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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 416


For Zhao Pingtian, Ye Xiao was the most important person at the moment. He would rather let himself be harmed but not Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao had all the information he wanted about her after all!

A cold wind rapidly rushed over. Zhao Pingtian’s shoulder was wounded and blood came out. He was injured after all. It was the first time today.

Manpower was sometimes poor. Zhao Pingtian was fighting against many people on his own after all. Besides, he needed to protect Ye Xiao. He couldn’t protect both himself and Ye Xiao that well. That was why he finally got injured!

However, it seemed he didn’t notice it at all. His sword rapidly moved and the Sky Origin Stage cultivator who hurt him didn’t have time to retreat before his body was cut into two pieces. His head flew up to the sky, spinning. When it fell down to the floor, Zhao Pingtian was already sixty meters away!

Zhao Pingtian was like a ghost, a monster at the moment! He was invincible, unstoppable!

Ye Xiao was stunned by what he saw.

[It can’t be Zhao Pingtian’s real capability. He is the No. 3 assassin in the world, the killer king, but he shouldn’t be this strong, this is crazy!]

[If he is powerful like this, he would have long triumphed over Ning Biluo, not to mention number two, Boundless Saint!]

After being surprised, Ye Xiao was enlightened!

The reason why Zhao Pingtian could be so strong at the moment was that he had entered a selfless status. It made him stay in a supreme condition.

In such status, he was like monster. He had actually put out a surge of energy from his instincts. That was the extreme level of his capability. Even if Ning Biluo was here, he would lose if he fought against Zhao Pingtian now!

This was what Zhao Pingtian was after for his whole life!

If everything went well, this must be the only chance he had to burst into such status.

The only chance, and Ji Mengzhan happened to encounter it…

Was it Ye Xiao’s good luck or Ji Mengzhan’s misfortune?!

Behind Zhao Pingtian and Ye Xiao, there were bloody heads and broken arms and legs on the floor.

"Since we have worked together for some time, I am giving you the last advice. Get away, or I will kill you all!" Zhao Pingtian’s voice sounded. He looked at Ji Mengzhan with a pair of cold eyes!

Ji Mengzhan’s face turned pale. He was extremely terrified and angry at the same time. "Zhao Pingtian, you broke your word! You shameless nasty cxnt! Don’t forget you have accepted a hundred thousand from me! You broke the ethic as an assassin! You broke the rule of assassination! There will be no place for you in the world of assassination!"

Zhao Pingtian acted like he didn’t hear it at all as he kept rushing forward with strides. The long sword was making blue lights round and round. It was swaying in the area like rainstorm. He spoke indifferently, "A hundred thousand? I will return it to you. And I will surely take the responsibility for breaking the rule of assassination. However, I have to do this today."

"Even if the entire world stands in front of me, it is worthless comparing to what I want to do now!"

"If you don’t move away, I will kill you!"

Zhao Pingtian shouted and a sword light formed into a long dragon in the air. It was pointing at Ji Mengzhan as he shouted, "Give the order and get off here!"

Within the seconds Zhao Pingtian rushed over, there were lots of broken corpse lying on the floor with blood. At least thirty cultivators died and became part of it. They all died on this blood lane.

This blood lane was the path to the hell!

Nobody could stop him!

"Retreat!" Ji Mengzhan waved his hand. He was helpless, and he had no other choice. His people felt relieved like he spared their lives, so they hurriedly stepped away. While doing so, they looked at Zhao Pingtian like they were looking at a monster from hell. All of them felt fear.

The two old men who were level 8 of Sky Origin Stage got back to Ji Mengzhan with their hairs in a mess. They breathed heavily, and their faces were pale, looking extremely terrified.

[What the hell it this?]

They couldn’t understand it!

When Zhao Pingtian came to them, he showed them his capability. He had fought against the cultivators in the God Slayer Team as practice. That day, the seven leaders fought together but only made it even fighting against Zhao Pingtian!

He had shocked everybody, because he didn’t lose the fight against seven level 8 Sky Origin Stage cultivators. They were obviously one of the more powerful forces in the world.

A killer king was indeed marvelously strong.

At that day, they were sure Zhao Pingtian didn’t hide his true capability.

If he fought against the seven level 8 Sky Origin Stage cultivator yet still tried to hide his real capability, that would be too horrible!

Even Ning Biluo couldn’t do it!

However, now as they saw…

The entire God Slayer Team worked together in this fight, which was a lot stronger than the seven leaders!

It was nearly equal to twenty of those leaders fighting together, but they were beaten up by Zhao Pingtian on his own.

They fought face to face. Zhao Pingtian didn’t have any chance to play dirty tricks during the fight!

[What the hell is it?]

[Doesn’t it mean that he is three times stronger than he was the first day we met!]

[At least three times!]

"Let’s go!" Ji Mengzhan stared at Zhao Pingtian with his twisted face. He was furious and his mouth quivered. "I can assure you. You will regret this! You will!"

Ji Mengzhan felt so uncomfortable about all this depressing thing.

He nearly spat out blood because of it!

It had been a god given opportunity for him to earn a fortune! While things were going quite well—with Feng Monarch in a desperate situation and the six billion money so close to his hand—what happened truly shocked him to hell.

The problem actually came from inside his team!

[Zhao Pingtian must have gone mad. The bloody Feng Zhiling just said something to him, somenonsense, and yet he actually believed him! I can’t believe there is actually such a stupid assassin in the world!]

[He believe there is ghost in the world…]

Ji Mengzhan felt like spitting out blood when he thought of it!

[Fxck you…]

[If I know he has such a weak point, I should have made up a few stories to make him loyal to me!]

[Now look at him, I can only see him slaughter my team, and I can do nothing about it!]


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