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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 348


Chapter 348: Rock The Boat

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’According to the information from you, this Boundless Saint's attack can only be faked by myself... We are doing this in a small range. Let's keep it among just us.’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’As for the two great sects and the other superior cultivators' attacks, you two know everything about them. Just do whatever is needed... Let's rock it now!’’

’’One more thing. We have to make it a big issue. The bigger the better.’’

Ye Xiao was serious.

They did as he said.

They started it right away.

The two assassins saw Ye Xiao was getting on it so quickly, so they didn't dare to delay it. They were both decisive men. They nodded and said, ’’Absolutely. We shall get on it now. We are not good at scheming, but we are professional in making disturbances!’’

Assassins had different methods to kill. Under many situations, it would be impossible to kill the target without making a big disturbance to cover the mission.

Almost every assassin was expert in making disturbances. It was a basic lesson for assassins. Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were rather good at it, and they were among the best of the best!

Ye Xiao assigned the mission to them. That was a good choice!

He wondered how big a noise they would make for the disturbance? They were good at making disturbance, and they were both bold. The Chen-Xing City was surely going to be more chaotic than before, maybe times more!

The wind blew in the dark night.

Ye Xiao dressed in black and was running on the roof, gliding in the wind.

Suddenly, he felt so good about being unrestrained and far-ranging. He thought of the days he was living in the Qing-Yun Realm in his previous life.

He felt that he was closer and closer to the day he returned to the Qing-Yun Realm.

At the moment, people of the Sunlight Sect were all furious. They were swearing, but no one dared to swear loudly. It seemed that they were afraid to be heard by others.

The big bearded man who got hurt wasn't an ordinary person. He was the nephew of the Head Master of the Sunlight Sect. He was good at cultivation. His name was Mu Zizhu, a capable man with a strong background. That was why he was wild and arrogant, so people didn't really like him.

They all got over trying to cure him, but no one said anything to comfort him. Although they didn't like him, it was truly a scene that made everybody speechless.

It was truly difficult to say anything to comfort him.

[How? Let's seek revenge on the b*tch Wan of the Clouds when you are better? Rape her?]

That was something nobody should recklessly say.

They were murmuring some bad words, but they never dared to say anything serious and say it loud. If they said something like that, maybe Wan of the Clouds would show up right away.

If that happened, nobody could survive.

Even if Wan of the Clouds killed everybody in this place, the Sunlight Sect would dare not to say a word. They might even send her some gifts, begging for forgiveness. She represented the most powerful force in the world. That made her the one who spoke for justice.

It wasn't something special. It happened on other people before. They knew how serious it was, so they could only murmur. That was all!

Since so, if they didn't mention revenge, didn't mention fighting back for him, how would that comfort him?

Nothing else could comfort him.

Everybody there was upset.

When they saw others upset, they might feel happy or excited. Now it was their turn to be upset. They only felt frustrated!

’’Ah... Look how things ends. We simply can do nothing though,’’ one of them finally said something, as silence didn't make anybody feel better. ’’It is the House of the Chaotic Storms in charge here in the capital. We are living under other's shelter. We have to lower our head... Besides, women, that is how they act.’’

’’Right. Besides, women all have that kind of temper. They are unpredictable. They always feel sick for several days every month. Their mind status will go wrong too. Maybe it is the day this woman is not feeling so well. We just hit on the bad luck...’’ The other one made a guess.

’’Right. That is reasonable. Maybe that is the truth. Besides, we are cultivators in the martial world. We suffer. That is normal. The more you experience, the wiser you will become...’’

’’A wise man knows when to retreat. We endure it, so that we can live longer. It is a heroic thing to do. It is never immoral!’’

’’Yes, that's right. We are generous men. We will let the girl go because that is what a hero will do!’’

They kept talking and they talked more and more excitedly. The topic kept altering. Gradually, they actually made themselves sound smart, wise, generous, heroic, great...

A lie, if repeated often enough, would be accepted as truth. Superior cultivators or ordinary people, when they tried so hard to comfort themselves, they all became fools who enjoyed the victory they imagined.

They were getting more and more excited as they vented the anger in their chests. They totally forgot the man Mu Zizhu on the ground. His head had become like a pig head.

His two eyes were swollen. and they became two narrow lines. His face was covered by blood, and there was blood oozing out from his mouth while he slavered. His cheek were deeply dented, and none of his teeth was left.

His legs, ribs, arms... were all broken into pieces...

Only, there were lights of hatred coming out from the lines of his swollen eyes. He didn't make a sound though.

It was right at this moment that a vicious voice sounded with giggling, ’’Ah, the famous Sunlight Sect. The most powerful sect in the world. How come you end up so pathetic like this? Who did this to you? Hmm. Haha. I heard you were beaten up by a woman? Oh my. How imposing to be kicked hard by a woman. Yet you actually praise yourselves... Gosh. You are truly a bunch of heroes!’’

It was full of obvious taunt.

The gloat in his voice could be heard three hundred miles away.

The superior cultivators of the Sunlight Sect all looked up to where the voice came, only to see a dark figure dressed in black standing in the air beyond the eaves. It seemed like an illusion, but that figure was actually real.

In his eyes, there was that coldness and viciousness flowing, shining.

It seemed all lives in the world were nothing useful but walking flesh that could be slaughtered as he wished.



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