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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 413


When Ye Xiao operated his Yin Yang Eyes martial art, his dantian was thrilled. A mass of colorful spiritual qi rushed up and entered his eyes within instant!

The colorful qi was the spiritual qi from the Heavenly Destined Tea!

Within just a moment, Ye Xiao’s eyes became extremely clear from being blurred!

He saw… inside the grey fog, a little girl with clear eyes and white teeth. She was watching him and Zhao Pingtian’s back with concerns. The girl was hidden inside the strange grey fog. When she looked at Zhao Pingtian, she was so soft and gentle. She was full of love for him.

On her face at the middle of her eyebrows was a mole, which made her look prettier.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

[What the hell is it?]

- Clang! -

Zhao Pingtian’s sword left the scabbard. It was flowing in the air like autumn water. The blade suddenly flashed in cold light while directly pointed at Ye Xiao. Zhao Pingtian tiredly spoke, "Feng Monarch, it is seeking death to be distracted in the battle. Please make your attack. There is always an end to a life. Today, lets see it is your end or mine."

Ye Xiao’s eyes kept locking on the grey fog. The girl in the fog seemed extremely nervous. He looked at Zhao Pingtian with concerns. She was helpless and distraught.

Ye Xiao was moved and he blandly said, "Zhao Pingtian, a fight is a fight. Why do you bring an assistant with you?! Isn’t it unfair to win the battle? Isn’t it staining your title ‘killer king’?"

Zhao Pingtian half closed his eyes and blandly said, "I have been solitary all my life. Only my sword accompanies me. I never have an assistant! Feng Monarch, you are humiliating me with what you said."

Ye Xiao sneered and said, "No assistant? What? You think I am blind? The soft, sweet, gentle girl with a red beauty mole on her forehead, what is she then? Isn’t she your girl?"

‘The soft, sweet, gentle girl with a red beauty mole on her forehead, what is she then? Isn’t she your girl?’ It was like a thunder striking inside Zhao Pintian’s heart!

Steady and calm like him, even when it thundered in a sunny day, he wouldn’t care and he would just play deaf. However, when he heard Ye Xiao’s words, he couldn’t control himself. He felt dizzy, thirst, and nervous. He was having a complicated feeling, like he was in a dream!

He became no more bored, cold, solitary and tired of living.

He just stood there, stunned. He stared at Ye Xiao for a long time, and then he suddenly quivered as his sword fell off his hand.

- Clang! -

A weapon meant his life, yet he didn’t notice it had fallen off. He just stared at Ye Xiao and spoke with a shaking voice, "What… What did you say?"

In that weird grey fog, the pretty girl suddenly raised her head. She was so surprised that she opened her pretty mouth. She looked at Ye Xiao, unbelieving. [He… He can see me?]

The others were all confused.

[What the hell are they doing there?]

Ji Mengzhang shouted with anger, "Feng Monarch, a fight is a fight. What trick are you playing? Why play mysterious? There is nothing. You think we are all blind? You think you can fool us?"

‘You think we are all blind’. Apparently, he was warning Zhao Pingtian. [We are watching here. There is nothing beside you! What the hell are you doing? Just get him done already!]

The others all started talking. "Nonsense! We are all watching it clearly. He does not have assistant!"

"Playing tricks, that shameless bastard!"

"What assistant! Bright day, shiny sun, blue sky. What is it you want to speak nonsense?"

"How could we, people in martial world believe such thing?"

"Delaying it! Trying to breath for more seconds! Shameless!"

However, no matter how they shouted and urged, Zhao Pingtian acted like he was bewitched. He stared at Ye Xiao, stunned and still.

Apparently, Ye Xiao was ridiculous in others’ eyes. What he said was completely nonsense. However, it stirred up great tides in Zhao Pingtian’s heart. He was almost broken down now.

At this moment, he was indeed the only person who knew what it meant, ‘the soft, sweet, gentle girl with a red beauty mole on her forehead’…

Even if it was a coincidence, normal people would only say a girl with a beauty mole, or with a red mole. Even if he said a girl with a red beauty mole, he wouldn’t coincidently know that she was soft and sweet.

That was her sublimity, not her appearance.

Although Ye Xiao only knew a little about her, that was enough!

"What now? You should just admit you have an assistant with you! Maybe a girl can barely do anything for you, she is still on your side! Do you dare to deny it?" Ye Xiao asked Zhao Pingtian.

"No! I won’t deny it! I admit it!" Zhao Pingtian was shaking. "Where is she? What is she now?!"

He sounded in a hurry. In his eyes, there was pain. What he said was like ripping out his chest. He was expressing the feeling deep in his heart.

He even admitted he had a secret assistant to help him. That was surely a ridiculous accusation, but he admitted it. He was afraid Ye Xiao wouldn’t tell him where the girl was!

In the grey fog, the girl trembled the moment she saw how Zhao Pingtian acted. Tears dropped down from her cheeks. However, the tears turned into grey mist when they came down from her cheeks. It just became part of the grey fog...

She looked at Zhao Pingtian obsessively. She looked heartbroken on the face. It also could move and shock others.

"Zhao Pingtian!" Ji Mengzhan shouted. He hurriedly spoke, "We people in martial world have killed countless men in our lives. How can you believe such a liar? Go do it now! Finish him! His lie will vanish with his death! Don’t listen to him! Don’t ruin your reputation!"

"Shut up! You shut the fxck up!" Zhao Pingtian angrily shouted. He quickly turned over and stared at Ji Mengzhan. Muscles on his face were twisting, like he was having a spasm. His eyes were filled with extreme anger. He lowered his voice and spoke, "Ji Mengzhan, you bastard. Say one more word to interrupt, and I will kill you! I will kill you! Vanish my fxcking ass! Get off now!"

A enormous mass of killing qi burst out from him. The threatening talk of him was extremely fierce and terrifying!


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