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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 420


Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both said, "Ah? It is strange."

"After what Feng Zhiling said, Zhao Pingtian just turned against the team?" Master Bai asked, "What did he look like? What did he say? Try to recall everything. Don’t miss any details!"

The big guy lowered his head and thought for a while. He told the story again. As he spoke, Master Bai’s eyes lit up.

While Master Bai was frowning, lost in thoughts, the wounds on his face were quickly vanishing.

He became white and handsome again, not a pig head anymore.

Finally, his eyes lit up as he murmured, "Feng Zhiling always amaze me… He has the Psychic Eye? In this low realm, there is actually people who has such a mysterious power. How strange!"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er turned over at the same time, "Psychic Eye? How come…"

Master Bai lightly nodded. "Why not! There is no other reasonable explanation. Do you really thing Zhao Pingtian would just give up to some words his enemy said? He is not that stupid!"

Xiu-Er confusedly said, "Master is right. However, whoever has Psychic Eye in a low realm should be children, and these kids are mostly unhealthy because they can see things that do not exist in real world. As they grow up, they will lose the Psychic Eye… Feng Monarch is not even young. How can he keep that power?"

Master Bai blandly spoke, "He surely has his own way to keep it. The methods to cultivate Psychic Eye usually only exist in extremely high realms. There are not many methods. However, he accidentally got to learn one of the methods in this world and he cultivated well it. That should be a fair explanation about this strange issue!"

"That’s right. If he cultivates it well, he can not only see things in Yin world, but also connect the Yin and Yang, these two worlds. It is not so extraordinary though…" Xiu-Er said, "Ghost and spirits seem hilarious to normal people, however, only superior cultivators can know that transmigration truly exists. Souls are real, then ghosts are real too."

Wan-Er nodded and said, "That’s right. This Rou-Er must be the most important person to Zhao Pingtian. She may be the reason why he is always desperate and hopeless. Feng Zhiling used it to make him change his side!"

Xiu-Er said, "I think it is more than important. She must be the one he loves the most and cares the most. Master, I will go fetch all the files about Zhao Pingtian. There should be something to dig for."

Master Bai blandly spoke, "In fact, there is no need to do more research now. Zhao Pingtian will very likely become Feng Zhiling’s man. Well, better late than never though. To understand Zhao Pingtian will help us in the future when we deal with him."

Xiu-Er left.

Wan-Er said, "Master, you are so sure that Zhao Pingtian will become Feng Zhiling’s man. Let’s send out a man who can fight Zhao Pingtian to keep it balanced."

Master Bai nodded to agree.

Ye Xiao and Zhao Pingtian were riding on the horses, rushing in the same speed. They had just moved for about seven miles, but they had already encountered seven groups of men who wanted to take Feng Zhiling’s head. However, he didn’t need to do anything because Zhao Pingtian was trying everything he could to protect Feng Zhiling. He was killing all the way along. Blood sprayed and heads rolled on the floor.

It apparently wouldn’t last forever. There were too many people who wanted to kill Feng Zhiling in the city. More would come.

Zhao Pingtian was a killer king indeed, but he was after human being. A man would always be exhausted. How could he defend all those people that never ended!

Ye Xiao just covered his face with a napkin.

It looked kind of weird wearing a mask on the face in day time. It looked stupid.

However, better to be stupid than to be the target…. Nobody knew that this man with mask on his face who looked like a mad man was exactly Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall.

He was the person everybody wanted recently.

Zhao Pingtian was enlightened, so he put on a mask too.

He was blotted with blood, like a bloody madman. He had a big title, so he would definitely be recognized if he didn’t cover himself.

If Zhao Pingtian showed up somewhere, nobody would care about it. After all, no one wanted to die messing with the killer king.

However, things were different now. News spread fast. Everybody knew that to catch Zhao Pingtian, it would lead to Feng Monarch.

It was weird to put on a mask, but at least they wouldn’t be recognized easily.

Ye Xiao did it first, so Zhao Pingtian just followed him!

The two of them, during daytime, were wearing a mask that people usually wore at night. Under others’ sneering, taunting and pitying, they were even running away.

When they got to a small tavern, they finally finished the weird trip.

They got off the horses and gave the horses to a poor family casually before they walked in the tavern.

Ye Xiao asked for a decent room and got into the room with Zhao Pingtian. He took some clothes out of the space ring and made a change. They didn’t stop in the tavern though. As soon as they were ready, they rushed out through the window and then disappeared in the sky.

There was another tavern near this one. Ye Xiao was being generous. He gave the keeper a note of a thousand taels of silver to take the entire tavern for one day.

It wasn’t time for food and drinks so there was nobody in the tavern.

Such a tavern couldn’t barely earn a thousand in a year. Now they met a rich guest Ye Xiao, abd the keeper nearly laughed like a flower. He didn’t say anything but just closed the tavern. He knew what to do himself. He left the tavern too.

He closed the door and left the two rich lords to have their conversation in private.

Ye Xiao and Zhao Pingtian sat opposite to each other. There were a few dishes in front of them and wine too. They could easily reach them.


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