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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 55


Chapter 55 - I Will Do It

’’Brother Feng, are you sure that you aren't fooling around?’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's eyes were filled with ferocity and her face was showing an ugly expression.

’’What?’’ Ye Xiao asked in surprise while eating a drumstick. He looked innocent and confused and his eyes seemed pure.

’’You...’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu nearly spat blood, ’’Can't you consider... the distance that should be kept between men and women? The solution you were describing... How could you... How could I...’’

She was too shy to continue.

Ye Xiao finally understood and said, ’’Urh... That...’’

He took the drumstick out of his mouth at once. Suddenly, he too started to feel embarrassed and didn't know what to do. So he coughed and stuttered, ’’That... I am so sorry about it... Well... Ahem... I didn't consider it well enough... Forgive me. I'm really... I... I... I have never touched a girl in my whole life... Ahem... So I didn't give enough consideration to this kind of thing... I thought that since you were also a cultivator... maybe... you probably... wouldn't care...’’

Ye Xiao was so ashamed that he was babbling incoherently.

This was the first time that, right when the Xiao Monarch was brimming with confidence and overflowing with eloquence, he encountered such embarrassment.

He couldn't deny it. Even if he tried his best to deny it, it would only sound like a lame excuse.

Ye Xiao truly didn't consider such an aspect: [I am just helping you with your illness, am I not?]

Other than solving the problem, he didn't take anything else into consideration.

When Wen-Ren Chu-Chu saw the tough guy, Master Feng, suddenly become so awkward, she couldn't help but laugh. - Pu - She wouldn't have thought that this Master Feng, who looked to be over thirty years old, would actually act like a young boy when facing this matter.

This kind of squirming, this kind of awkward embarrassment, this kind of shameful helplessness - these were definitely not things that he could fake.

[It seems that this guy is too focused on dan-making and hasn't been in any relationship yet. He really doesn't think much about things between a man and a woman...] Wen-Ren Chu-Chu didn't know why she came up with such an idea.

[What he just said means he really didn't consider that. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so embarrassed. It seems, that I am the one who has bad thoughts...]

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu continued her train of thoughts.

[This Feng Zhi-Ling is good at playing tricks, has a thick hide, does well in cultivation, is a supreme dan-maker, has deep thoughts and tough bones. He also knows much about human nature and is well informed. But why on earth doesn't he understand anything about stuff between men and women?]

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was so confused and felt weird.

She suddenly felt that the guy in front of her was filled with contradictions.

’’Well. I am sorry... But Lady Wen-Ren, you really should give it a try. After all, it concerns your life and your future accomplishments...’’ Saying this, Ye Xiao peeked at her face and said, ’’Please don't worry. I don't have any improper interests in you...’’

Ye Xiao meant to say: [I will cure you and you let me go. We become friends. I won't think much about you, and you won't need to worry too much about me.]

But he shouldn't have peeked at her face when he was saying that.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was so angry that she had nearly fainted!

[You looked at my face while telling me you have no interest in me?]

’’Do you mean to say that I am ugly?! So I'm not attractive to you?’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu gnashed her teeth and suddenly forgot to feel shy. Her face actually turned green.

’’No... No...’’ Ye Xiao realized that he had said something wrong. He kept waving his hand while babbling incoherently, ’’No, no, no... I meant that you were ugly... Wait, no... I meant you are not that ugly... No, no, no, Lady Wen-Ren, please let me explain... You know what I meant, don't you... You should know what I meant... Ahhhh! ~~~’’

And then there was vegetable soup on the Xiao Monarch's face.

This was because Lady Chu-Chu was so angry that she had exploded and threw the soup onto his face.

- Tok tok tok... -

While Master Feng was busy wiping the soup off his face and was about to shout out 'what's wrong with you', he only saw an alluring view of her back leaving in a rage!

Every step of hers was making the floor creak loudly!

She must have been furious at that moment!

They had been drinking leisurely and it had been a poetic scene, but suddenly, it had completely broken down. The soup was dripping down his face onto his body;on his shoulder, there seemed to be a fish bone. The fine silk behind him was now stained by the soup as it hung limply downwards like a dead fish...

Ye Xiao sat there stunned for a long time, unable to say a word.

He eventually just shook his head and sighed, ’’Why are you so short-tempered. I told you we're all cultivators. I can't believe you don't even understand that. I'm helping you... I tried to make it clear and you actually treated me like this... Gosh... Whoever is unfortunate enough to marry you in the future must be blind...’’

Without a word, he walked back to his room to change his clothes. He wanted to take a bath but he didn't have such a luxurious service.

’’A decent man won't fight against a woman!’’ Ye Xiao thought, ’’Let alone that I really don't have a chance to win...’’


