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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 418


The two ladies were furious, as if their anger was flaming high to the sky.

They felt like venting the anger out of their chest even if they had to die for it!

[As long as it wasn’t the lady!]

[Whoever is able to beat Master up like this must be a world shocking super cultivator, and he must be from outside this realm. He may be from the highest realm. Maybe he is Master’s senior brothers…

So what?

I will fight even if I need to remove the restraint! We need revenge! Even if I can’t win even after removing the restraint, I will fight! I will die fighting!


"Don’t! Don’t hurry." Master Bai stopped them and coughed. He said, "I told you, it was an accident. It was simply an accident! Besides, I do not care about it… Oh right, I have made a hidden attack on the guy who beat me. He must end up worse…"

Master Bai was decisive, so the two ladies had to give it up. Since Master Bai was so sure that the guy would be wounded worse, so they would let him be then.

"Master…" Xiu-Er took out some medical ointment and carefully plastered it on his face. She felt heartbroken and tears came out from her eyes.

Wan-Er was weeping too.

The two world-shocking female heroic figures in thousands years history were, at the moment, acting like two little girls, delicate and touching!

"Who is it? Who did such a thing to you, a kind hearted man. That is vicious…" Wan-Er choked with sobs. "He is so vicious. He beat you up like this.. Who came from the highest realm today? Those lords knew where you were so they came down for you?"

Master Bai was embarrassed. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, yet he had nothing to say, so he shut it up.

[What do I say?]

[Can I say… That I was beaten by a nobody in this Land of Han-Yang? I got punched so hard that I now look like a pig head?!]

Master Bai sighed and said, "Please relax. It is all skin trauma… Look at you, being anxious. I am fine. Half a day is what I need to recover. Why are you so upset… You know how fast I can recover from injury."

"I must hurt…" Wan-Er held tears in eyes and said, "Who the hell did this. Look what he did. You lost the shape of a human being…"

Master Bai sighed. [You silly girl. Are you comforting me or annoying me. You should keep it inside your mind. Why say it out loud?!]

[It thought they would return in the afternoon. I should be recovered by then…

Yet unexpectedly, they came back so soon. This is my most embarrassing moment.]

He felt embarrassed, ashamed, and extremely disgraced!

"Why did you come back so soon?" He frowned, a bit unsatisfied.

[If you come back later, you wouldn’t see me this way. I wouldn’t be so embarrassed…]

"It was Xiu-Er’s fault really. She missed you so much. She grabbed me back when she was just a little recovered. She said it was the same to rest back here…" Wan-Er start nagging.

Xiu-Er blushed. She was a bit embarrassed and said, "Why blame me. You said… Wait. If we didn’t come back in time, how could we know Master got beaten…"

[Got beaten…]

Master Bai twisted his mouth.

[That is somehow not a good saying to me…]

[I, Bai Chen, reached the sky and explored the earth, who dares to beat me? Who can beat me?]

Xiu-Er took good care of his face and said, "Master, please just tell us. Who did this to you? You have to let us know. Even though we won’t go seek revenge, we have to be defensive to that man."

It was reasonable though.

Master Bai was thinking, [Should I tell them or not?]

That was a good question.

"Did any of the Saint Lords came down here?" Wan-Er was worried.

[They think too much now.]

"Cough, cough…" Master Bai coughed and said, "Ahem. It was… It was the man…"

He was so embarrassed!

"What man?" The two ladies asked at the same time. Four bright pretty eyes shined with glow.

"Ahem… Cough…" Master Bai coughed like he got phthisis. He unwillingly spoke, "Well, it was just… that man… from Ling-Bao Hall… Feng Zhiling…. He did… ahem… He did it."

The two ladies were stunned.

They both had a thought. [Did I hear him wrong or did he say it wrong?]

[How is it possible!]

[Absolutely impossible!]


After a while, Xiu of Heavens cautiously asked, "Master, did you say the man who hurt you this bad is… that Feng Zhiling… of that Ling-Bao Hall… in this Chen-Xing City? Urh…"

Master Bai was speechless. [What do you mean hurt me this bad. Why did you put it this way? It is obviously not that bad! Pah! Still making it worse!]

He didn’t totally agree, but he still nodded.

The two ladies looked at each other, like they were in dreams.

[Feng Zhiling… actually beat Master up this hard?]


Master Bai was angry and he sighed. He knew he couldn't just let it go. The two ladies were too curious. He decided to be frank, "Look. After you left… Feng Zhiling dropped by. He said he was here for my legs. He said he was checking on me. I offer him some tea, because I wanted to be polite… We had a conversation…"

He tried to explain everything…

He continued, "… He must have been angry with me already. I said something inappropriate and… So… Things went wrong… He took it too seriously…"

While he was speaking, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er looked at each other. They couldn’t believe it. They felt less distressed. Instead, they felt like laughing.

[That is what happened.]

They knew so well about their master, so they basically knew everything before Master Bai finished the whole story.

[Our master must be seizing the higher position while he was talking to Feng Zhiling. It annoyed that bodacious Feng Monarch… Now, the mess in Chen-Xing City was all created by Master, the mess that drove Monarch Feng into a desperate situation…]

[Under such circumstance, he put on airs like that and pissed Feng Zhiling. That was a good reason to get mad!]

[Even if Master didn’t do anything, that guy had been longing to push Master for a long time…]


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