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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 343


Chapter 343: Undercurrent;Map!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’Elder, what do we do now? Should we just accept that insult?’’ People of the Sunlight Sect all looked like on fire. They were breathing heavily.

They suddenly got insulted like that, so they all felt extremely embarrassed.

[That is too suffocating!

That is so uncomfortable.]

At the moment, every one of them had a mass of extreme emotion in their chest waiting to be vented.

When they saw their brother miserably lying on the floor, they knew there must be many of his bones broken. He was nearly crippled. [Yet she called it... mercy?

Because she didn't feel unhappy today?

What if she feels unhappy. What would she do?

That was bullying people on an unbelievable level!

It was extremely intolerable!]

The old man Ji Chengfeng said with anger in his eyes, ’’You asked me what we do? We do whatever we should do!’’

He fiercely said, ’’I wonder if the House of the Chaotic Storms will get to us for our robbery?! Even though they are able to even hide the truth from the masses, they can never stop everybody from earning their own money!’’

’’When our men are all here. We do as we planed! Hear me! We stick on the plan!’’

In his eyes were ruthlessness. His temples were shaking, and apparently, he was nearly crazy because of anger!

Every one of them was furious. They would burst into madness at any second.

Wan of the Clouds really added endless fuel into a sky reaching flame!

She absolutely pushed those men to their emotional edge. They were so close to have their emotions exploded.

Carrying such extreme emotion, when they were on missions, they would do it like blood storm. They would have no hesitation. No matter who their target was, they wouldn't be merciful.


After humiliating the Sunlight Sect, Wan-Er went to the Starlight Sect. She did the same thing on them. She teased them and then beat them up. She scolded them and warned them...

Thus, people in the Starlight Sect became like walking volcanoes too.

Wan-Er just left them and disappeared for real this time.


The two great sects were both filled with anger.

If Wan-Er suppressed them further physically, it might lead to an opposite result. They might have been scared too much and wouldn't dare to do anything. That wasn't the House of the Chaotic Storms wanted though...

Wan-Er went to a new place.

It was a secret location.

It wasn't a secret location of the House of the Chaotic Storms though. It belonged to the Kingdom of Lanfeng. On appearance, it was a granary of the Kingdom of Chen, but in fact, the officials who worked there were all Kingdom of Lanfeng's men, although they were paid by the Kingdom of Chen.

Wan-Er waved her hand and then disappeared in the dark night.

A whistling arrow flew into the granary with hoarse sound.

In the granary, somebody picked up the arrow. He felt that there was a map on the arrow.

There was information about the guards of the royal house, shift schedule, locations, guarding plan, leader's names...

There was also information about the defense plan of the Chen-Xing City, showing all the military forces' locations...

In addition, it was about the locations of all granaries and warehouses, names of the guards, number of the guards, cultivation levels of them...

Everything in detail was shown on the map, useful or not!

’’Whoever drew this map is far beyond brilliant. He must be a devil!’’

An official with big beard in the granary looked at the map and praised.

’’I have never seen a map that has so much information on it. There are a lot to learn from it. This is the map of the future of the Chen-Xing City... It shouldn't exist! It cannot be!’’

’’Even the guardian of the kingdom could never draw such a map!’’ He kept looking at the map. In his eyes was crazy admiration!

’’Captain, would it be a trap that the Kingdom of Chen made for us on purpose? Are they trying to draw us in?’’ A man beside him spoke carefully.

’’Trap? You idiot! Can't you just think with your brain?’’ The big bearded captain glanced at his assistant and said, ’’If people of the Kingdom of Chen know who we are, would they need to set us up like this? They can just send an army to kill us all. Isn't it much more efficient... You moron! You know what, even if all the information on the map is fake, the technics of such a map is more important than our lives in all! This is a masterpiece!’’

Many of the people put down their misgivings and nodded like they were enlightened.

[Captain is right. If we are already revealed, they wouldn't need to set us up. Whoever sent us the secret arrow must be very capable, as he can draw such a map. It would be rather an easy job for him to kill us all. That would be easier!]

’’Then this map must be real... Wouldn't it be that with this map, we can do whatever we want in the capital of the Kingdom of Chen now?’’ another man said with his eyes lit up.

’’Seems so.’’ The big beard captain rubbed his lower jaw and said, ’’However, if you want to do something, you need to be capable of doing it first. We are isolated here. What we can do is limited. However, we can use some power. In the Chen-Xing City, there are over half of the people who hates the Kingdom of Chen. We should use their powers...’’

He thought for a while and said, ’’We just give out informations this time. We shall not take part in the actions. There will naturally be somebody to proceed the plan. We have to hide ourselves in the dark...’’

’’Go contact our men hidden in those forces. Give them the information on this map. Hurry.’’

The big beard guy showed profound eyes. ’’So, what a good plan. The Kingdom of Chen will fall into a great crisis...’’

The next moment, he frowned. ’’But, who on earth was that man who gave us this map? How did he know our true identity?’’

Surely, if that man didn't know their true identity, he would never give them this map.



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