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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 340


Chapter 340: Know Nothing About Politics

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Zuo Wuji sighed, ’’Xiao Xiao, you really know nothing about politics in the country. While Ling-Bao Hall is trying to benefit the kingdom, the kingdom is surely grateful for it. However, when Ling-Bao Hall can no more benefit the kingdom, and CAN even become a burden to the kingdom, the kingdom will kick it out without hesitation. No matter how capable Feng Zhiling is, I can be sure about another thing, Feng Zhiling can be the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall for not long. Wan Zhenghao has thousands years experience. He would never do such a stupid thing!’’ Zuo Wuji said.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth but said nothing. What Zuo Wuji said was all true. He couldn't deny it!

’’Alright now. Let's go on with the current situation. The number of assassins from different kingdoms is huge. It is hard to sort them into different kinds. However, there is something we can divide them for. Generally, there are over five thousand assassins that are on records in the Chen-Xing City right now! However, they disappeared as soon as they entered the city...’’

’’In other words, there are more than five thousand assassins hidden in the city.’’

’’Besides, they are all here for official orders,’’ Zuo Wuji said, ’’more scarily, there are assassin associations from the martial world and those freelance assassins...These people are well hidden. Nobody knows about their background, but there is one thing I can be sure about: the number of people entering the city through the city gates is twice as much as usual!’’

’’Don't be surprised though. Not yet. The real astonishing thing is coming. That is the number of people entering the city. The number of people leaving the city is the same as usual. That means there are more than a hundred thousand people who entered the city and didn't leave. What are they here for? Who are they? We know the answer.

’’Many of them are here for Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhiling, and Wan Zhenghao for sure, but not all of them are locking on Ling-Bao Hall and its people. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Chen after all. I believe many people would come here for the royal house. Actually, they may be aiming at the entire city!’’

’’Hmm. I understand what you said. Reasonable enough. However, do you really have no idea how to deal with these people? Or what do you need to deal with them?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’Since there is a lock;there must be a key. I surely can think about something. What it needs on me is absolute power. Strength. If you have no hands, you can't make fist. Without power, every thing is just a joke!’’ Zuo Wuji said.

’’Like what? I mean, if somebody can provide certain power for you, what do you have to deal with the situation?’’ Ye Xiao kept asking.

’’That's easy. We give whatever these men want!’’ Zuo Wuji looked at Ye Xiao and said word by word, ’’We use Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhiling, and Wan Zhenghao as baits to draw them out first.’’


Ye Xiao was shocked.

’’Zuo Zuo, would it be too... over? Ling-Bao Hall has helped the kingdom for big one. We plan to give up on them... That... That is not so honorable, is it?’’ Ye Xiao didn't feel comfortable about it.

’’Xiao Xiao, you simply know nothing about politics. No matter how things look like, if it is relevant to the national interests, everything can be sacrificed. In fact, the auction is over, and the seventy billion is in the kingdom's royal treasury. What happens to Ling-Bao Hall and Feng Zhiling is not the kingdom's problem. They are sacrificed, so what? Don't you think the king will think about baiting? He doesn't have the right and capable man to complete the mission. That is all!’’ Zuo Wuji helplessly spoke.

’’Hmm. I see. So what should we do to proceed with the baiting plan?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’Hmm... Xiao Xiao, you are not saying you will do it, right? You know, if Feng Zhiling and Wan Zhenghao are going to be the baits... they are very likely going to die.’’ Zuo Wuji sighed.

’’Don't you worry about it. Just tell me... how to proceed it,’’ Ye Xiao asked. In fact he was speechless.

[Feng Zhiling is sacrificed... So be it.

I am alive. That is all I want!]

’’It isn't that difficult to solve the problem. If we have the power, we just need to...’’ Zuo Wuji told Ye Xiao everything about the plan. Ye Xiao's eyes were lit up.

Zuo Wuji told him dozens of schemes one after another, and they were all connected.

Ye Xiao kept thinking about how practical the schemes were. He couldn't help praising, [What a brain of Zuo Wuji. That is awesome.]

’’In fact, to deal with those hidden ones, it is not so hard. It can be easily done as long as we are powerful enough. The most difficult problem in this issue is the House of the Chaotic Storms.’’ Zuo Wuji sighed. ’’There must be a force pushing all this ahead. Everybody is under its control. House of the Chaotic Storms is the only one who can do this.’’

Ye Xiao nodded. The image of Master Bai acting casually showed up in his sight.

It was sure that Master Bai's demeanor was impressive even in Ye Xiao's eyes. Among all the enemies Ye Xiao had in both his lives, he must be the scariest one!

Power, strength, strategy, in every aspect, he was overwhelming. How could Ye Xiao defeat a man like that!

’’What a shame. There is nothing I can think of that can deal with the House of the Chaotic Storms.’’ Zuo Wuji was frustrated as he said, ’’We can only wait till they strike, and then we figure out something to defend it.’’

Ye Xiao was quiet.

He couldn't blame Zuo Wuji. There was really no way for it.

No matter how good they made a plan, the House of the Chaotic Storms would change everything just within seconds and take control again!

It would be better to just wait for their moves and see what they should do to deal with it.

It would be rather reckless to have a fight against the enemy who was much stronger than themselves!

The only chance that stood in the current situation was the possibility of changing! They might be able to defeat the enemy by schemes!

However, they might also be weaker in schemes!


When Ye Xiao left the House of Zuo, it was dark already. Lights were about to be put on in the city.

He made a turn into an alley and blandly said, ’’Show yourself.’’

A figure flashed, and a slim figure showed up in front of him.

The man had a rawboned face, and a pair sharp and cold eyes.

It was Ning Biluo.

The famous No. 1 Assassin in the Land of Han-Yang.



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