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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 331


Chapter 331: A Valuable Head

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’’Moreover, the auction in Ling-Bao Hall this time has created a legend in the history of auctions. We earned the favor from the king of the Kingdom of Chen, however, the 70 billion that we gave the Kingdom of Chen has caused some long and serious impacts. The three kingdoms in the Land of Han-Yang are at war. What we did was to show the world that we had chosen to stand by the side of Kingdom of Chen. The 70 billion pissed off the other two kingdoms seriously. They are both furious about it, so the assassins from those two kingdoms are coming over to end our lives.’’

’’Furthermore, the reward that the Kingdom of Chen gave us pushed Ling-Bao Hall to the edge of the blade.’’

’’There were over ten thousand superior cultivators in the martial world that were gathered by the auction in the capital. During these several days, none of them left the city. Now, there are over thirty thousand superior cultivators... It is apparently not the end of it. There will be much more coming over.’’

’’According to the official intelligence and the analysis of our own intelligence network, there are more than five thousand assassins rushing over from the two other kingdoms. Besides, there are much more cultivators coming for the reward.’’

’’For the present situation, the Kingdom of Chen is the enemy to all other kingdoms, while Ling-Bao Hall is enemy to everybody in the world. As for you, everybody wants to kill you!’’

’’Now, the Chen-Xing City has become a powder barrel that is filled with gun powders. It looks peaceful in appearance, but things will get real nasty when it bursts with a fire spark.’’

’’When I said that everybody wants to kill you, it was not a joke. On the reward list for assassination in the Land of Han-Yang... My lord... You are the No. 1!’’ Liu Changjun was a bit upset as he continued, ’’The name of Feng Zhiling corresponds with the Feng Monarch... though we both know it makes no difference. The Kingdom of Lanfeng has put half a billion for the head of Feng monarch! So has the Kingdom of Tianyu! Besides, the royal families of the two kingdoms have both put money in it, and that makes the number greatly increase. The reward for your head is reaching two billion, and the number is going up! Every second, there is a certain amount of money being put on the reward. In simpler words, every assassin wants your head right now...’’

Liu Changjun explained everything about the current situation.

Ye Xiao was speechless about it.

[I just want to make some money. Why did it turn into some world war?

How am I supposed to deal with such a messy situation?]

’’I never expected my head to be so valuable. I am just trying to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Chen and do some proper donation to my own country. Why is everybody aiming at me...’’ Ye Xiao rubbed his head and murmured, ’’That reward, that is a huge money. Even I want to cut off my head for that money...’’

Liu Changjun was stunned, not knowing what to say at all.

If someone else was wanted dead with such a high reward, he would be scared to death. He would at least be nervous and terrified.

However, Liu Changjun found that Feng Monarch was actually a bit happy about it, and he wasn't just acting...

[I wonder how his brain had grown like this. How could he be so indifferent...]

’’Two billion... If one of those assassins is lucky enough to have my head, is he really going to get the reward? Can he carry such an amount of money with him? If he can, how is he supposed to spend it...’’ Ye Xiao spoke in sad voice. He frowned and acted like he was feeling sorry for the one who might have his head.

Liu Changjun was speechless.

’’So, I decided to keep my head to myself, so that they won't be bothered by such a problem,’’ Ye Xiao spoke in a serious tone.

Even though he was saying things indifferently, he was thinking about how to deal with the current situation.

It had become really nasty now.

He really didn't know that the auction he held for making money actually put him and Ling-Bao Hall in such a dangerous situation!

[Hmm. Wait! For the great amount of money as the reward for cutting of my head, all the assassins gathered here aiming at Feng Zhiling. Everybody is afraid that they will be killed if they recklessly leave the city. These are all reasonable things to happen.

But why would those forces pay attention to the Ling-Bao Hall?

That is unreasonable. First of all, Ling-Bao Hall has no other supreme dan beads. There is no valuable target in there. Second, the important one, after the auction, everybody knew that Ling-Bao Hall is well connected with the House of the Chaotic Storms. They should think that we are allies, otherwise, how could Master Bai and Wan of the Clouds be so mean to the two great sects. They were apparently doing it for Ling-Bao Hall. If people still have fear for House of the Chaotic Storms, they shouldn't have locked on Ling-Bao Hall like this!


Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts, and then he suddenly figured something out. He couldn't help but make a bitter smile.

[That bastard Master Bai must have seen this in advance. He intentionally caused this situation. No wonder he promised to help me so easily. He even forced the two great sects out of the auction on his name.

He let the two great sects gain nothing. Since the two great sects gained nothing, that is the key to all that is currently happening.]

Ye Xiao would rather cut his head off than believe that the House of the Chaotic Storms didn't play any schemes.

He thought that Master Bai must have informed those forces other than the Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect that Ling-Bao Hall and the House of the Chaotic Storms were no allies!

Otherwise, no one would dare to spy on Ling-Bao Hall like this!

’’He really is a thousand years old fox!’’

Ye Xiao had to admit that he was too far below Master Bai's league on playing schemes. Five of him wouldn't be as good as that thousand years old schemer.

Who could solve such a terrible situation right now then?

Who could give Ye Xiao any ideas about how to solve it all?

Ye Xiao was thinking about it.

’’Wan Zhenghao is nervous like hell these days. He may break down at any second... There is a 300 million reward on his head! Wan is sighing all day... It is too much a pressure on him indeed,’’ Liu Changjun said.

Ye Xiao coughed and said, ’’A crisis can sometimes also be an opportunity. After this, Wan will absolutely lose weight. It may be a great thing for him!’’



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