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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 334


Chapter 334: Contradictory Mind

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Wenren Chuchu looked at the door, feeling utterly disconcerted.

[Maybe he will never come back after stepping out of this door today. Maybe he will even... disappear from this world?]

Thinking about that, she felt sharp pain inside her heart. It was terribly painful.

That extreme pain made her face turn pale as her heart was twitched with cramp. She closed her eyes tight;she didn't want to face everything that was happening on her.

’’Escape...’’ Bing Xinyue was disconcerted too. She murmured, ’’Escaping... is good.’’

Wenren Chuchu kept her eyes closed, then two teardrops fell down on her cheeks.

She knew she could do nothing if she stayed.

[Master seems to have some special feelings... for him. I can see that!

She said our sect needs him.

I know it is an excuse. She just wants to help him. She just want him alive.

I can't unmask it!

I don't want to.

But it feels so bad to stay here any longer.

I don't want him dead. I don't want my kingdom to lose the hard-won opportunity either. I don't want to be in the opposite side against him...

I have to leave.

I have to escape to the time when I cannot anymore!

If I leave... on the other hand, it will be a relief to master.

Master will help him. She will...]

Wenren Chuchu sighed. She turned around and looked at Bing Xinyue. ’’Master, I am leaving.’’

At this moment, her eyes were filled with complicated expressions.

Facing her disciple's eyes, Bing Xinyue was shocked.

It was her first time to be stared by her beloved disciple with such a complex eye expression.

Under the watch, she felt guilty and nervous of no reason.

She felt like she was a thief.

She felt like she had stolen something from her disciple.

Her lips moved. She wanted to say, ’’Chuchu, don't worry. I won't take anything from you...|

That's what she was thinking about, for real!

But she didn't say it out.

If she said it, she admitted it, wouldn't she?

If she said it, she couldn't see Feng Zhiling anymore...


She was confused and disconcerted. She didn't know what to say;she could only stand there while doing nothing.

She didn't even noticed that her disciple had turned and gone.

When she came back to her mind and checked on Wenren Chuchu by spiritual mind, she found that she was packing things up in her room. Wenren Chuchu was sobbing. Was she crying? Or was she trying hard not to?

Bing Xinyue felt pain in heart.

When Wenren Chuchu finished packing and came to her master with an innocent smile to say goodbye, Bing Xinyue could not help saying, ’’Chuchu, don't worry.’’

Wenren Chuchu smiled. ’’What are you talking about, master? What should I worry for?’’

Bing Xinyue took in a deep breath. She looked at her disciple's eyes and said, ’’What belongs to you will be yours. Nobody can take it away!’’

The smile on Wenren Chuchu's face was gone. She blushed and then her face turned pale like white paper.

She nodded, ’’Master, I understand. I am off. Please... take care!’’

She turned around and rushed out.

She disappeared from the door within a second.

Only a small sound was left behind her. - Pah. -

It was a drop of tear hitting on the doorsill.

Bing Xinyue looked at the tear on the doorsill. It was tear brought by pain that her disciple left. She could feel the pain and contradiction in her disciple's heart.

[Two kingdoms! Billions of lives! Countless fires and beacon.

You have what you should protect, but I have my responsibility too!

I want to be an ordinary girl who can risk anything for her love, her happiness... But I can't.

Because my name is Wenren.

I am Wenren Chuchu!]


Zuo Wuji was standing in front of the widow in the study room. His pretty eyebrows were frowning.

The situation in the capital was in a mess. It was peaceful in appearance, but under that peace, there were waves. Whoever knew about it were scared, terrified, shocked.

Zuo Wuji was one of them!

’’If such a disturbance really happens here, I am afraid... Inside the capital of the Kingdom of Chen, rivers of blood will flow! Terrible scenes will be everywhere!’’ Zuo Wuji sighed to the sky.

’’If the capital breaks down, no matter how strong we are in the four battles, our country will be collapsing.’’

He had been hanging around with the little prince these days. It looked like he was having fun, but in fact, when the auction has ended, Zuo Wuji found that things were not right.

After checking for several days, he surprisedly found that even though the kingdom got a lot of money and became safe again, it was actually falling into a crisis that was even more dangerous than before!

Since the auction began, things gathered in the Kingdom of Chen. As the auction was finished, nothing stopped. More and more waves showed up under appearance.

It was like a volcano hidden under the ground of the Chen-Xing City.

Things had become so strange and unpredictable!

An opportunity wasn't an opportunity anymore. In fact, maybe it still was, but the Kingdom of Chen was getting into a much worse situation. However, it appeared that the kingdom had gained a huge amount of money!

Zuo Wuji reckoned that behind all this, there must be a huge hand pushing it into the current situation. Maybe that powerful hand had set up everything. It just used the auction of the Ling-Bao Hall to achieve its plan!

Whoever held that hand was horrible. The really horrible thing about him was that he made everything going on in public. Nobody could stop or escape it everybody had to do as he wanted. Even though they knew it was a pit of hell, they had to jump in, even if they dug it themselves!

Ling-Bao Hall would have to hold the auction. It was a great plan. They were doing a great thing for the country!

The entire Kingdom of Chen was benefited by this auction!

Kingdom of Chen was weaker than its enemies in the four sides. It had to be a long war if Kingdom of Chen wanted to win. Money was absolutely needed a huge amount of money.

Materials, food, weapons, horses, medicines... all required money.

Salaries and pensions also required money!

The fire of the war had flaming in the land of the Kingdom of Chen. There needed to be money to comfort the citizens in the country.



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