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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 335


Chapter 335: About Zuo Wuji

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The fire of the war flamed every piece of land in the Kingdom of Chen. None of the cities was able to pay tax to the court for the coming few years, instead, they would have to ask for money from the court...

Everything needed money. Kingdom of Chen needed a lot of money a huge money!

Where did that money come from?

Would it be from the sky?

Would it?

Impossible things sometimes became possible!

Ling-Bao Hall, whose branches covered the entire Land of Han-Yang, who had never been related to any forces or countries in the world, surprisingly declared that they supported the Kingdom of Chen. Half of their incomes from the auction would be donated to the Kingdom of Chen to fill the royal treasury!

Nobody knew how powerful Ling-Bao Hall was in fights, but everyone knew that Ling-Bao Hall was the wealthiest in the Land of Han-Yang.

Even in a normal auction, half of the income would be a large number. This time, it was an auction for the supreme dan beads!

That must be a enormous number!

As expected, Ling-Bao Hall had made a historically huge amount of money.

The money that they donated to the Kingdom of Chen was 70 billion!

It was truly an unbelievable number!

None of any kingdoms in the world could gather such an amount of money on their own. Even if all the kingdoms sat together to pool the money, they might not be able to make it that much!

Besides, it was all in cash.

Such a great amount of money surely wasn't easy to raise. If Ling-Bao Hall didn't have the supreme dan beads, how could they make this much money so easily!

And there was the House of the Chaotic Storms who helped a lot in this. These were what made a legendary auction in the history!

How could the Kingdom of Chen refuse such a big amount of money?

Absolutely not. Even though they knew it would put them into a dangerous situation, they would still do it. Even if they would die after that, they would still do it!

Such a great wealth brought by the auction, would Ling-Bao Hall let it go?

After so many hard works to prepare, after socializing with different forces, they finally earned that money. Even if they knew it would lead them into a dangerous situation, would they give up?

Absolutely not.

The Kingdom of Chen or Ling-Bao Hall, even if they knew what the consequence would be, they would still do the same thing. Others surely had no reason to give up.

Things were just going as it would go. The current situation was a certain consequence.

The hand that pushed all this was a hand with aboveboard scheme. Even though people knew there was danger, they would still step on it. It was such a marvelous and shocking strategy!

However, no matter how admiring it was, it should be unruly.

The Kingdom of Chen was in a dangerous period of time. As acitizen of the kingdom, people should do whatever they can to help!

What could solve such a problem anyway?

Zuo Wuji looked out through the window. He deeply sighed. [The man who set all this up has profound thoughts. He knows well about his enemy, and he does things quick and fast. He must be a powerful man. Even if I have ideas to save the kingdom from the current situation, where do I find such power to actualize it? My power is weaker than my thought!]

While he was just being upset, someone came to report, ’’Lord Ye has come for a visit.’’

[Ye Xiao? What does he come for?]

Zuo Wuji thought about it and then his eyes lit up. ’’Quick! To the study room!’’

And then he added, ’’To my study room.’’

After he had shown his capability in the family, he had become quite important in the family. He now had his own study room in the house.

This was the first time he and Ye Xiao got together in his own study room!

Neither of them knew that this was a meeting of a milestone. It was an important event in the history that happened afterwards!

The legend began from this moment!

When Ye Xiao entered the room, he was ’’frightened’’ by the study room.

’’This... This is a study room?’’

Ye Xiao's eyes were wide opened.

The room was about 33 meters wide, 52 meters deep and 13 meters high!

[It is no way a study room! It is apparently a warehouse!]

Except it was too spacious, it was totally like a study room though. There were lots of bookshelves in the room, and all bookshelves were filled with books. When Ye Xiao just entered the room, he felt like he was drowning in the ocean of books. He couldn't help feeling dizzy.

All the books were sorted into different categories, tidy and clean. There were lots of papers on the bottom floor of each bookshelf. Those were Zuo Wuji's notes about what he had read in the bookshelf.

’’It used to be a waste warehouse of this house... My grandpa allowed me to have my own study room one day, so I asked for this room.’’ Zuo Wuji smiled. ’’Now I feel it is still too small. There surely is no end for learning... I am going to expand it some days later.’’

[Such space, such size, you call it small?]

Ye Xiao was speechless. He sat down on a chair and looked around. He found that there were five sets of chairs and tables in the room, other than those bookshelves. They were placed in the shape of a plum flower. He curiously asked, ’’Zuo Zuo, your study room is really special. There are so many bookshelves and books. That is good, however, there are also lots of chairs and tables. How do you use them all? I think maybe when you become the prime minister in the court, the entire city won't be spacious enough to be your study room. Holy sh*t.’’

Zuo Wuji smiled. He made tea for his guest and blandly smile. ’’A comfortable place is always helpful in study. The room is spacious. When I want to pick a book, sometimes, I will have to walk for a while. There are chairs and tables all around. That would be much more convenient. When I become the prime minister, there will only be books that I write myself. So when that day comes, maybe my study room will just be even smaller than any one else's!’’

Ye Xiao was surprised, and then he understood.

[I am truly not a man with lots of thoughts. For Zuo Wuji when that day comes, what does he need to learn from others' books? He must have his own theory!

He surely won't need such a huge study room, or 'study house'.]



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