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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 415


As the killer king turned fierce, everybody felt cold all of a sudden.

"Can I see her in person?" Zhao Pingtian turned around looking at Ye Xiao. He asked with a low voice, with eyes full of heat. "I want to see her! I want to see her so much!"

He then looked to the sky murmuring with his heart broken, "I want to see her in person. You liar. You liar… You liar…"

He was calling someone liar, but he looked soft and gentle.

Ye Xiao peacefully spoke, "You want me to do it here? Is it look like a proper place to you?"

Zhao Pingtian was enlightened. He said, "That’s true. This is not a good place. Let’s find somewhere else."

He then turned around while standing straight up. He swayed the sword in his hand and then there came a sound. - Crack! -

It was like a lightning striking in the sky. There suddenly appeared a long space rift in front of Zhao Pingtian, which was twisted and dark. It lasted for a long while before it vanished.

"Move away!" Zhao Pingtian seemed extremely distant as he spoke in a unquestionable tone.

"Are you out of your mind! Brother Zhao!" Ji Mengzhan was so angry that his face was twisted. His slim body which looked like a narrow bamboo was shaking because of anger at the moment.

He couldn’t even dream about how things would end up this way.

Although he had thought about killing Zhao Pingtian earlier because he was delirious, now he was apparently back to himself. However, he actually chose to stand on Ye Xiao’s side. Zhao Pingtian was apparently wrong on this!

"I am not interested in bullsh*ting with you at the moment!" He had somehow composed himself again, so he became like a killer king again. A massive aura of killing qi was gathering up on him. "Move! Unless you want to die!"

He stepped forward with big strides.

His face looked solemn. At this moment, even Ning Biluo wouldn’t dare to fight him as he was in such a prime condition.

Boundless Saint would very likely hide away!

Zhao Pingtian looked peaceful and calm, yet he was crazy inside.

A crazy man who had a clear mind and superior capability, he must be more horrible than death.

All his potentials were activated at this moment.

His power had risen to the prime level!

At this moment, he had no distracting thoughts!

That was the most horrible thing about him!

In his heart, there was only one thought. [Get out of here and find another place!]

That represented Zhao Pingtian’s tragedy and hope of his life!

If somebody dared to stop him, he would see him as the biggest enemy in the world!

He would kill every man or even god who dared to stand in his way!

He would kill everything in the way!

Ji Mengzhan made up his mind and loudly shouted, "Go ahead all of you! Kill Feng Zhiling!"

And then he stepped back quickly.

Countless assassins in black rushed over from every direction with cold faces.

Ji Mengzhan chose to take the risk for the six billion after all.

[Even though No. 3 assassin and killer king are both terrifying titles, I have so many men on my side. They are all no ordinary figures. Do you think you can kill them all?]

"You are seeking death!" Zhao Pingtian coldly and fiercely shouted, with eyes filled with killing intent.

At the moment, seven men had rushed over to Zhao Pingtian. They were all in light weights and surrounded with blue glow. They were all Sky Origin Stage cultivators.

They didn’t want to do this to Zhao Pingtian. In fact, they were all trying to get pass Zhao Pingtian and get to Feng Zhiling directly.

They were merciless assassins, and they were no fools.

It was seeking death to mess with Zhao Pingtian!

However, Feng Zhiling was near him. They just wanted to kill Feng Zhiling and leave Zhao Pingtian alone!

[Don’t you forget that we came all the way together. We have traveled thousands of miles together. We should have some certain connections, right? Would you really kill us?]

Apparently, they didn’t know that Zhao Pingtian was totally crazy now!

To negotiate with a crazy man, that was stupid!

Zhao Pingtian shouted loudly. His voice was hoarse and loud enough to break the sky.

His shout was sounding, yet he had already moved!

While he moved, there was a mass of blue sword lights rising up around his body like tides. It kept rushing forward rapidly. Within just seconds, ten meters around him was all blue light sea!

Among the blue sword lights, seven white glow flashed.

Zhao Pingtian didn’t turn around. He just said, "Come with me!"

And then he stepped ahead with big strides.

Wherever the seven streams of white lights passed, blood sprayed like rain. The seven Sky Origin Stage cultivators didn’t even have time to scream before their bodies were ripped into pieces. The bodies were like exploding, flying out to different directions!

Zhao Pingtian had rushed away thirty meters.

Around him, there were all broken arms and legs. It was a mess.

Ye Xiao was stunned. He had made a wrong estimation about Zhao Pingtian. He truly deserve his titles.

If he were Zhao Pingtian, he could also take care of the surrounding seven men, but he could never be able to kill them easily.

To kill them like Zhao Pingtian did—to take their lives in a blink while rushing forward—it was absolutely difficult for him to do.

It was difficult, but not impossible, because Ye Xiao had his own special technique. If he attacked with full effort, he could kill a bunch of enemies in area of attacks. However, that would harm himself too. The most important thing was to retreat after all.

One thing that he cared about the most was that Zhao Pingtian didn’t seem to want to escape at all. He just kept rushing forward and kill everyone on the path. There were no wounded men after his sword went through!

There were no wounded men because they were all dead!

[Since you don’t want to make a way for me, don’t bother. I will kill the way out!]

Zhao Pingtian’s face was cold and distant. His wrist was moving so fast, and the sword in it was making sounds. - Shoot shoot… - The sword kept flying around.

With Zhao Pingtian making the way, Ye Xiao didn’t hesitate. He operated his martial art and kept following Zhao Pingtian closely. He was safe and didn’t even have a chance to fight at all.

Zhao Pingtian was like an invincible war god. He fought them all himself. Apparently, he was trying to keep everything that would possibly harm Ye Xiao away.


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