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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 341


Chapter 341: Suppression From Wan-Er

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’You have been since I got here.’’ Ye Xiao looked at Ning Biluo. He then frowned and said, ’’What are you following me for? Why don't you go keep an eye on those from the Boundless Lake?’’

Ning Biluo was here for the people from the Boundless Lake at the first place.

They were his enemy.

Ning Biluo had been hunted and poisoned by the Boundless Lake, but he still survived. The Boundless Lake even told the world that Ning Biluo's assassination group was destroyed, and it drove the entire martial world to hunt him. That made him really embarrassed.

In fact, if Ning Biluo didn't come across Ye Xiao earlier, he would have died for a long time!

Ning Biluo had intense and deep-seated hatred against the Boundless Lake!

That was why Ning Biluo was here. People of the Boundless Lake were here too. Ye Xiao wasn't surprised about it.

Anyways, Ning Biluo followed Ye Xiao when he found Ye Xiao. That didn't make Ye Xiao feel comfortable. No matter who was following him in the dark, it wouldn't be a comfortable thing.

Especially when the man was the No. 1 Assassin in the world.

He knew Ning Biluo wouldn't take his life for the reward, but he still felt uncomfortable!

’’Because you are in danger,’’ Ning Biluo answered, ’’I owe you one.’’

’’You owe me what...’’ Ye Xiao rubbed the head. Suddenly, he was enlightened, ’’Hmm. That is true. Now I do need your help anyway. It is kind of you.’’

’’Anything, anytime! I'd die for it!’’ Ning Biluo spoke word by word.

’’Good.’’ Ye Xiao took in a deep breath and said, ’’Now that things are in a mess. I feel much confident with you on my side.’’

He did feel more than much confident.

Ning Biluo showed up like a burner in a desperate snowing winter to him.

They returned to the General's House.

What Ye Xiao was going to do was to make a plan and do something about the disturbance.


At the same night, Wan of the Clouds suddenly showed up in the east of the city. She was like a white ghost flying into a yard of a house.

’’Men of the Sunlight Sect. Out you come and answer me.’’ Wan of the Clouds had a beautiful voice. However, she sounded overwhelming.

The suppression in her words was delivered out.

A tall and strong man in the house got furious. ’’Where does this bxtch come from. How dare she talk like that to us, people of the Sunlight Sect? What is it! I am going to break her neck!’’

He didn't finished talking when he kicked the door and rushed out.

At the same time, over a dozen men rushed out to the yard from different rooms.

Three of them looked to the white figure in the yard, and their faces turned pale right away.

However, that man who swore arrived just a few days earlier. He couldn't bear that somebody insulted his sect. He rushed out furiously. When an old man wanted to warn him, it was too late.

Wan-Er heard the reply. Her eyes flashed. There was madness in her eyes. While her white figure was moving, over a dozen white shadows rushed to the man like lightning.

The man didn't even have to to react before endless white shadows struck on him. He knew the situation was bad, so he shouted. He was just about to sway the sword in his hand when he suddenly felt that his wrist was held.

He was terrified. He hurriedly operate his martial art and kicked in an attempt to get rid of the restraint. If the woman didn't let him go, she would have to take that kick. He thought she was absolutely unable to hold it, as she was after all a woman.

The man did have a good plan. He was doing the right thing, and he would have succeed if it was a normal situation!

However, it was a mistake right here right now!

He had just kicked when he felt his knee in great pain. A finger tapped on it. That finger had hit deep into his knee. He was shaken and then he heard a sound of ’’pah’’.

He was slapped on the face.

The man was actually slapped away, no matter how sturdy or tall he was. He rolled in the air before landing. The white figure showed up in his sight. It followed up to him, and before he hit the floor, the figure had kicked on him over a dozen times.

Three hits on his chests made his chest bones break. Two hits on his head made him spit out blood. His two legs were totally broken, and his ribs were broken. The rest of the hits were on his mouth.

He couldn't even moan because his teeth were all broken.

Apparently, Wan-Er was punishing him for the dirty words he had said, so she hit him mostly on the mouth!

- Boom! -

His body hit the floor. It was rolling on the floor. As he rolled, he spat out blood. There were some teeth cracks in the blood. As a Sky Origin Stage cultivator, he actually couldn't control his own body from rolling away. He rolled to the door and then hit the stone step. - Boom. - And then he rebounded. At last, he was moaning to the sky lying on the floor as his eyes were filled with extreme fear.

[Who is this woman? How come I have no any way to defend and fight back at all.]

Wan-Er humphed. She moved again and stepped on that man. She coldly spoke, ’’Are you, disciples of the Sunlight Sect, behaving like this? I guess I should help you discipline your men now!’’

’’Please show mercy, Lady Wan-Er...’’ The old man with white beard stepped forward and then stopped the other disciples of his sect. ’’Don't do anything stupid. This is Lady Wan-Er from the House of the Chaotic Storms!’’

Over a dozen superior cultivators of the Sunlight Sect had gathered over preparing to shout and fight, but now they stopped.

’’Lady Wan-Er of the House of the Chaotic Storms!’’

It was like spell that made every one of them stop. They all gave up at the same time.

The old man with white beard had wetted his clothes by sweat.

He didn't expect that Wan of the Clouds would come to them after humiliating them in the auction.

[What is she after?

Does she want to wipe us out?]

’’Wan of the Clouds.’’

It was a name that reverberated like thunder to everybody in the Sunlight Sect.

Nine hundred years earlier, the No. 1 superior cultivator in the Sunlight Sect, also the No.1 cultivator in the Land of Han-Yang, Chang Qingzi, offended Wan of the Clouds by words. Wan of the Clouds was in the same look back then, an eighteen years old pretty girl. She actually challenged Chang Qingzi on with a fight in the public while the Sunlight Sect was holding their one thousand years anniversary ceremony. She kicked his ass and punched him into a pig head!



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