After a while, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu walked back in, leisurely with her hands behind her back. She smiled sweetly and said, ’’Brother Feng, I apologise for startling you just now.’’

Ye Xiao sighed and threw up his hands, speaking sincerely, ’’Sure. Lady Chu-Chu, if you don't care about your health, or if you don't want to live anymore... You should just treat me as a captive again. You know how stubborn I can be. Don't expect me to cure your illness anymore, let alone remain friends with you...’’

’’It was my fault.’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu smiled softly, ’’Brother Feng, you're a generous man. You surely wouldn't care, right?’’

Ye Xiao spoke angrily, ’’How do you know whether I am generous or not? Even I don't even know if I'm a generous man! Do I care? Of course I care!’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was surprised.

[How could this guy be so narrow-minded in front of a girl? What kind of man is he?!]

But after she spoke a few more reconcilatory words, Ye Xiao knew that he couldn't push her too far. The advantages that he could get had already been attained. He definitely couldn't piss off this mad woman again...

If this unrestrained girl would lose her temper once again, then it would truly seem that the only route which awaited him, would be that of a prisoner.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was upset.

[What do I do?

I don't care about my life. If I will die, so be it... But what should I do for my beloved master who treats me like her own daughter?

The opportunity is right in front of me. I have to take it.

If I don't, how can I know if this guy is lying or not?

If I do it, what about my reputation?]

Being touched on the belly by a man... Her entire body would start burning up just thinking about this!

Even though she was shrewd and decisive, she felt helpless and hesitant.

’’Do you mind if I ask about your cultivation level...’’ Ye Xiao talked first.

It wasn't a good situation if they kept silent at the moment, so Ye Xiao thought that since he was a man, he should talk first.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu answered casually, ’’Level 9 of the Grade of Diyuan...’’

’’Ahem!’’ Ye Xiao coughed and couldn't help sweating.

[What the hell. Such a little girl has actually reached the ninth level of the Grade of Diyuan. It was lucky that I didn't fight against her, otherwise she could've killed me with a single finger... I am only at the 1st level of the Grade of Diyuan...]

’’You really are a genius.’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’In fact, it's quite simple. If you care about your reputation so much, and if the person you are trying to save isn't that important to you, we can just wait for several years. Another opportunity may arise in the future.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu asked, ’’What do you mean? What opportunity?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’You are at a high level of cultivation for sure, but there is still quite a distance before you will need the Regeneration Ink Lotus. You at least need more time... Maybe, by then, you might have already married someone. If you come to me for the cure with your husband, that will be fine. If so, you won't need to worry too much about me and your problems with reputation will become not so serious...’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu raised her eyebrows again with her eyes wide-open. She became extremely angry and shouted, ’’Do you mean to say my reputation isn't important once I get married? Feng Zhi-Ling. What do you mean by that? Do you feel good making a fool out of me?’’

Ye Xiao's eyes widened and he was speechless.

[What the hell!

What do you want me to say then?

If we do it now, you will care about your bloody reputation! Yet you still want to be alive! You still want to improve!

I suggested another solution for your own good, but you don't bloody accepted it and actually got bloody angry!

If you really care that much about your reputation, why don't you just die with it! At least I won't need to be in a dilemma! Even saying one word is like fighting a huge battle against millions of enemies...

This is so fxxking annoying!]

’’I will do it!’’ When Wen-Ren Chu-Chu said this, the blush nearly spread to her chest.

She made up her mind and thought, [This is not my true appearance anyway. This prick will never know my true face...

Besides, the situation with master doesn't allow for any more time to be wasted.

I am her inheritor. How can I not take the chance even though it is a small one? If I need to be aggrieved... so be it.

Instead, I should see it as getting bitten by a dog...]

’’What? Did you just say... that you'll do it?’’ Ye Xiao was shocked when he heard her words.

He had been practicing his power. The two extremes, gelidity and heat, and he had become proficient enough to operate them as he wished.

He had made up the 'Purple Sky-fire' earlier, but it wasn't a complete lie. The process of curing her was to use the scorching yang qi to disperse the cold qi in her body. This hot qi was indeed produced by the East-rising Purple Qi, so there was nothing wrong to call it the Purple Sky-fire.

The name might be fake, but even if there was a kind of dan fire named the Purple Sky-fire, it would definitely fail to match the most powerful martial art in the universe - the East-rising Purple Qi!

It was the invincible opponent of every other martial art!

Therefore, Ye Xiao was confident about the cure. It's just that, the way he needed to utilize it was unacceptable.

However, he hadn't thought that after the girl talked so much about her reputation, said 'no' so many times, and actually threw soup in his face, she would actually come around and say 'yes'?!


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