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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 414


Ji Mengzhan was shocked after being surrounding by an immense killing qi. He didn’t have time to react before he was covered by the cold qi. He felt like he was trapped in a ice cave as his face turned pale.

He didn’t dare to say a word under the suppression of Zhao Pingtian’s killing qi.

The aura of killing that the No. 3 assassin showed was definitely more overwhelming than Ning Biluo’s!

What made him burst like this anyway?

Rather than that… Who was the girl with a red beauty mole on her forehead?

Ji Mengzhan didn’t know what that girl meant to Zhao Pingtian. If the grey fog truly vanished, Zhao Pingtian might have to kill everybody to vent the anger in his chest!

On the other side, Ye Xiao didn’t know who that girl was too. However, he knew that she must be very important to Zhao Pingtian. The emotions they showed, and the connections they had to each other showed everything. It was a dangerous moment for Ye Xiao indeed, but he decided to help them communicate with each other!

He did it for the true love in the world.

[I failed once.]

"She is crying at the moment," Ye Xiao calmly spoke, "she is looking at you, crying. She is distressed. Zhao Pingtian, who is she?"

"She’s crying? How? Why is she crying? I am fine. I should cry instead…" Zhao Pingtian was upset and he murmured. He looked distressed too. He spoke in a hoarse voice, "Rou-Er! My Rou-Er! You… Don’t you cry! Don’t cry!"

The girl was shaking in the grey fog. Apparently, she was trying to stop her tears. However, she just couldn’t. It came out more and more.

Ye Xiao saw it and didn’t know whether he should tell Zhao Pingtian about it or not. If he did, Zhao Pingtian would surely feel more distressed!

Zhao Pingtian rushed over to Ye Xiao and asked in hurry, "Do you really see her? Really?" It was full of forwardness and hope. He was even afraid that Ye Xiao would say no and his dream would vanish again!

Zhao Pingtian was totally lost his calm;he showed weak points everywhere. If Ye Xiao wanted to kill him, it would just be a piece of cake. However, how would Ye Xiao do such a thing?

Ye Xiao nodded peacefully to answer the question.

Zhao Pingtian hurriedly asked, "Can she hear what I said? Can she?"

Ye Xiao looked at the girl who was looking at Zhao Pingtian obsessively in the grey fog and he nodded again. He said, "I don’t know why, but she… she does hear you. She can see every move of you, everything about you!"

[She can?!]

Zhao Pingtian’s face turned red because he was thrilled by the answer. He staggered and nearly fell on the floor. He kept himself steady as he spoke with empty eyes, "Rou-Er, Rou-Er… You are always here… You have always been with me… Gods do bless me… Hahaha… Hahahaha…"

He was jumping with glee like he was crazy, but tears were coming out from his eyes.

His mind was lost in bewilderment.

Anybody could take his life at the moment, not to mention Ye Xiao.

It wouldn’t need the slightest effort to do it!

However, Ye Xiao didn’t do it. He looked at him with compassion.

To kill a man with love, Ye Xiao couldn’t do it. How could Xiao Monarch do such a thing?!

"Rou-Er… Listen to me… You… I…" Zhao Pingtian murmured. Tears covered his eyes. He was murmuring something and nobody knew what it was.

"Order to you all! All of you, move! Kill Feng Zhiling and save Brother Zhao!" Ji Mengzhan knew something was wrong, so he gave the order.

[If we let it be, I am afraid Zhao Pingtian will turn around and kill me instead.]

Nobody could believe the well-known killer king would believe in ghost? He actually got obsessed by a few words from the enemy…

Ji Mengzhan was upset. He was thinking, [I spent so much money. I didn’t hire a fake one, did I?]

He knew he would offend Zhao Pingtian if he gave such an order, but he couldn’t think too much about it now. With Zhao Pingtian’s weird acts, things would become more and more out of control if he let it be!

About eighty men rushed out at the same time, shouting.

Zhao Pingtian was murmuring and lost in thoughts. It seemed he cared nothing about what was happening around him.

Tears from his eyes showed the greatest affectionaten.

It was like the girl in his dream was sitting with him right now, listening to his words…

Only Ye Xiao knew that the girl in the grey fog was truly listening to him concentratedly… listening to every word he said…

Ye Xiao bitterly smiled.

He never expected that his small move would lead to such a weird scene, however, everything was reasonable at the same time.

He thought maybe it thrilled the guy too much.

Now that many men were rushing over to him, he believed they wouldn’t only attack him.

It they had a chance, they would definitely attack Zhao Pingtian too!

There will be no hesitation.

Zhao Pingtian was no more their man now. He was more like a bomb that would explode at any second to them!

It might kill lots of their men!

That was why they wouldn’t hesitate!

"Well… They are rushing over!" Ye Xiao spoke fast. It was a dangerous moment. Ye Xiao could barely protect himself, not to mention protecting Zhao Pingtian.

However, Zhao Pingtian didn’t do nothing.

"They are coming to take Rou-Er," Ye Xiao said.

It was too dangerous now. Ye Xiao had to make such move. At least he could make Zhao Pingtian ready to fight again!

"Who dares?!" Zhao Pingtian’s face became fierce and vicious, no more soft and gentle. He raged up with eyes like lightning. The killing qi from him covered the entire space as he shouted, "Who dares to take my Rou-Er? Who?"

The guys were embarrassed. They all stopped.

They all felt extremely speechless.

[What the hell? What is this?]

If they didn’t stop, they would have to get on Zhao Pingtian. A delirious Zhao Pingtian was completely different from a conscious one. The former one was a sheep waiting for the butcher, while the latter one was a killer king!

Zhao Pingtian’s cold eyes went around the guys. He suddenly moved his wrist and the sword on the floor got back to his hand.

- Clang! -


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