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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 338


Chapter 338: Fine-draw

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

When Ye Xiao took the Heavenly Crystal Marrow from Zuo Wuji, those men who got to the House of Zuo to make a disturbance were most likely people from the Boundless Lake.

When those men mistook Ye Xiao for Ning Biluo, they said, ’’Ning Biluo, the Saint would never let you go!’’

However, Boundless Lake people settled in the House of Zuo now.

What was the truth behind all? What relations were there between things?

What connection did House of Zuo had with the Boundless Lake?

It wasn't a proper time to try figure this out though.

’’In the Crown Prince's Palace, there are Mu Clan people. In the second prince's place, there are people from the Nangong Clan. In the third prince's house, there are people from Gongsun Clan...’’

’’Each of the three oldest princes is apparently in the opposite side to the other princes. Each of them knows that the other two princes are his threats, since they are all fighting for the crown. So, Mu Clan is not in good terms with the other two clans.’’

’’The three clans are all inside the Kingdom of Chen. They all have different interests though. They support different sides. That is obvious.’’

Zuo Wuji said, ’’Nangong Clan and Gongsun Clan cannot be in good terms with each other. That is for sure.’’

’’The other five clans didn't reside in any other officials' houses. They just stay in the hostels... and they have obvious purposes. They don't want to arouse suspicion. Interesting thing is they stayed in five different hostels at the beginning. The nearest two hostels are several miles away from each other. It seems all those noble clans have problems against each other. They are all with different thoughts.’’

’’Recently, the five clans all moved into the biggest hostel in the Chen-Xing City, Chen-Xing Hostel, where the Long Clan has been staying. They must have felt the pressure. They know they have to cooperate with each other against outer forces. They are trying to save themselves. Because of their weakness, they don't want to snatch anything anymore. The only thing they want is safety. They don't want to be... robbed.’’

Zuo Wu talked about his thoughts about the eight noble clans, who were martial clans that had strong connections with different kingdoms!

Ye Xiao's eyes lit up when he heard it.

’’The Cyan Cloud Sect is in the east city. They are staying still, and they don't seem to be connected to any other sects. They are steady, however, they are much weaker than the two great sects. Why aren't they afraid then? And, during these days, no superior cultivators from the Cyan Cloud Sect has come to the capital. That is some special move... The only explanation is that they have strong backing.’’

’’I reckon one of the two great sects must be strongly related with Cyan Cloud Sect, that is why they are not afraid.’’

’’They know they would never be robbed. They wouldn't be robbed by the great sects at least. Except the two great sects, they can handle any other forces.’’

’’Green Mountain Sect and Reaching Cloud Hall are staying in the same place. There are not enough hostels for such amount of people now. They rent people's house by paying a lot.’’

’’During these days, they have sent lots of superior cultivators. They seem to feel that they will be the targets for the two great sects, and thus, they gathered as many people as they can to try solve their problem.’’


Zuo Wuji talked about every sect, and every family while pointing them on the map with that narrow stick. He talked systematically.

Ye Xiao was absorbedly listening to him and absorbedly memorizing all.

There were over seventy top powerful forces in the Chen-Xing City. Zuo Wuji talked so well and he was very familiar with them.

’’Next. I am going to talk about the Sunlight Sect and the Starlight Sect.’’ Zuo Wuji took in a deep breath and said, ’’I have to say that they are truly two shameless sects. The Sunlight Sect is in the east of the city, while the Starlight Sect is in the west. They stay in these two sides, and obviously, they are trying to keep watch on the entire city. They even sent their men to the south and north gates. That is a bold move. Apparently, they are not just here for the dan beads. They want to vent the anger in their chests.’’

’’What they are aiming at are those martial forces, and especially the Ling-Bao Hall.’’

’’In their sects, there are master superior cultivators. They are truly stronger than any other sects. However, they don't have enough money to take all the sects down at one time. Thus, during the days, they have sent people coming too... They are waiting for an opportunity.’’

’’When they have it, they will go for it. All the other sects will be wiped down.’’

At this moment, Ye Xiao finally interrupted him, ’’The opportunity will be when all the forces leave the Chen-Xing City and on their way home... The great sects can take them down one by one and take as much as they can.’’

’’Yes,’’ Zuo Wuji agreed and said, not only the great sects, but also over seventy other sects know it. That is why no one chose to leave. They are all staying in the city. They are waiting for a change... It is a capital of a kingdom after all. There are protection forces of the king, so the two great sects will not take any reckless actions... All of these leads to the biggest problem for us.’’

’’If they don't leave, the two great sects would lose their patience anyway. When they think they have enough manpower, they will do it no matter where it is. The royal protection force is just a limited shield...’’

’’When they start to do it, it will be the beginning of a great mess.’’

Zuo Wuji said, ’’There is an uncertainty though. That is the people from the Boundless Lake, who have been hidden in my house all these days. It is said that the Boundless Saint is the evilest man in the world! Such a man in the dark will be a threat, like a knife above the head for everyone. Nobody should ignore him.’’

’’What I said is the current situation about the martial world.’’ Zuo Wuji took a breath and drank some tea, and then he said, ’’These are what I can gather and analyze. Those people, they maybe very strong and powerful, but if we use some strategy to alienate them, it will become a much easier task... Surely, no matter what strategy we will use, we need certain power. If we don't have it, we can just have thoughts. It won't help if there are only thoughts.’’



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