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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 344


Chapter 344: Two Assassins

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Only when that man knew that this place was the center of the intelligence network of the Kingdom of Lanfeng would he deliver such information to it, so that they could send the information to all the spies of the Kingdom of Lanfeng.

Since this person was able to make such a marvelous map, of course he was also able to know their real identities. However, there was one thing that worried the men of the Kingdom of Lanfeng...

[Who is this guy?

Although he didn't show hostility to us this time, he even actually helped us, but still, it is not a comfortable thing to have someone knowing our secrets so well...]

They knew they would never come up with the answer just by thinking. They had to tell themselves that this guy was not their enemy.

That was fine.

At least they weren't enemies for now!


On the other side, Ning Biluo followed Ye Xiao to the secret liaison office. Ye Xiao called over Liu Changjun by some mysterious trick.

When Liu Changjun saw Ning Biluo, his entire face turned red, although he was always expressionless.

That was the charm of an idol made him so!

In this world, Ning Biluo was the common idol to all assassins.

Ning Biluo had been the No. 1 Assassin in the Land of Han-Yang for decades. Nobody could threaten his position. He was known as the No. 1.

However, his assassination association was ranked much lower.

That was a question Liu Changjun had for Ning Biluo.

[I wonder why Ning Biluo would organize an assassination association?

Wouldn't it be much more convenient to just be an isolate assassin?

It's fine if you really want to lead a team, but your team sucks. That is a flaw on your title!]

Ning Biluo looked at Liu Changjun. His eyes were sparkling.

He could tell that this man should be in a much higher position in the ranking list. He was stronger in spirit, cultivation level and vigor.

In the world's assassins ranking, Liu Changjun was the ninth. He was surely one of the top ten assassins in the world. That meant he was one of the most powerful assassins!

However, in the past, Ning Biluo knew that Liu Changjun was actually no higher than thirtieth. An assassin lived for killing. An assassin should be good at taking others' life, and also at saving themselves. A good assassin always kept a secret move in case anything unexpected happened. The more famous an assassin was, the less possible he could cover his last secret move. The top ten ranking was simple a joke. It was just a list that was made by a bunch of people according to what the assassins had done that were known to the public. It meant nearly nothing.

In fact, many well hidden assassins were truly unbelievably powerful.

They might not be famous, but they were absolutely super strong.

Most importantly, nobody knew their names and their traces. That was the most horrible, terrifying assassin.

Ning Biluo wouldn't say that he was actually not strong enough to be the No. 1 Assassin in the world, yet he surely knew he wasn't. It meant nothing to just have such a title. The top ten assassins might all have certain capabilities, but they actually were not as powerful as it was said.

That was why Ning Biluo had never really respected the assassins like Liu Changjun!

However, when he saw Liu Changjun today, he was surprised that Liu Changjun was, although cold as people said he was, he was carrying much less killing intent as he should have. He was simply like a normal person.

Most shockingly, he was like hiding all his spiritual power like a sword that would come out from the scabbard at any second. He was full of sharpness, but it was well hidden.

Ning Biluo wasn't an ordinary person. Liu Changjun could hide it from others, but not from Ning Biluo. Ning Biluo knew that what Liu Changjun was hiding must be from his strong cultivation capability.

It was the second time that they met each other. Ning Biluo had thought that he knew well about Liu Changjun, but now he knew that it was wrong to rely on first impression!

The last time they met, Liu Changjun was on his way to kill Ye Xiao. It wasn't a long time before. The impression Ning Biluo had about Liu Changjun was actually two levels weaker than the present.

[What the hell! How can he improve so much within just such a short time?!

Does it mean that since he followed Ye Xiao, within several months, he got improved significantly.]

When Ning Biluo saw Liu Changjun, his eyes were filled with complicated expressions. When he looked at Ye Xiao, there was curiosity in his eyes too.

[It must be Ye Xiao who helped with Liu Changjun's cultivation.

There is no other explanation.

Ye Xiao, as a young lord in the general's house, how could he help improve a top ranking assassin in cultivation and spiritual mind so fast?

Now, Liu Changjun should be qualified enough to be one of the top ten assassins in the world!]

’’Liu Changjun, I guess your strength have increased a lot these days,’’ Ning Biluo slowly spoke.

Liu Changjun smiled with respect. ’’I am flattered.’’

All the assassins in the world who saw Ning Biluo would call him master, as long as they were not enemies, because of Ning Biluo's position. He deserved it. However, Liu Changjun didn't want to tell him how he got improved.

Without Ye Xiao's permission, Liu Changjun would never tell anybody that secret, not even to Ning Biluo.

Ning Biluo nodded. ’’Good.’’

Liu Changjun perfunctorily laughed.

If Wan Zhenghao was there, he would most likely be shocked. [Liu Changjun? He can laugh? Look at how many times he laughed... Is he still the man with a dead face?]

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, ’’Ning, in fact... You also can be improved.’’

Ning Biluo knew exactly what Ye Xiao meant by that. A sense of tiredness showed up in his eyes. He replied with a soft voice, ’’But... I can't.’’

Ye Xiao nodded. He understood.

Liu Changjun said, ’’Master Ning, there is one thing that keeps confusing me. I wonder if you can enlighten me today?’’

’’What is it?’’ Ning Biluo became serious. His face looked a bit dark too.

Maybe he knew what Liu Changjun would ask. He just didn't stop him.

’’Powerful like you, you can conquer the world. Under this sky, except some legendary figures, you can kill anybody you want, even a king.’’

Liu Changjun asked with respect, ’’However, you have been leading your assassination group. It brings you only apprehension, and it only binds your hands and put you into a dangerous situation. It is truly...’’



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