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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 - Its Predetermined;Here Comes The Trouble

No matter what explanation the silly girl gave, the old princess still checked her body. Finally, she realized that things were unlike what she had imagined;her thoughts had gone astray from too much worry...

Now, she felt relieved.

[However... Humph!

Her skin turned so exquisite after staying over for just one night...Even if that kind of 'thing' didn't happen, other things must have definitely happened...Otherwise, how can a girl suddenly become so radiant?

If these 'other things' kept on happening, then that thing, which I am most concerned about, will happen eventually...

Although the two kids have already been engaged for a long time... such laughable things should never be allowed to happen!]

The old princess made up her mind.

Therefore, it didn't come as a surprise to anyone when Su Ye-Yue was grounded.

She had been raising hell in her room for days, but still failed to get rid of the restrictions. She was extremely upset!

She had never thought that she would actually be grounded, not even in her dreams.

And of course, she didn't know that... it was purely because of that single sentence which she had said to show off.

She get to know about this... in the very distant future...


It was inside the bamboo forest enclosed by the mountains.

’’Xiu-Er has made a reckless move this time. Please punish me.’’ Xiu-Er, who was dressed in white, lowered her head and stood in front of the man who was also dressed in white, and was sitting on a wheelchair.

The man in white sighed with his eyes half-closed and said, ’’Xiu-Er... Your actions have done a lot of damage to our plan this time... The Mu Clan has suffered greatly from this event. Now, they will never dare to return to the capital, even if we don't take the initiative to attack them.’’

Xiu-Er kept her head low, ’’Yes.’’

’’However, that Mu Zi-He actually dared to abuse you. He deserved this. It was righteous that he died.’’ The man in white smile blandly, ’’Whatever. I had been planning to make use of the event involving the house of Ye to produce some disturbances in this world... Now that this plan has been suspended, it doesn't really seem to be a bad development.’’


’’But your actions have really helped the house of Ye. It has given the house of Ye a relief from being deeply troubled and helpless...’’ The man in white frowned, ’’What happened... superficially speaking, it seems everything was reasonably driven with some coincidences... But I feel that there was someone acting as a go-between, adding fuel to the fire, so as to make sure that this would happen.’’

Xiu-Er kept her head low and spoke, ’’If there was truly someone doing so, it must be that guy, Feng Zhi-Ling.’’

’’Feng Zhi-Ling...’’ The man in white smiled blandly, ’’Investigate him thoroughly!’’


’’By the way, pay attention to the war affairs of the three kingdoms. Instigate the war as soon as possible.’’ The man in white spoke with a profound look in his eyes, ’’As long as we, the House of the Chaotic Storm shows up, the overthrowing of the royal court must follow... This time, you revealed our identity. Maybe it was destiny...’’

’’Only the removal of the dynasties can produce enough bloodshed to bolster my recovery... Seize the opportunity.’’


’’Xiu-Er, you take charge of instigating the problems between the three kingdoms, make the war start as soon as possible.’’



’’Yes, master.’’

’’After the auction, those dan-makers would have gone back to their sects by now, right?’’

’’Yes. You are speculating things accurately, master.’’

’’Hmm. But most of the other people from those sects haven't gone back, right?’’


’’These men are staying here so that they can associate with the noble clans or even the royal clan, right?’’

’’Yes. You have sharp eyes, master.’’

’’This is not something special. These guys would never turn back without gaining some profits every time they leave their territories. These noble clans, officials and royal clans are exactly those who could offer them the profits they want.’’

There seemed to be a sense of disdain on his face. He sneered as he continued, ’’In fact, this world is truly weird. The noble clans regard the royal clan as a foolish entity, while those sects think that the people of the noble clans are fools. In the meantime, the royal clan considers the other two to be fools. It is like a bunch of fools playing a recurrent stupid game...’’

’’The noble clans are using the royal clan. They are using the power of the royal clan to ensure their lifestyle and the continuation of their bloodlines... In their eyes, the royal clan is nothing but a tool that they can manipulate as they please...’’

’’The sects think that the noble clans have no future... that they are still struggling to continue their bloodlines... since they have been struggling for thousands of years for nothing but the continuity of their ethnicity... So the noble clans are fools in the sects' eyes.’’

’’The royal clan think that they are holding supreme power and when it's needed, they can unite with the noble clans to fight against the sects, or use the sects to suppress the noble clans. They think that they could get an advantage from both sides, and claim the maximum profit for themselves. So they see both the sects and the noble clans as tools and fools...’’

’’However, in my opinion... In this world, these three stupid forces are merely maintaining the stupid balance...’’

He spoke blandly, but had a profound look in his eyes, ’’So, as long as the unstable balance is broken, it will instantly turn into a situation where the current dynasty will be suppressed... No matter what, the present situation in the Land of Han-Yang is destined to lose its balance.’’

