?

However, Ye Xiao could only put all these thoughts aside. The current situation was so serious that his only option was to take this risk!

In fact, it started out as a smooth process when he began drawing out the frost qi.

More than that, after being extremely frightened, Ye Xiao was so astonished that he nearly dropped his jaws to the ground.

The East-rising Purple qi was truly domineering. The powerful frost qi didn't have any influence on it. Moreover, after Ye Xiao drew out the frost qi and started transferring it inside his Jing and Mai, he realized something...

[What the hell!

How come my gelid qi shows signs of improvement?

The improvement is tiny, inconspicuous, but it certainly has improved for real!

Is it really possible for such a good thing to happen?]

While he was feeling surprised, he casually drew more of the frost qi and tried to test his observation.

Unexpectedly something changed. - Boom!- The Spaces 'found' this 'outlet', pushing all the accumulated frost qi towards this point.

What happened was that Ye Xiao became the only path to lighten the pressure produced by the frost qi.

Ye Xiao's original intention was to join in and gradually release the pressure on the other eight Spaces. He was trying to draw away the frost qi gradually and steadily, however, perhaps the other eight Spaces were too exhausted after being pressured by the Sky Space, that they, without any delay, started to push the frost qi to the outlet they just discovered.

This was killing Ye Xiao. He suddenly felt like he had fallen into a ten thousand year old ice cave. He was almost frozen into an ice sculpture.

However, in such an extremely cold atmosphere, he suddenly realized that the East-rising Purple qi had actually become more active!

The entirety of his Jing and Mai also began operating automatically!

The frost qi released by the Cosmic Hades could actually enhance the cultivation of his gelid qi by a massive amount!

When Ye Xiao realised this, he was instantly overjoyed. He entered the super intense full-cultivating mode during which he would neither eat nor drink. In order to do so, he 'invaded and occupied' the watchtower of the house of Ye!

Because the territory of General Ye lacked any tall trees. The top of the watchtower was the place which was the closest to the sun.

Ye Xiao gave the order that he would temporarily take over a sentry post on the watchtower.

Everyday after that, as a precaution against getting recognized by others, he would wear the clothes worn by the guards' and sit in the watchtower with his legs crossed!

He enjoyed the sunlight at daytime and absorbed the nimbus of the moon at night.

He kept on cultivating throughout the day and night without rest!

After a few days, all of the people in the Chen-Xing City felt that this summer had lost its heat.

The powers of Yin and Yang complemented each other.

Things would develop in a certain direction when the situation became extreme;the power of Yang rose when the power of Yin reached an extreme.

Under the great influence of the frost qi and Ye Xiao's intake of heat through the sun, the strength of the East-rising Purple qi reached an abnormal level!

The frost qi inside the Spaces rushed into his Jing and Mai with a crazy impetus, even the Yang qi from the world rushed into him with identical frenzy!

Usually, when he cultivated the gelid qi, he needed to absorb the Yang qi into his body and use some martial art method to transform it, but now, he didn't need to do that anymore.

Now that he had skipped the most demanding step, he just concentrated on absorbing the Yang qi to defuse the frost qi. With that, his cultivation was truly boosted at a tremendous pace!

Along with the massive increase of the Yin qi, the Yang qi increased at the same time. With the exceptional East-rising Purple qi, there was bound to be no disharmony of Yin and Yang. The gelid qi improved rapidly and the power of Yang increased along with it. The power of Yang was never left behind that of the Yin at any time.

After Ye Xiao entered the Spaces and took action, it only took one day to free the nine Spaces from imbalance and breakdown and restore the usual balance. The extra gelid qi kept flowing through Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai!

He just felt like his body was a repeating... Hmm, in the modern world, it would be a repeating progress bar.

The first level of the Grade of Diyuan!

The progress bar was slowly filling up, but at a visible speed. Gradually... it reached the middle, and then the end...

-BOOM!- He felt like his body had turned into some nebula;he felt weightless and comfortable.

And then another line in his Jing and Mai was suddenly split wide open. The second progress bar which represented the second level of the Grade of Diyuan appeared along with it. And then it slowly filled up... to the middle... the end... - BOOM! -

Level 3!

When it got to level 3, the rate of improvement became slower.

Ye Xiao was fully concentrating on cultivation. He cared about nothing else, but only on operating the martial art to boost his cultivation.

In the house of Ye, the steward stood in the sunlight with his hands on the back. He looked up and watched the young lord on the watchtower. There was a gratified look on his face.

[The young lord may have not achieved success in either wisdom or martial arts, but, at least he knows he should work hard now. That is a wonderful sign.

He is not going be a civil officer as his father wants him to, but if he works hard enough in martial arts, maybe he will achieve something in the future.

If the General comes to know of this, he will certainly be delighted.]

’’Is the meal ready for the young lord? Bring up more restorative food.’’

’’Oh he has finished the last one? That is good.’’

’’Have you delivered the water up to him yet?’’

’’Anyone who dares to be lazy will be punished severely!’’


For people in the Chen-Xing City, this summer was extremely comfortable.

Usually, when the most scorching days in the year came, the whole Chen-Xing City turned into a huge stove;it could likely burn some fat out of the people.

As for this year... Ha ha. It was actually neither hot nor cold. It was perfect!

Nobody knew that the heat was mostly transformed into energy by the East-rising Purple qi.

This went on continuously for ten days.

Ye Xiao had been concentrating in cultivating.

He kept cultivating day and night with no rest.


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