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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 336


Chapter 336: Not So Easy

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’’Have some tea.’’ Zuo Wuji put a reeky cup of hot tea on the table on Ye Xiao's side. He casually sat by Ye Xiao's side, and he was acting casually. Apparently, he felt comfortable being with Ye Xiao. He said, ’’Since you come to me, it must be for something important, right?’’

Ye Xiao looked at this confident and relaxed man in front of him. He was shocked.

When Zuo Wuji stole the Jade Ruyi for money from his own house, he was so embarrassed.

In the old days, he could be scared by just some words from others. Now, he was casual, confident, decent. That was such a huge difference!

It had only been half a year. How could he change so much?

Zuo Wuji was now giving Ye Xiao an impression that he was a bit like Master Bai of the House of the Chaotic Storms. He could actually be another Master Bai really.

’’Zuo Zuo, I can see a big change you have made. A man should be seen in a different way after three days. You are this man.’’ Ye Xiao didn't talk about anything serious and just sighed.

’’I have never changed,’’ Zuo Wuji calmly spoke, ’’I was like this before. I have always been interested with these things. However... I did have some crazy times before. That is all.’’

Ye Xiao nodded. ’’Hmm. You mean you are actually a man with lots of secret deep inside your heart. The reason why you are one of the 'three lords in town' is that you act like a prick. The bastard appearance you show people is just your cover...’’

Even though Zuo Wuji was profound in thoughts, he was surprised. He turned serious and blandly said, ’’Xiao Xiao, the stone carving you took away from my house, is it good?’’

Ye Xiao laughed out loud. ’’You bastard. You actually know everything. You have been just playing foolish.’’

Zuo Wuji humphed and said, ’’That thing, my grandpa worked so hard to get it. Since he got it, he had changed a lot of places to put it. He didn't find a perfect spot for it at the end, so he just hid it... Haha. My grandpa was always lost in thoughts in front of that thing. Since that thing got into our house, every several days, there would be somebody dead...’’

’’It may be a good thing, of good use, however, no matter how good it is, if there is no proper way to use it, it will only bring danger to the house. Instead of keeping it in the house and bearing the misfortunes in the family, I would like to send it away, so it would stop bothering me. Things could be avoided in my house.’’ Zuo Wuji smiled. ’’It is good that you like it. Even if you didn't want it, I would try to find a way to give it to you as a returned favor... Truth is, that thing works for you. Well, you could just take it. It helped you and also helped myself. What a good thing to do!’’

Ye Xiao was surprised. ’’One's only crime was only to carry a jade. The spirit in it isn't something everybody will agree and accept. Zuo Zuo, you are really a generous man!’’

Zuo Wuji smiled like a fox. ’’Old saying is always right in some ways. In fact, the truth has proven me right after all. Since that thing was gone, no one else died in my house.’’

Ye Xiao was enlightened. ’’I see.’’

[It was truly so unbelievably easy to get that thing, so this is why.

I wanted it for sure. Because Zuo Wuji wanted me to have it, I got it in such an easy way.

How could anything just be taken away so easily from the House of Prime Minister Zuo?

Damn it! There are a lot of fools in the world! When I think somebody is a fool, the most foolish one is myself.] Ye Xiao found it both funny and annoying.

Twisting people around the fingers felt good;while to be twisted around somebody's fingers was annoying!

He thought he was twisting others around his fingers, but in fact he was the one who was being twisted. That was utterly annoying!

Was there anything more annoying? Absolutely. When the truth was told and the fact was revealed to everybody involved! It was super annoying to find out that he was the most foolish one!

Ye Xiao felt both funny and annoyed!

Zuo Wuji blandly smiled. ’’Don't be so upset. You are the one who has benefited the most after all. When that thing belongs to you, it is in good use. I reckon your recent improvement must be its credit!’’

Ye Xiao nodded to agree.

The Heavenly Crystal Marrow had the capability to create. It produced the life qi by its own, and it raised everything in the universe. It had spirit itself, so it wouldn't keep producing life qi without limitation. When it produced life qi, it would also absorb the spiritual energy from the sky and earth. That was its way to keep the world in balance.

Anybody who knew about such good stuff would surely put the Heavenly Crystal Marrow somewhere with dense spiritual qi. It would drive it to produce more life qi, so that it would help the owner cultivate better.

Prime Minister Zuo was of course a discriminating man, yet he didn't know the truth about the Heavenly Crystal Marrow. He didn't know how much it meant to a cultivator;in fact, even saints would want it. However, it barely had good influence to ordinary people.

A small Heavenly Crystal Marrow would not be powerful enough to absorb as much spiritual energy as it required. After it produced life qi for a long time, it would be used up and disappear!

The Heavenly Crystal Marrow that Prime Minister Zuo collected was a big one. It produced lots of life qi, yet it would need to absorb lots of spiritual energy as well. The House of the Prime Minister Zuo surely couldn't have so much spiritual energy. People's life was spiritual energy though. That was why people died so frequently in the old days.

Anyway, it was helping others as well as helping themselves! It made both sides happy!

’’That thing...’’ Ye Xiao smiled. Apparently, he was trying to find some proper words to describe the truth.

’’You don't need to tell me that...’’ Zuo Wuji stopped him. He smiled, ’’It is yours now. It has nothing to do with me. Besides, I got what I earned. That is enough for me!’’

He gently looked at Ye Xiao and said, ’’To be honest, I am so happy that that thing didn't kill you.’’

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes.


You truly are full of schemes. However, among those vicious schemes, there was a good one, the one you hold for your friends.]



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