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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 347


Chapter 347: Action!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ning Biluo was having some negative thoughts. Facing such a situation, Ye Xiao had no confidence to get through it, and Ning Biluo couldn't be sure that they could have a bright future.

Although Ning Biluo could only see death in front of them, he had to do it. Since so, he had nothing to worry about, and he didn't need to hesitate anymore. It was his only choice as it could not only solve the problem about his people, but also return the favor to Ye Xiao!

Thinking about that, Ning Biluo nodded as he said, ’’Fine. It is very possibly my last battle in my life anyway. I will just take some money from you then. I owe you a lot already anyway, it's not that different to owe you more... I have to say this though. If we survive, I will have to return the money for sure.’’

Ye Xiao equivocally spoke, ’’You truly have a strong personality. Fine. Whatever you say.’’

Things were settled then.

Liu Changjun was curious and he said, ’’Well then, Boss, how much would you pay Master Ning?’’

Ye Xiao hesitated and said, ’’How much? Will one billion taels work well?’’

Liu Changjun and Ning Bilou were both stunned!

Even they were two famous assassins who had seen a lot in the world, they were shocked by Ye Xiao's offer.

Twenty thousand taels for one month;about three million for one year;about thirty million for ten years... One billion would be enough for them to use for three hundred years.

Those people were all normal people. They would never live that long!

Looking at Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun's faces changing, Ye Xiao thought that maybe he named less than they expected. He thought that one billion was just the price for two or three supreme dan beads. It might be less than enough, so he said, ’’Well then, two billion! How's that!’’

He said two billion like he was saying twenty taels!

Liu Changjun had experienced the auction lately, so it wasn't strange for him to hear the word billion. Ning Biluo had never seen or even heard such a number, so he was shocked like hell.

Ye Xiao saw Ning Biluo's face changed and thought maybe it was still not enough for him. He didn't know how much would be alright, so he said, ’’Is it still too low? Ning, I know you as a forthright man. Just name a price to me. I won't refuse!’’

’’No, no, no... You are giving too-too much... I will never need two billion. Not even one billion. That is truly too much.’’ Ning Biluo understood the situation and waved his hands.

He had lived a life as an assassin. Half of the time, he was the king of assassins. He should have seen lots of money in his life, however, comparing to the real rich ones, he was just a poor man!

Ye Xiao just named one billion, two billion like blinking eyes. More than that, he actually asked Ning Biluo to name a price himself and he wouldn't reject!

Now... Now he was counting the notes on the side.

What was rich guy? This surely was.

Ye Xiao took out a pile of notes that was worth a million taels. He put them into Ning Biluo's hands and said, ’’I really don't want to judge you, but you are really acting draggy on this. Come on, you are a legend in the assassin's world... A legend like this? Don't make me look down upon you... You said yourself that you will return the money if you survive, didn't you? Don't be a p*ssy. Be a man...’’

Ning Biluo didn't have time to refuse when Ye Xiao had already said everything.

Ning Biluo held the notes with his mouth wide opened. He was blank.

Liu Changjun was trying so hard not to laugh out loud.

It was a historic moment. The legendary assassin Ning Biluo was actually acting so laughably. That was a memorable moment. As the witness of it, Liu Changjun should be proud!

Ning Biluo decided not to say a word.

Shut up and take the money.

He nodded quietly and then put the notes into his space ring.

He really had nothing to say.

Even the space ring was a gift from Ye Xiao. What more could he say!

He really didn't need to say anything under such embarrassing circumstances.

He just kept it in mind.

It was better to do than to talk much!

Nothing could be worth one billion in the world. Even the reward for Ye Xiao's death was not more than half a billion. It was money for murder, not for hiring.

Even all the assassins together on a mission wouldn't cost more than one billion!

Ye Xiao was just trying to help him.

[Somebody help me, I surely should help him back! Favors exchanged!] Ning Biluo said something in mind, [Little help should bring more in return!]

’’What do we do now? With Master Ning, we are well strengthened!’’ Liu Changjun was excited.

Liu Changjun hadn't been confident, but with Ning Biluo getting on board, he felt extremely confident!

[The king of assassins!

Legend of the assassin's world!]

’’I need you two to tell me about those assassins and superior cultivator from different sects. Their personality, their martial arts and... their ways of doing things...’’

Ye Xiao said.

They sat together. Liu Changjun was the first one to talk and introduced every one he knew. Ning Biluo sat aside, listening and replenishing some words from time to time.

As the basic lessons of assassins, the two of them were doing great. They truly knew a lot about other assassins.

When they finished, it was already late at night.

Ye Xiao stood up.

’’We need to make a disturbance first. We need to stir it up more and seek opportunity in the chaos... Better now than later. We shall do it now.’’ Ye Xiao enigmatically smiled.

Zuo Wuji had told Ye Xiao many plans. Ye Xiao found that any one of them would work well right now.

’’What exactly should we do?’’ the two assassins asked at the same time.

’’We plant bribes on somebody;we fish in troubled waters;we confuse the public...’’ Ye Xiao smiled with viciousness.

’’Uh...’’ The two assassins were confused.

’’We should do...’’ - Blablabla... - Ye Xiao lowered his voice and told them the plan excitedly.

’’...’’ Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were both speechless.

The viciousness and scheming of Ye Xiao were in a extraordinary level for sure.

It was truly lunatic. Maybe it was even making people's hackles up. That might be well described!



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