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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 339


Chapter 339: God Damned Feng Monarch

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao took a breath out too and sighed as he murmured, ’’This bunch of bastards are more than enough to stir the Chen-Xing City up... You said these are the people you know about their connections. Who are those you cannot then?’’

Zuo Wuji rolled his eyes and said, groaning, ’’Those are the real enemies of ours. They are the ones who fish in troubled waters. Ah. It is all Ling-Bao Hall's fault...’’

Ye Xiao coughed. ’’Uh, why don't you give me some details.’’

’’Ling-Bao Hall...’’ Zuo Wuji spoke like he was having a headache, ’’I have to say that Feng Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall has no other strong points except he has a bold heart. He must be either without a brain or a rotted brain. He must be using his knees to think, and his brain is just for decoration, I am afraid...’’

Ye Xiao stared at him with his eyes wide opened for a while, and then he took a breath out. ’’Go on.’’

’’That asshole, he created such an auction. He actually made a great hornet's nest on his own and raised it to a huge one. At the end, he broke it himself too...’’

Zuo Wuji spoke with hatred, ’’He has made a huge mess that is bigger than the sky. Most annoying, he actually disappeared after making such a mess to the city... He hasn't been seen for days. Maybe he has already been killed. He should have been killed earlier. If he died before the auction, none of this sh*t would happen...’’

Ye Xiao looked at the prick who was insulting him right there. He really wanted to throw the cup on his face, but he knew he couldn't, so he didn't do it.

He couldn't expose himself.

’’Come on. Can you say anything useful now? What is it really?’’ Ye Xiao was impatient. ’’Can you solve the problem by just abusing people? Besides, he has donated 70 billion for our kingdom. Why don't you go solve the financial problem for our kingdom if he didn't do it?’’

Zuo Wuji was stunned. He spoke in anger, ’’What is it? You actually defended that guy. Is this thing relevant to you?’’

Ye Xiao angrily spoke, ’’I said that Feng Zhiling is the hero of our kingdom! I will not allow anybody to insult our great hero!’’

Zuo Wuji looked at him for a long time and murmured, ’’Hmm. I never deny it. He might have done things in the wrong way, but what he has done is admiring. It isn't wrong to call him our hero...’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Fine. Go on you. Say something serious. Come on.’’

Zuo Wuji murmured, ’’I was talking about someone else after all. What is wrong with you...’’

He cleared his voice and said, ’’The auction has solved a big problem for our kingdom, however, it brought a huge problem at the same time. It benefits the kingdom for one time, yet put the future in danger for a long time.’’

’’Ling-Bao Hall offended the two great kingdoms in the world as well as our enemies in the south and north. The 70 billion money disrupted their plans. Over three billion people in the world hate Feng Zhiling in the Land of Han-Yang! ...’’

’’Three... billion!’’ Ye Xiao shivered.

[Damn! I didn't think of it when the auction was on. There are actually so many people cursing me?!

Oh my god!]

’’Now, different forces from all kingdoms all wanted Feng Zhiling's head. They all put a bounty for it. That is reasonable though. Feng Zhiling's miserable situation is because of nothing but his own fault.’’ Zuo Wuji sighed.

’’What? Come on, Zuo Zuo. Isn't it too over to talk about a hero like that!’’ Ye Xiao was annoyed.

’’Xiao Xiao, why do you care about him so much? Why do you keep defending him?’’ Zuo Wuji seemed to find out something interesting!

He looked at Ye Xiao with a smile on his face. Deep in his eyes, there were profound thoughts.

’’I am not precisely defending him. I just think that after a man has done so much for our country, it is not right to question his good will for benefiting our kingdom. I don't think you should slander him like that!’’ Ye Xiao seriously said.

’’I am not slandering him. It is my impersonal view!’’ Zuo Wuji said.

’’What the hell. What more do you want to speak ill of him if what you said isn't slandering him? Feng Zhiling is on our side after all. Do you really have to talk about him like that?’’ Ye Xiao wasn't so happy right now.

’’Xiao Xiao, we are talking about the whole vision of the situation here. What we are doing requires us to be absolutely objective. You cannot bring your personal emotion into it. I have my reasons to get the conclusion about Feng Zhiling, but you, you're just being emotional. Do you know Feng Zhiling well?’’ Zuo Wuji said.

’’Hmm? Me? We... No... Not at all... Not anymore...’’ Ye Xiao became incoherent!

’’Forget it. I don't care whether you two know each other or not. Now he is missing. Even if you want, you can't possibly bring him to me right now anyway... Let me tell you what exactly Ling-Bao Hall is facing right now, and then you will understand why I have that conclusion about Feng Zhiling!’’

’’Okau. I am listening!’’

’’Ling-Bao Hall has branches all over the world. It is famous for not standing any side among the kingdoms. Because it has been aloof to all kingdoms, it has survived for thousands of years. It is an extremely powerful organization, and it never picked a side when two kingdoms are on war. That is the reason why it can stay strong in the history!

However, Feng Zhiling has broken the rule this time. He declared that they supported the Kingdom of Chen. What he did has offended most people. He did benefit the Ling-Bao Hall for now, but in the future, there is full of danger for Ling-Bao Hall. I can be sure that if no other forces assist Ling-Bao Hall, this salesroom, which has been existing for centuries, will fall soon. It will disappear!’’ Zuo Wuji said seriously.

’’I don't think it is so severe, is it? I think Feng Zhiling is quite an experienced and capable man. Ling-Bao Hall shouldn't be so weak though. Besides, even though Ling-Bao Hall doesn't have branches in other kingdoms anymore, it can always stay in the Kingdom of Chen. Don't tell me the Kingdom of Chen is planning against Ling-Bao Hall too?!’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’Would they be biting the hands that feed them?’’



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