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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 332


Chapter 332: All Solved In One Night

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Liu Changjun found it both funny and annoying. He said, ’’I can't believe you have such a good mood to make jokes right now. The situation is most dangerous for us. What is your decision?’’

Ye Xiao stood up;he casually paced for several steps and said, ’’What decision can I make? We defend the attack like we make a bank to keep the flood out. Liu Changjun!’’


Liu Changjun answered, chest out. He was solemn and not nervous at all.

’’When I said a crisis may also be an opportunity, I was not joking. Maybe it is our opportunity this time.’’ Ye Xiao spoke with a serious face, ’’You have been worrying about how we are short for assassins, haven't you? Now there is a great opportunity in front of us. All the top assassins will be here in this city everyone of them. Is it not a gathering of resources for you?’’

Liu Changjun found it funny. [If it is that easy to recruit those top assassins, the world would be much more enjoyable for us.

Those outlaws, they think more of benefits than friendship and loyalty;they love to kill;they are crazy for money. They have different kinds of personalities. How could they become my men while they are trying to take my life?]

’’There are only things that you cannot think of, but nothing that you can not achieve.’’

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, ’’Off you go now. Pay attention to all the moves around Ling-Bao Hall. Keep our place safe first. It is our groundwork. As for further tasks, just wait for my order.’’


Ye Xiao was being too confident.

Liu Changjun trusted him most, so he felt relieved and left.

Ye Xiao watched Liu Changjun disappear in the hole of the floor before the hole itself disappeared. After which, he lost the confidence on his face right away. He didn't say anything for quite a long time, and then he only started to smile bitterly.

[Damn it. Everybody is waiting for my thought. Do I look like a man full of schemes? I wonder where I can find somebody to give me some ideas!]

Ye Xiao was worried and upset. He didn't look so calm and steady anymore.

After a long time, he moved to the door. When he got out of the door, he was not in the appearance of Feng Zhiling.

He would have been assassinated ten times on the street if he showed up as Feng Zhiling!

Only at the moment he reached the entrance of Wenren Chuchu's residence did he change his appearance into Feng Zhiling again.

’’Are you okay these days?’’ Bing Xinyue looked at him and asked with hesitation.

Wenren Chuchu was looking at him too with concerns.

They both were well informed. They knew what was going on in the capital. They knew what would eventually happen, and they knew the pressure on Feng Zhiling must be overwhelming.

’’How can I not be? I am all good. Don't you know I have earned a great one?’’ Ye Xiao smiled like nothing had happened. He was casual. ’’Let's start on curing the disease, shall we? I will be rather busy for the next few days. I may not have time for you two. Luckily, my cultivation have improved these days, so I may be able to go further in curing the disease. For a long time to come, there will be no reverse impact.’’

Wenren Chuchu was clever enough to help Ye Xiao with some practical ideas. If she would like to help him, it would be easy to solve the situation. Even if it couldn't be so easily solved, it would be better. Ye Xiao wouldn't be helpless.

However, there was the pride in the Xiao Monarch's heart.

’’Since when I, Ye Xiao, would need helps from a woman? Besides, this woman wouldn't be happy to help me. We are in different sides. Why should I force others to do something they don't want to. That is not a noble thing to do!’’

Bing Xinyue heard him, but she was trying to avoid eye contact with Ye Xiao.

She and Wenren Chuchu had discussed about it seriously.

Wenren Chuchu was the princess of the Kingdom of Lanfeng after all. She could be a traitor for not stirring disturbance in the Kingdom of Chen, so how could she help Ye Xiao?

In fact, let alone Wenren Chuchu, Bing Xinyue could help him a lot. She was much stronger than any of the strongest cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang. If she backed Ling-Bao Hall up, it would be overwhelming. Ling-Bao Hall would be completely safe;in fact, whoever dared to attack Ling-Bao Hall would be killed instantly. All cultivators in this world meant nothing to her!

However, she couldn't do it. To protect Ling-Bao Hall meant to be against the House of the Chaotic Storms. Bing Xinyue knew what Master Bai represented. If she messed with him, she would get herself killed and also draw disaster to the Misty Cloud Palace!

Besides, it meant she was standing opposite to her own disciple. The more she helped Feng Zhiling, the more people in her disciple's country would die.

It was an unsolvable problem.

However, she was unable to stop herself from helping Feng Zhiling when she herself was accepting a favor from him.

That feeling was hard to bear for her.


The whole night, Wenren Chuchu stood under the flower tree in the yard alone. She looked at the sky for a long time as a lot of thoughts bothered her mind.

The dew had soaked her clothes, yet she didn't do anything to avoid it.

Feng Zhiling was in desperate situation;Wenren Chuchu could see it in sight. She knew that it was the House of the Chaotic Storms that pushed everything to the current situation.

In fact, even if she did whatever she could to help Ye Xiao, it wouldn't help.

It was the truth. It was reality!

However, Wenren Chuchu knew that even if there was such a good excuse to not help him, even though nobody could pick any problem in that excuse, excuse was an excuse. Even though nobody would blame her, how could she live with the guilt in her heart!

She might fail if she tried to help, but it was a completely different story if she didn't offer help!

However, she was meant to be enemy to the Kingdom of Chen. She could never help her enemy.

That was a good excuse that could persuade herself!

However, excuse was excuse. It was just a more powerful one. That was all!

It was late at night.

There was only one room in light in the yard.

The light was on for a whole night.

Ye Xiao was trying his best to solve Bing Xinyue's problem in this room.

He had improved two grades now, and his East-rising Purple Qi had reached the second level. It was much easier to solve Bing Xinyue's problem now, and it worked better than before.

It saved more than five times the time compared to last time!

He would have to operate the martial art dozens of times to clear all the death qi in Bing Xinyue before, but he actually spent only one night to clear eighty percent of it now!

There was only twenty percent remaining inside Bing Xinyue. Even if Ye Xiao died and couldn't continue the process, Bing Xinyue wouldn't have any problem in cultivation for hundreds of years.

When it was dawn, Ye Xiao withdrew his hands, completely exhausted.



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