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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 59


Chapter 59 - Unavoidable Confrontation;Draw A Sword To Help

’’You... Can't you be a bit more reasonable?! ...’’ Ye Xiao was beaten until he was completely black and blue. He tried to dodge the attacks while attempting to understand the situation before shouting out in anger, ’’You, you, you...Didn't you show me a disguised face too? You, you, you... Just how did I lie to you? What did I lie to you about? You woman, you mad woman... You're really unreasonable!’’

As he was violently thrashed by such an overwhelming force, Ye Xiao naturally felt humiliated to the extreme.

It was his first time being beaten up in both his current and previous life.

[I actually got beaten up by a woman!

This is too embarrassing!

This woman is so unreasonable... Way too unreasonable...]

At this moment, Ye Xiao's mind was filled with these kind of thoughts to the extent that he became incapable of thinking about anything else!

With this thrashing, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was beating him to her heart's content. As she hit him, she spoke furiously, ’’I told you that you were an idiot, yet you didn't believe me. You dare to try reason with a woman? You deserve to be beaten up...!’’ Towards the end of her tirade, there emerged a trace of humour in her voice.

Hearing her words, Ye Xiao suddenly became dispirited.

[Shit! I am such a fool!

I actually tried to argue with a woman...

I am getting beaten up for absolutely no reason at all...]

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was getting more and more vigorous while beating him. After she felt that she had vented enough of her anger, she jumped up with a graceful spin and floated casually through the doorway. Only a playful voice resounded from within, ’’Brother Feng, I will come back in three months...’’

- BANG! -

The door was shut firmly.

Ye Xiao was standing in front of the door with a runny nose and a swollen face. He wanted to cry but could not shed tears. Right now, he was simply speechless!

As he felt angry and ashamed, he furiously shouted, ’’No matter how much you try, you will never be able to find me! You mad woman!’’

Yet he only heard a fully satisfied and vigorous laughter from inside the property which was then followed by utter silence.

He suppressed his anger which nearly made him spit out blood. He then turned around and left while murmuring, ’’Women are so unreasonable...’’

His figure was moving further and further away.

He hadn't noticed that the door had been ajar.

Half of Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's face was shown through the crack and she watched Ye Xiao leaving with angry strides. When she heard his murmuring, she couldn't help laughing out loud as she muttered, ’’Such a fool...’’

When she turned around, she found two people looking at her at the moment.

’’My lady...’’ The middle-aged woman looked at her questioningly.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's face turned hot for a second before returning back to normal. She spoke indifferently, ’’Start packing. We need to leave as soon as possible. We're going home!’’

She said nothing else and elegantly walked back to her room.

She looked at the bed on which Ye Xiao had sat before and thought about how he had operated his martial arts on her - and how those big warm hands had pressed her belly. She couldn't help but shudder as heat coursed through her body. She gently sat down, her jade hands slowly stroking the spot where Ye Xiao sat a while ago, vaguely feeling the heat of his body which had continued to linger.

Her eyes were getting desolate and hazy as she murmured, ’’My sworn enemy... You are really my sworn enemy...’’

[TL note: Sworn enemy (冤家) in Chinese can also refer to one's destined love.]

After leaving Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's secret hideout, Ye Xiao made a few winding detours. Only when he was certain that no one was following him did he throw the Regeneration Ink Lotus into the Space.

He was preparing to throw away the box like he always did, but he suddenly found something else inside the box. He opened it and discovered a delicate, small handkerchief. There were some cloud like patterns faintly embroidered on it;they looked illusory and a faint lotus was laid at its center, .

If some ordinary person saw this, he wouldn't feel anything special about it. However, Ye Xiao knew a lot about such flowers. He knew the story behind this lotus.

This lotus grows in the valleys that are perennially covered by mist. Its name was the Mist Lotus.

This lotus looked illusory and gave an impression of some faint beauty of fairylands. However, it was extremely poisonous. The mist lotus could make people fall into coma and turn into a skeleton in a short amount of time. It was truly overbearing.

It looked soft, pretty and elegant, but it was extremely poisonous. It reminded Ye Xiao of the crazy girl, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu.

[The girl also looks soft and pretty, but in fact, she is vicious and decisive. If she revealed her true face, she would be a world-class beauty.]

Her situation could be compared to the lotus.

On the border of the handkerchief, a faint line of delicate script could be seen.

’’雾里看花美, 风中舞天沉;对敌作罗刹, 侍君是美人.’’

(The flower is beautiful when seen through the mist;the heavens sink when she dances in the wind. A demon to the enemy;A beauty to the one she serves.)

Ye Xiao was deep in thought as he held the handkerchief, and then he shook his head and smiled, ’’A woman like you... You think you are a beauty, really...’’

If Lady Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was here and heard what he had just said with such confidence, he would definitely be beaten up again. In fact, he would receive a beating much fiercer than the one he had just experienced. A girl had already put a handkerchief in the box for him, yet he didn't understand her intent and even slandered the girl while talking to himself.

It would have been an act of mercy to just keep him alive.

It had to be said that this guy's EQ could actually be so low;this was truly inconceivable!

After slandering the girl, he casually played with the small handkerchief and suddenly thought of something. He felt like the sense of the softness and smoothness were still on his fingers. He kneaded his fingers like he could still feel the touch of her belly and murmured, ’’That belly is beautiful somehow... It felt pretty good when touching it.’’

