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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 337


Chapter 337: Martial World Resentment!

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No matter how, and no matter what Zuo Wuji had been planning in the past, he and Ye Xiao were now good friends.

Truth about the past didn't matter really.

Maybe Ye Xiao had set Zuo Wuji up earlier, and Zuo Wuji set Ye Xiao up instead. Both sides were to blamed. It didn't matter how it was before. What mattered is that they were good friends, brothers, now!

’’You are not here to just hang around with me, are you?’’ Zuo Wuji said, ’’What is it? Cut the roundabout and just tell me.’’

Ye Xiao humphed and said, ’’You cunning gawky tricky prick. Why would I come if I don't have anything serious? Today, I am here for the messy situation in the capital. I need a wise man to sort all things out for me. Among all that I know, you are the wisest one, surprisingly. I guess I have to come to you.’’

Ye Xiao was right.

In the entire Chen-Xing City, there were only two people who could help him with any ideas. One was Wenren Chuchu, while the other was Zuo Wuji.

Even if Wenren Chuchu would like to help, Ye Xiao would not dare to accept. He didn't want to either.

He didn't dare to, because they were in opposite sides.

He didn't want to, because he had a strong pride.

[I am a proud man. I have laughed at all heroic figures in the martial world, so how can I ask for a favor by giving one?]

Zuo Wuji was his only choice.

Ye Xiao didn't made a wrong decision. According to what he learned about Zuo Wuji just now, Zuo Wuji, Lord Zuo, really had such capability.

In fact, he might be even better than Wenren Chuchu in strategies and schemes!

No wonder he was the head of the ’’three lords in town’’, who was even above Ye Xiao!

’’The situation in the capital...’’ Zuo Wuji became solemn. He stopped being casual and instead became upset. ’’Even if I thoroughly think it through, so what? We have limited power. What can we do about it to solve the problem? Maybe a small power could lift a heavy thing, but a small power will still be required. What we are talking here is much more difficult than lifting any heavy things. In fact, we don't even have our small power. What can we do?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’That is not yours to concern. You just need to sort it out thoroughly and make me a practical strategy for it. The rest will be my task. You don't need to worry.’’

While he was speaking, he sounded so confident and overwhelming.

Zuo Wuji heard him. He looked at Ye Xiao for a while and then took a deep breath out. He said, ’’Okay!’’

Ye Xiao smiled with pleasure.

Zuo Wuji said, ’’Maybe I am going to make a cloud-built theory now. Maybe it is just whistling jigs to a milestone. Anyways, I am going to drive my brain seriously!’’

Ye Xiao was a bit angry and speechless!

[You prick! Why can't you just say something I would like to hear?

Cloud-built theory? Fine. What do you mean whistling jigs to a milestone? Do you think I wouldn't know you are calling me dumb?

Hmm. You said it loud and clear in front of me!

What the fxxk...]

Zuo Wuji teased Ye Xiao first, but he didn't let the third one of the 'three lords in town' go. ’’Lan Langlang, that bastard, what a covert he played. Well planned... Damn it. He got away and escaped the crisis in the capital. Now the whole world is looking at Chen-Xing City. All those men in the martial world... He must have had a safe and happy tour to the battle. That is for sure.’’

He sighed. ’’In fact, what he is doing should be full of danger. His life is put in risk. You never can predict the future though. He, such a silly dude, actually made everything. Foolish men sometimes have good fortune.’’

’’Foolish or not, he did play a good scheme this time.’’ Ye Xiao nodded.

Zuo Wuji replied with a ’’hmm’’. He stood up and walked to the biggest table among the five. It was in the center of the room. He pulled a hanging rod, and then suddenly put a map got down.

’’This is the map of Chen-Xing City,’’ Zuo wuji said, ’’it was finished last night. I never thought it would be used today so soon. What a luck. I don't know how much use it has though.’’

Ye Xiao looked closer and found that it still smelled ink.

There were directions, locations, houses names, and the spots of all those martial forces on the map.

’’I don't think I need to tell you what is happening in the city now. We both know it. Anyways, it is serious, and it is indeed terrible,’’ Zuo Wuji said, ’’under the peaceful appearance, there are many volcanoes hidden under it that will burst at any second.’’

’’Look here. It is the area of the royal house.’’ Zuo Wuji used a narrow white stick to point the center of the map. ’’Outside the royal house, there are houses of those officials... My house is here. And yours is there...’’

’’I don't know if there are any strangers living in your house, but in other officials' houses, there are all kinds of martial world people staying. Even in my house, there is a group of people...’’ Zuo Wuji said, ’’There are seven guys in black living in my house. They act secretly. They come and go without a sign. I don't know how strong they are, because I don't have a pair of eyes that are capable to. I can roughly make a guess that they are all Sky Origin Stage cultivators.’’

Ye Xiao took a breath and didn't make a sound.

’’They are carrying some strong aura of depression. I don't think they are of any good kind. I tried to check on their background, but I am not so capable of it. The only useful information is that they were not on the list of people who attended the auction, and it is said that the Boundless Saint has arrived in the Chen-Xing City. He just hasn't shown up yet...’’

’’What I have learned about the Boundless Saint is that he feels quite similar to these seven men... I boldly conjecture that they are very likely from the Boundless Lake,’’ Zuo Wuji spoke in a deep voice.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

It didn't shock Ye Xiao that Zuo Wu knew about the martial world figures hiding in his house.

What shocked him was that Zuo Wuji was actually able to tell all the forces and sort them out well. He could actually come to a conclusion that the seven men were from the Boundless Lake.

A man who wasn't in the martial world and didn't know how to cultivate had such information about the martial world. It proved that Zuo Wuji had a marvelous brain.

However, what shocked Ye Xiao the most would be something else.



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