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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 342


Chapter 342: Behave Yourself!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

It was the Thousand Years Anniversary Ceremony of the Sunlight Sect. That was a big event back then. The No. 1 Cultivator in the Land of Han-Yang was the host, so countless people in the martial world came to attend the ceremony. However, under the watch of all these people, the ’’No.1 Cultivator’’ was beaten up into a pig head!

Wan of the Clouds didn't even make her full effort during the fight. After the fight, she just made hundreds of shadows of herself and then disappeared.

Now, the legendary Wan of the Clouds showed up again. She got the Sunlight Sect again!

Like she did back then, she defeated a superior cultivator of their sect!

It was:

How history repeated itself!

The only difference was that this tall strong man was wounded worse. He had a much dirtier mouth than Chang Qingzi after all!

The other seventeen men all stood there quietly. They looked at Wan of the Clouds, who was vigorous. In their eyes, there were fear and vigilince.

[What is she here for?

Is she going to wipe us out?

What if she is?

What she just did... She can easily take us down by just one hand!]

’’People from the Sunlight Sect. Now you are bad-mannered, huh?’’ Wan-Er glanced at them. ’’Abusing a guest at night. Acting without basic politeness. Does your headmaster teach you so?’’

They were all annoyed and shamed.

[Come on, sister. We were frightened!

You are like death to us right now. You want us to be polite to death?

Wan of the Clouds, she looks about eighteen years old. Why is she acting like an old woman, scolding us like that!]

’’Lady Wan.’’ The old man took in a deep breath and spoke first, ’’You visit us late at night. Is there anything important you want us to do?’’

Finishing the question, he looked at the man under Wan's feet. He was worried.

This old man was a wise guy. He knew Wan of the Clouds well, and he had seen what she was capable of. He knew it would be seeking for death to fight against her. He just laid down himself low and talked like an underling to her. It would always be a good thing to behave low profile. Playing tough would only draw them death!

Besides, he had seen the tough side of Wan of the Clouds in the auction. Now that she came vigorously, if they offended her again, it would be a really messy situation.

’’What is your name?’’ Wan of the Clouds coldly asked.

She totally ignored his question.

[No matter how you show yourself, I have my way to do things!]

The old man held the anger in chest. He just reverently spoke, ’’I have had the pleasure to meet you several times. I am Ji Chengfeng.’’

Wan-Er nodded and said, ’’Ji Chengfeng, do you have a mind like sieve?’’

Ji Chengfeng surrendered to the insult/ ’’I wonder what you mean by that, my lady? I am old indeed, but with good memory! I never forget anything important.’’

Wan-Er humphed. ’’But I think you have a short memory. I said you should behave yourselves in the auction. Look at you. You have gathered so many people in this city. What are you going do? Since you have a good memory, you are acting against my will on purpose then?’’

Ji Chengfeng felt black in sight and he said, ’’Lady Wan-Er, the House of the Chaotic Storms controls everything. You are powerful and nobody dares to disobey you. However, we just gathered our own men for our own interest. What we do is about our own sect. Do we have to make a report to you for everything we plan?’’

Wan-Er humphed and said, ’’What you are up to is not our concern. I won't bother to concern. However, I am going to leave the city for a few days. What if you guys do something that hurts our interest in the city... If so, it won't be a beautiful thing for your sect, I promise. If your life become like a raging fire, I don't think you will like it, will you?’’

Her pretty eyes were watching Ji Chenfeng as she said, ’’I am here to warn you. In case when you make any mistakes, you will blame us for bullying you on strength.’’

Every man from the Sunlight Sect was pissed by what she said.

[Since when we need to be warned?

Are we still the strongest sect in the Land of Han-Yang?

We have just been scolded like sons and grandsons!]

Ji Chengfeng held the anger in his chest and spoke with respect, ’’I wonder what you don't want us to do, Lady Wan-Er? Please tell us something, in case we don't know that would offend you!’’

Wan-Er rolled her eyes and said, ’’You think about it yourself. Anyway, you have to think deeper before you act. Don't do anything reckless. Don't do anything you shouldn't do. Don't mess with people you should mess with. Do you understand?’’

[You said it like it means anything.

Of course we shouldn't mess with things and people we shouldn't have! We would never mess with people like you for sure!

How am I going to think about the others?]

Ji Chengfeng and his people were upset about it. None of them know what to say, so it suddenly became so quiet.

Wan-Er stomped harder and the man under her feet moaned loudly. She blandly spoke, ’’We, the House of the Chaotic Storms, are existing outside this world. We have no relevance to any other forces in your world. That is our principle. You want to do something, go do it as long as you don't mess with us. Otherwise, we won't let you live well.’’

’’Like this bastard who talked like that!’’ Wan-Er coldly looked at the man under her feet. ’’I am not so unhappy after all, so I will spare you. If you dare to do this again, you better watch your head. Oh. No. You won't need to watch your head, because you won't have one!’’

She murmured, ’’I hate it the most when a man talked with a sh*tty mouth. How dare you talk to a pretty lady with those words, especially to me! Humph!’’

She kicked on him and then she flew up in the air. She actually stayed in the air like there was something under her feet. She just stood there and said, ’’Just behave yourselves. Will you! Be wise! Understand?’’

And then a white shadow flashed and she was gone.

The seventeen superior cultivators standing there were all filled with anger.

[What the hell is that?

We haven't done anything, yet we were warned.

No. That wasn't warning. That was suppression! That was bullying!

We are a powerful sect in the Land of Han-Yang. We have our dignity! Yet we just got humiliated like that? Again and again?

Do you think we are made from mugs or something?]



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