He then put the handkerchief into his coat and smelled a faint fragrance. It made him feel like Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was still around him...

[Did that chick keep a Mist Lotus in her sleeve all along? I didn't even notice...]

’’How pathetic, I was totally beaten up by that mad woman...’’ Ye Xiao spoke bitterly, ’’I will remember this. When I have the chance to hit her back, I must beat her till her ass is broken!’’

He imagined the scene where he was spanking the girl's buttocks until she cried and begged for mercy. That made him felt delighted.

With a imaginary victory, he held his head high and headed back home.

He had walked for a long distance and would arrive home after travelling a few more blocks. Suddenly, he frowned...

The wind was blowing from the direction to his house.

It seemed there were people coming over rapidly. Ye Xiao felt motivated and went forward.

The first person approached him like a whirlwind, moving at the speed of lightning, but his entire body was splattered with blood. By the time he saw Ye Xiao, he was already within ten meters of him. Suddenly, his body twisted as he said a low voice, ’’Move aside unless you want to die!’’

Following that, he flashed past Ye Xiao, barely making contact with his body.

Even though he was so busy moving, he actually had pushed Ye Xiao towards the wall.

Although that person had barely brushed him, Ye Xiao felt an enormous force strike him. With a whoosh, his body had flew to the corner of the street.

He was extremely frightened.

[This guy must have reached a marvelous level of cultivation. Why is he wounded so badly?]

Just when he thought about this, he saw three figures flying towards him. Blades that gleamed like reckless lightning whistled past the location where he had just been standing.

Obviously, if he hadn't been pushed by the man who was being hunted, these three sword lights would definitely have hit him directly. The three fellows didn't look like they would allow anyone to escape...

If there was someone who was a bit weaker standing in his place, he would certainly be ripped to shreds by these sword lights!

Ye Xiao was furious!

[Since this is the case, why don't I return the compliment.]

The sword lights had just missed Ye Xiao, and he heard one of the three guys say, ’’There is an ant over here...’’

’’No need to mention it!’’ Another guy replied with a deep voice.

The following moment, three gleaming sword lights suddenly circled in the air and shot toward Ye Xiao's neck.

’’He has seen the light of our blades and knows that we are hunting. We can't let him live.’’

’’Just kill him!’’

The sword lights rapidly approached him.

The three of them didn't even turn around to look at him.

The three gleaming sword lights instantly reached the corner of the alleyway and changed directions to pursue Ye Xiao.

To them, it didn't matter whether Ye Xiao lived or died. These three people had completely disregarded him. The only reason they wanted to kill him was because they had seen him during this chase!

Ye Xiao was extremely furious. He turned his head and dodged to the side. The three sword lights embedded themselves deeply into the wall. At the same time, Ye Xiao shook his wrist and three cold lights appeared in his hand. With a swish, the three lights flew out.

It was the gelid power.

The energy that didn't belong to this world had shown up for the first time!

It instantly froze the moisture in the air, converting it into ice;three exquisite small knives were formed and thrown.

The cold lights flew outwards. Ye Xiao didn't look towards his targets either. He turned around and operated the Lunisolar Shadow. - POOF! - He disappeared.

The three guys had already gotten out of the alley and were about to move out of sight.

But all of a sudden, an extreme crisis descended upon them.

The three of them were astonished at the same time.

They looked back and only saw the three lights that had already reached them.

When they turned around the corner, the lights had also turned around and chased after them!

The two of them swung their swords. - BANG! - They blocked the ice knives when it was about to be lodged between their eyebrows. They felt a stream of coldness go into their brains through the middle of their eyebrows and they quivered.

Looking at their longswords, they realised that their swords were already covered by a dense layer of frost! The hilt of their swords had become so cold that it felt like they were holding a ten-thousand-year old stalactite. They were chilled to the bone and they almost threw their longswords to the ground. They hurriedly executed a spiritual technique to forcefully suppress the gelid energy.

A shocked shout echoed in the alleyway.

The third guy was a bit slow with his sword. - KAK! - He chopped apart the knife but the edge of the knife had actually pierced his shoulder.

Immediately after being hit, he lost all feelings in his shoulder. The next moment, he felt cold accumulate between his eyebrows and his entire arm became paralyzed because of the gelid power.

- Pah! - His sword fell on the floor.

His body became covered by ice at an astonishing speed!

Even his beard, eyebrows, and hair were covered by ice!

The knife had left a hole in his shoulder, but no blood came out from it. At this moment, even his veins had become frozen!

He had turned into an ice sculpture.

The three of them were totally scared out of their wits. They came to a halt at the same time, cold sweat drenched their bodies due to fear.

In fact, considering their cultivation levels, they shouldn't have been this helpless. However, they had been focused on the powerful enemy who had been fleeing ahead of them...

They hadn't paid any attention on anything else.

Unfortunately, they had encountered such a weirdly powerful enemy on the way. They didn't even have the time to react. By the time the attack arrived, it had already been too late to react.

’’Who was that?’’ The three of them looked at each other with sweat dripping down their foreheads. Their hearts were pounding in fear.

They couldn't believe that in this world, there was actually someone who was this strange and powerful!

The third guy hurriedly operated the spiritual method in order to dispel the cold and his two fellow cultivators helped him with it. Finally, he recovered, but the shoulder was still wounded with frostbite.

The muscles had turned blue.

’’It was... It was the guy who I tried to kill...’’


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