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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 417


Ji Mengzhan got back on the horse with his men. He was gloomily preparing to leave, then he heard Zhao Pingtian say, "Leave my horse be. And leave another one."

Ji Mengzhan nearly spat out blood.

[Fxcking prick! You fxcking killed so many men of mine. Now you fxcking want our horses for that bloody trick-playing Feng Zhiling! And you said it like we owe it to you… You think you are commanding your men here?

Who do you think you are?]

He was just about to shout and refuse, but a strong aura of killing covered him right away. The death was so close to him again.

That was obvious.

[Leave the horse or leave your life!]

Ji Mengzhan was trembling. He was both embarrassed and angry as he shouted, "… Leave them three horses!"

He had thought a lot within seconds. At the end, he decided not to piss Zhao Pingtian up at this moment, so he gave up. Tolerance made space after all!

After giving the order, he was too ashamed to be here any longer. He kicked the horse and left quickly.

All the other cultivators of God Slayer Team left. Dust flew up in the air, and the horse steps sounded like thunder. They immediately disappeared.

They came in a hurry and left in a hurry. It only took them the time of two pots of tea to boil to come and leave!

They didn’t even take care of the dead bodies. They just let them be there. Apparently, they didn’t even want to take care of their dead bodies, just let the bodies rot in the wild.

As for the horses…

In fact, they didn’t just leave three horses… There were over thirty horses left in that place!

They left in a hurry. Ji Mengzhan shouted, and many of them answered. Each of them had left three horses… Those were horses without owners anyway.

It had nothing to do with the living men anyway.

They just ran for their lives on their horses. Nobody cared how many horses had been left.

Since their commander was running like a rabid now, who cared about the horses?

To get away as soon as they could, that was the most important thing they should do!

There were actually over thirty horses there including those of the dead men!

Zhao Pingtian was expressionless looking at those men running. He just stood there like a spear.

He was bleeding, yet he acted like he had no feeling of all those wounds.

"Feng Monarch, now it is our turn." Zhao Pingtian looked anxious. "You are safe now. I guess we can have a good talk now, can’t we?"

Ye Xiao said, "I am safe now here. However, we shouldn’t stay here for long. Let’s find somewhere else where I can set myself at ease and you can feel comfortable too."

He intentionally looked at a direction.

They both rode on the horses and whipped on the horses. - Pah! - They left like flying arrows in the air.

When they were gone, a dark yellow rock moved on the other side of the mountain.

A man appeared from the floor like magic. He slapped on his clothes to remove the dust. He looked confused as he murmured, "What was that? Ji Mengzhan is confused, so do I. Why did Zhao Pingtian suddenly change his side? A killer king, he should be so mediocre. Feng Zhiling’s words could barely fool a three years old kid. How come Zhao Pingtian trusted him so much?"

He rubbed the head and couldn’t figure it out. "I can’t imagine how Zhao Pingtian can be an assassin. How can he survive and get his current position? He is a strong cultivator, a killer king, but his mind status… That is…"

"If he isn’t stupid, how can he believe Feng Zhiling’s shoddy lie? What an unpredictable event now… Unbelievable…"

"Forget it. I should go report to Master first."

He flew up and rushed towards the bamboo forest like a shooting arrow.

"However, Feng Monarch is an outstanding figure, one who shouldn’t be underestimated. I have been hidden there for a long time and even if Zhao Pingtian didn’t notice. He actually knew. That look before they left is profound…"

He then disappeared.

Wan of Clouds and Xiu of Heavens finally returned. They happily rushed into the bamboo forest.

"Master, we are back."

They were about to get over to Master Bai like they usually did.

However, Master Bai was still showing his back to them. He just blandly answered, "Hmm. Good. You are not needed here. Go get some rests."

He didn’t even look back on them. He just looked at the bamboo forest.

The two ladies realized there was something wrong. They looked at each other and thought. [What happened? Master… He is acting so weird.]

Xiu of Heavens was feeling happy at the moment. She realized her master actually cared about her that much. She felt so sweet in her heart like full of honey. She couldn’t pretend nothing happen, so she didn’t leave. She rushed over to Master Bai and happily spoke, "Master, I… Ah!"

Before she finished the saying, she shouted.

Xiu of Heavens pointed at Master Bai tremblingly. "Master, you… You… Ah!"

Wan-Er heard it. She hurriedly came over to them. "Xiu-Er, what is it? Why are you being so spoffish… Ah! Ahh!!"

She screamed. It was even louder than Xiu-Er.

It was no longer a handsome face that showed up to them, instead, it was a pig head.

There were some small details that showed them he was Master Bai. Other than that, there was no parts of it that looked like Master Bai at all…

His face was cyan, red, purple and dark. There were all colors but good colors…

[Is it… Is it still our handsome, pretty, gorgeous Master?]

"Master, you… What happened to you? What happened? Has the kady come again?" They asked anxiously. Tears were held in their eyes.

"Ahem…" Master Bai looked embarrassed. He rubbed the his and said, "It wasn’t my mother. It… It was an accident… Oh right. It was an accident…"

"It wasn’t the Lady? Who was it then?" Xiu-Er stood up fast and spoke with a fierce look."I will go get him! How dare!"

"I will go with you!" Wan-Er was raging too.

"How can anybody beat our master into such a pig head?! That is bodacious!"

"That person absolutely went too far!"


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