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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 345


Chapter 345: Until Death!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Liu Changjun didn't dare to continue. If he continued, it would humiliate Ning Biluo.

Ning Biluo and Ye Xiao both knew what he meant.

Ye Xiao showed confusion too.

He understood Liu Changjun's words.

In fact, Ye Xiao wanted to ask the same question too. If Ning Biluo let go of that useless assassination organization, there would be no one except the House of the Chaotic Storms that was able to take Ning Biluo down.

An assassin was fearful for fetter the most.

Ning Biluo, the king of assassins, actually had such a fetter.

An assassin should be a leader.

Ning Biluo actually was a leader.

He didn't do it well!

Why wouldn't he give it up then?

Why did he still want such an embarrassing thing?

Ning Biluo looked pale under the watch of the two men. His sharp eyes became dim a bit as he said, ’’That year, I was eight years old... There were those men dressed in black. They slaughtered every strong men in my town...’’

’’There were only women and kids left.’’

’’For the five years to come, all survivors became those men's slaves. They lived, but with a life worse than death... The entire thirty thousand elderlies and kids!’’

Ning Biluo sounded peaceful, but Ye Xiao and Liu Changjun could hear the hatred in his voice.

’’That five years, we stayed with those monsters. I was beaten up to near death many times. The elderlies saved me always. Some of them... were crippled or dead because of me...’’

’’I escaped eventually, and I learnt a lot. When I returned to that place... I used a whole year to kill them all, the over seven thousand monsters in black...’’

’’However, there were less than five thousand of our people that were still alive by then... I saved them. They were tortured... About four thousand of them were crippled...’’

’’About two hundred kids...’’

’’They are my responsibility that I can never let down.’’ Ning Biluo took in a deep breath.

’’I accepted missions like crazy, because I just want to make more money for them.’’

’’It is always not enough.’’

’’So they let the young generation follow me...’’

Ye Xiao and Liu Changjun knew and understood what's next, even if Ning Biluo didn't tell them.

Those young lads must be the members of Ning Biluo's assassination group.

’’I have lead them all the way... to now... but, my assassination group is completely destroyed by those martial forces.’’

Ning Biluo stood there, looking desolate. ’’However, the five thousand people have become twenty thousand now. Some of them have children, and some have become elderlies. We are all living deep in the mountain... We need resources. We need money. We need a lot of money.’’

’’But I... I can't make that much money now.’’

Ning Biluo bitterly smiled, ’’However, even though I know I cannot, I have to do it. These people, they are my fetters that I can never let go in my life.’’

When he spoke, he was calm.

Under his peaceful and calm voice, the heaviness inside his words made Ye Xiao and Liu Changjun feel depressed.

It felt like a huge mountain fell on their hearts.

They never thought that this No. 1 Assassin in the world actually had been carrying that much.

’’I don't dare to lose my freedom. I don't work for anybody. I have to take as many tasks as I can, make as much money as possible. I cannot accept people's help... because in people's eyes... There are forty-seven hundred cripples! They can take care of themselves, they can live by themselves... But... Who can possibly support them financially?’’

’’There is the medicine cost too...’’

Ning Biluo blandly smiled. ’’I chose to take the responsibility, so I have to carry it until death. I won't give them up. They are all my relatives. They are people who suffered a lot to protect me and other kids.’’

’’To what end are you going to carry that?’’ Liu Changjun took in a deep breath.

’’To the day... when they never need me to.’’ Ning Biluo looked down and blandly spoke, ’’There are many of them... who are really old now... They are dying soon...’’

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He felt it burning in his heart.

Ning Biluo's words sounded ruthless.

However, it showed his attitude: ’’I will carry it until they die!’’

Ye Xiao even understood Ning Biluo further. Not only when those people died, even to the last day of his life, he would still carry this burden!

’’I will carry it until they die!’’

Or maybe ’’until I die!’’

Ye Xiao sighed and said, ’’Ning, I don't think you will be short for money, as you are such a capable man. Rob the rich, steal something, lie for money, even do some blackmail... It would never be a tough job for you to make money. Why does it seem so rough for you?’’

Ye Xiao thought that it was fair that Ning Biluo wouldn't answer him. However, he didn't expect that Liu Changjun would make an answer.

Liu Changjun widely opened his eyes and spoke in righteousness, ’’You made a mistake, Monarch. I understand Master Ning! Because we are both assassins! Assassins earn their livings by killing somebody wanted. It lasts for thousands of years. How can we ruin such spirit just for some small problems we are facing? Assassins are not robbers or thieves. How can we rob or steal. It is simply what we should never do. We have our pride and we have our principle!’’

Ye Xiao was shocked. He actually didn't know what to say. He didn't even realize how his face looked like. [That... That is some really weird theory and arbitrary!]

Looking at two of the most famous assassins in the world talking to each other with righteousness, one nodding while the other praising, Ye Xiao felt like his stomach was filled with crap. He couldn't say a word.

[Damn. What kind of a world it is?

Some officials call themselves descendants of saints and they are well educated, yet they are breaking laws, seeking personal gains in work, doing whatever they want, behaving like thieves and prostitutes... There are all kinds of them.

Yet the assassins in the martial world... are actually deferring to... their professional ethics?

It is the assassination professional ethics though!]

Two assassins discussing such a topic so seriously, it made Ye Xiao felt that... [Am I really... out of day now?]



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