’’A new dynasty will definitely rise and naturally, the previous dynasty will fall!’’

After talking so much, he seemed a bit tired, so he leaned on his wheelchair and spoke slowly, ’’How to break the balance... Wan-Er, it's up to you.’’

’’Yes, master. The maid understands.’’

’’Hmm, have you settled on a plan?’’

’’The maid knows that as long as we kill one or two of the important characters of those sects that are in the capital... and plant some false trails... then the balance of the sects will be broken. Afterwards, we will draw the noble clans into the disturbance within the sects. When that happens, the royal clan will surely become involved... After that, no matter what the consequence will be, the balance will surely be broken, and massive cracks would have shown up for us to exploit.’’

’’However, only after the end result can we decide our next move.’’

The man in white nodded with satisfaction, ’’Your strategy is quite good. That is how it should be. However, you missed something. There are still wise men in the royal clan. The royal clan is the source of all disasters...’’

He spoke with his eyes half-closed, ’’As for the present Kingdom of Chen, the ruling king is a bit too old... and the crown prince is a bit too impatient... because the other two princes have grown up and are ready to do something...’’``

’’The disturbance should begin with this. It was the most...’’

When speaking about this, he suddenly stopped and didn't continue.

But Wan-Er's eyes lit up when she spoke, ’’Yes. Thank you for the enlightenment, master. The maid knows what to do now.’’

’’Hmm. Don't call yourself 'the maid' in front of me from now on. I feel uncomfortable hearing that.’’ The man in white looked at Wan-Er and Xiu-Er gently and said, ’’Just use your names.’’

Ecstasy flashed in both of their eyes at the same time. A blush appeared on their cheeks, as they answered, ’’Wan-Er/Xiu-Er complies with your wish.’’

’’Break the balance, then the dynasty changes. In a very short time, a new balance will be formed...’’ The man in white observed the clouds floating up in the sky and spoke blandly, ’’Disturbance, it is as simple as that.’’


While all this was going on, on the other side of the capital, Ye Xiao was wasting no time in order to cultivate.


The capital was a lot more peaceful. The Prince's Palace stopped seeking further troubles. As for the Crown Princess, since the death of those people from the Mu Clan, she had been completely silent...

On the surface, it seemed that everything had been settled down and all the conflicts had reached a conclusion.

However, there was one place that was still enveloped in chaos.

The Ling-Bao Hall Salesroom!

People including Guan Wan-Shan were so worried that they almost wanted to hang themselves!

Everyone wore an anxious expression.

The big boss of Ling-Bao Hall had actually come to the Chen-Xing City.

The first thing Wan Zheng-Hao said when he arrived in the salesroom was, ’’My Cosmic Hades... You didn't sell it, right?’’

He asked it in haste!

It was an extremely urgent issue!

He didn't even give any conventional greetings to Guan Wan-Shan. He just walked in front of him and started asking questions.

Guan Wan-Shan was immediately dumbfounded.

[What does the big boss mean with that?

We didn't even want to introduce it to the auction in the first place. It was you who demanded us to try to sell it out in every big auction. We had to sell it out no matter what price it cost... in case it humiliates you.

Now we just got this 'hot potato' sold, yet you came right away to ask such a question.

What does it mean?]

’’It has been sold.’’ He composed himself and answered gingerly.

’’Sold?’’ The big boss Wan Zheng-Hao's body quivered a little and his face suddenly turned pale. At this moment, he felt like he was about to lose control of his bowels.

’’To whom?’’ A man in black closely following the big boss suddenly stepped forward and asked indifferently.

This man had never accompanied the big boss before.

So people felt strange when they saw him.

But when he spoke, the big boss quivered a bit. Even his expression became terrified.

Was this guy in a much higher social position than the big boss?

Then who was this guy?

’’It was the man who took out the supreme dan... He bought the Cosmic Hades...’’ Guan Wan-Shan was perceptive and realized the seriousness of this situation, ’’His name is Feng Zhi-Ling...’’

He had just finished his words when he saw the big boss's fat body quivering. The big boss's white fat face suddenly turned grey.

’’That is over...’’

The man in black beside him frowned and asked, ’’Can we still find that guy now?’’

’’Yes. We absolutely can.’’ Guan Wan-Shan confidently answered, ’’Because, after the auction, he didn't take all the money he had earned. He saved most of it in the salesroom... Even if he doesn't come to sell his supreme dan anymore, he will definitely come to collect the money.’’

Guan Wan-Shan smiled blandly, ’’Nobody will give up such a big amount of money. Besides, he is short of money at the moment, so he won't give it up.’’

Wan Zheng-Hao and the man in black sighed with relief at the same time. They laughed and spoke in a chorus, ’’That's good. That's good!’’

’’Well since it's like this, I think we should live in Chen-Xing City for some time. We can leave whenever we get back the Cosmic Hades.’’ The man in black made a decision straight away.


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