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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 333


Chapter 333: Formidable Pride

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It had been a whole night.

Ye Xiao didn't have any rest.

When he withdrew his hands from Bing Xinyue's beautiful skin, he felt something special.

He suppressed that strange feeling right away.

He stood up and blandly spoke, ’’It worked well. We will only need one more time, and it will be completely removed after a half night.’’

’’It is not a good idea to keep going on with it. When it is slower to success, we should be more cautious. Any tiny mistake could lead to a reverse impact. That is extremely dangerous. You can just try to get used to your current situation. I will be back in two days.’’ Ye Xiao smiled blandly and then walked to the door.

He had just made two steps before he suddenly felt dizzy. He nearly fell down on the floor.

It had driven him to his limits to operate the martial art for a whole night.

He had forcibly kept doing it till he had gone over the limitation, and now, he couldn't hold it anymore.

Ye Xiao shook his head and tried to keep himself steady. He looked at Bing Xinyue and smiled. He said, ’’I'm a bit numb in my feet.’’

He sounded so gentle and casual;he wasn't nervous at all.

Bing Xinyue looked at him with complicated emotions. In her eyes, there were special feelings.

[Feng Zhiling has tried to cure me even to the point of risking his life. He has truly done all he could for the night. Now he is so exhausted that he is barely able to stand steady. Why?

This time, the capital is in a huge mess. Things are getting strange and unpredictable, and Feng Monarch is in the middle of the disturbance. Under such circumstances, he cannot be sure about whether he will still be alive tomorrow. Can he?]

And then she realized something, [That is why he tried so hard to remove eighty percent of my illness at one time!

If he is able to, he will deal with the twenty percent in any cost. Apparently, he doesn't have that energy anymore.

He has truly tried his best, and he is now so weak because of it, but he is still explaining to me and trying to relax me. He knows there are countless assassins outside who want to kill him, yet he still promises that he will come for me in two days.

He has said nothing else at all.

He can ask me for help. In his current circumstances, it is quite a reasonable request. Only when he is alive can I have the chance to survive. He didn't bring such fair request at all.

He didn't even mention a word about it.]

Even though he didn't say anything about it, Bing Xinyue couldn't pretend that she didn't know anything.

However, she knew it, so what? Would she really help him?

Of course, she was able to help him. As long as she took some moves, it wouldn't be too hard to solve it all!

How could she face her disciple then?

Helping Feng Monarch meant helping the Kingdom of Chen.

To help the Kingdom of Chen meant to fight against the Kingdom of Lanfeng. How could she explain it to her disciple?

[Besides, she once told me that the House of the Chaotic Storms is the force that keeps pushing everything to the current situation. If I do anything to change the situation, I am enemy to the House of the Chaotic Storms. To declare war against Master Bai will lead to my death and eventually bring disaster to the Misty Cloud Palace!

But... How can I live with the guilt if I don't help him?]

Bing Xinyue was lost in thoughts. She didn't say anything for a while;she was utterly confused.

Feng Zhiling had rested for a while. He felt alright now, so he waved his hand to them and then walked to the door. While walking, he said, ’’I will be back in two days.’’

[Facing the entire martial world, the two kingdoms, and the two great sects, can you... come back really?]

Bing Xinyue was emotionally struggling with self-contradiction. She suddenly said, ’’Wait.’’

Ye Xiao didn't stop;instead, he just said, ’’I know what you want to say. I know what you want to do. Well, you don't need to. I never ask for any returned favors in my life. Don't look down upon me, and not upon yourself. Farewell.’’

[I know it is going to be real tough for me.

But I won't beg for any help. I tried so hard to cure you, because I think I may die in this disturbance.

That is why I want to do it for you in advance.

If I don't do it and if I die, Jun Yinglian will lose her best friend.

As for others...

I am a proud man. Since when have I begged for anything?]

Inside his heart, it was the formidable pride.

[I won't accept it even when you offered your help. Me asking you for help? Never!]

When he talked to Bing Xinyue, he was still in the room. When he finished talking with that last word |farewell’’, he was already in the yard.

Ten meters away it was the door in front of him.

At this moment, he saw somebody.

That was Wenren Chuchu.

It had been just one night since he last met her, but she looked much gaunter now.

She was all soaked by dew, and her clothes were all wet. Her eyes, that had always been sharp, were now dim and fuzzy.

At the moment, she looked up and saw Feng Zhiling. She suddenly trembled. She bit her lip as her eyes were filled with a complicated expression. That was difficult to describe!

Ye Xiao smiled gently and casually said, ’’See you around...’’

He casually waved his hand and then got out of the door.

Behind him, Bing Xinyue, who had chased him out, and Wenren Chuchu were both showing complicated expressions on their faces.

They hadn't said anything for a long while.

Ye Xiao was gone.

Bing Xinyue stepped forward a bit and then stopped. She was quite frustrated, at least, she looked like so as she said, ’’This man is an extremely proud man. He would rather die... than ask for help.’’

Wenren Chuchu spoke with sorrow, ’’If he did... would you help him, master? Would I?’’

Bing Xinyue was stunned;she said, ’’Chuchu, you have to understand. Feng Monarch cannot die no matter what!’’

Wenren Chuchu's eyes became dim for a while. She looked away and tried to bury the pain inside her heart. She softly said, ’’Master, your clothes...’’

Bing Xinyue was surprised and she looked down on her clothes.

She found her clothes in disorder. She was in a bad mood watching Feng Zhiling leave, so she just followed him out right away and didn't notice anything wrong about herself.

She blushed and then tidied up her clothes. She then said, ’’No matter what happens, even if the Kingdom of Chen disappears, we have to keep Feng Zhiling alive. The House of the Chaotic Storms only wants to collapse the kingdom. They are not specially aiming at someone. The difference is...’’

Wenren Chuchu nodded. She took a breath out and said, ’’Master, I know what you mean. I think I need to get back to the Kingdom of Lanfeng this afternoon.’’

Bing Xinyue was surprised and she said, ’’Hmm?’’

Wenren Chuchu bit her own lips. Her face turned pale as she said with a low voice, ’’I really don't want to face all these things here... I want to escape.’’

’’It may be... the only escape I'll do in my life.’’

Wenren Chuchu stared at the door with wooden eyes. Actually, there was nothing there anymore.

Maybe she did it because it was where Feng Zhiling left.



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