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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 419


The two ladies felt relieved when they heard that it was Feng Zhiling.

They knew he wouldn’t really hurt Master Bai even if he tried everything he could. He punched Master Bai… Well, so be it. It truly wouldn’t harm him anyway;it just made him look bad.

"No matter what, I truly admire this Feng Monarch for his boldness. That is really bodacious, to be honest." Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were wildly laughing. They were like embracing the sunshine after the rainstorm.

It was Xiu-Er who said that.

Wan-Er nodded and agreed. "That’s right. How long hasn’t Master gotten punched? Three thousand years?"

Xiu-Er frowned and looked up to the sky, thinking, "Let me see. Should be more than that…"

Master Bai was speechless. [I prefer the looks on you both when you are worried. How come you started gloating? What the hell is it?]

Listening to the two ladies giggling abd whispering, Master Bai closed his eyes helplessly. He felt even more embarrassed…

[Since when did… I become someone they will laugh at?

Well… I have to admit… that this feels good in some way.

It seems a man cannot always be up in a high position. Sometimes, a joke or embarrassment can be a good way for entertainment. As long as it happens only in front of the people I am close to.]

Master Bai thought.

At the moment, that big man in black returned.

"Master, Feng Monarch successfully made his way out and left…" the big guy reported.

Master Bai half closed his eyes and blandly spoke, "Oh. Left? It would be disappointing if he couldn’t though. I want details. Did he get hurt before he left…"

"Not really. He didn’t get hurt. Things went so strange!" the big guy reported loudly.

"Strange? How?" Master Bai was interested!

"Those men were from the Kingdom of Tianyu, the God Slayer Team. They were all strong figures with high capability. If they fight in a battle, they would be nearly invincible. However, in the fights of true superior cultivators, they are not strong enough…" The guy stopped and then went on, "According to what I saw, Feng Monarch could probably make his own way out from the surrounding of more than a hundred men without help. He would have to endure some injury, but not fatal…"

Master Bai raised his eyebrows and said, "That is reasonable. I don’t see anything strange… Oh? You mentioned… He had help in this fight? Is that what you meant strange?"

"You are with wisdom, Master." The guy frowned like he was thinking about how to tell it. After a while, he said, "It was unbelievable. I am still confused… The man who helped him is the No. 3 assassin in the world, Zhao Pingtian with the title killer king…"

"Zhao Pingtian? He helped Feng Zhiling? That is out of expectation… Hmmm. No. According to the information I got, he is hired by the Kingdom of Tianyu. He must be one of the God Slayer Team. Ji Mengzhan, the leader of the team, recruited him. How come? Is there anything wrong about our information…" Xiu of Heavens said.

"Lady Xiu-Er’s information is correct. Zhao Pingtian was working for the God Slayer Team. That is exactly why it was so strange. The God Slayer Team made a few attempts to attack but failed. Zhao Pingtian was about to take the turn. At the moment he was about to strike, Feng Monarch said something and made Zhao Pingtian change his side. He started to help Feng Zhiling!"

The big guy was confused, "The whole thing happened in my eyes. That is just so unbelievable. I can be sure that Feng Zhiling and Zhao Pingtian didn’t know each other before today. They could never have planned this together. I am confused. What did he say to make Zhao Pingtian change his mind. I cannot think it through. It is just so strange to me…"

When the big guy said ‘God Slayer Team’, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er both frowned. They felt disgusted.

They didn’t like it, because of the commander of the team!

Ji Mengzhan!

They hadn’t met him before, but they felt sick thinking about him.

The big guy had told them something really strange. They were both interested with it. They just ignored the disgusting man and Xiu of Heavens even joined the conversation.

[Zhao Pingtian was a man of the God Slayer Team, but he changed his mind just because something Feng Monarch said?

Normally… A well-known assassin shouldn’t do such thing to ruin his own reputation.]

Master Bai was calm and he said blandly, "Feng Monarch, what did he say? What was the situation back then? You were near them. You should have heard it, right? Tell me everything. Don’t miss even a bit."

Apparently, Master Bai was also very invested in it.

"Thing was like this…" The guy tried to recall every detail. He told everything that happened between the time from Ye Xiao left the house and he set Ye Xiao up by telling his position.

As he was telling, Master Bai, Wan and Xiu felt that if Zhao Pingtian wasn’t a moron, he wouldn’t change his side like this!

"… After a few times failure in attacks, Zhao Pingtian asked to make the next attack. The fight was about to begin, but they said something. Nothing strange happened by then. Suddenly, Feng Monarch said something!" The big guy slowly spoke, "He said… ‘No assistant? The soft, sweet, gentle girl with a red beauty mole on her forehead, what is she then?’"

He stopped and then said, "That was some nonsense he spoke though."

Master Bai frowned.

Wan-Er frowned and said, "Was there a girl like that beside Zhao Pingtian?"

"If there was, it wouldn’t be so strange. I saw it clearly, there was nobody beside him! Absolutely not! People who were there, they were all guys. None of them even looked girly. There was absolutely no women. Feng Zhiling was talking nonsense. That is all. But the nonsense finally made Zhao Pingtian change his side," The big guy affirmatively spoke.


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