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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 330


Chapter 330: Lord Xiao Came Out

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Ye Xiao felt something really strange the moment he walked out of the door.

On the street in front of the House of Ye, he felt a lot of spiritual minds filling the air. He had just walked about a dozen steps, yet he felt like like waves were rolling and crossing on the street.

For ordinary people, it was no different than any normal street. For cultivators, the depression and the feeling of being peeped on made every cultivator who walked across there feel scary and nervous, like his enemy was getting close to him!

As he walked closer to the Ling-Bao Hall, the feeling got stronger.

After walking for a while, he had to stop.

He was stunned there, thinking.

[How come? Ling-Bao Hall actually became a focal spot. Why?]

Ye Xiao thought that since the auction was over, everybody should pay attention to those who had gained the supreme dan beads. Ling-Bao Hall had sold out all that people wanted the most, so it should become a blank area in people's sights.

Besides, during the auction, the House of the Chaotic Storms, Wan of the Clouds, and even Master Bai were showing positive attitude to Ling-Bao Hall. Nobody should still be watching Ling-Bao Hall!

Ye Xiao was confused. Suddenly, he was enlightened, and then he frowned. It seemed he figured out something.

He walked forward faster.

He made several turns and then came out from somewhere dark. When he came out, he was no longer Lord Ye. He was Feng Monarch now. He kept walking casually and then made several turns again and then disappeared.

There was a small shop.

It was a tailor's shop.

It seemed the shop was getting through a tough time. There was only a silver-haired old guy with almost blind eyes sitting at the door waiting for customers.

There would be some women coming for it occasionally. The shop couldn't make much money, but the old man seemed rather satisfied about the present situation. As such an old man, he wouldn't ask for more but only food to feed himself and bed to shelter himself...

Nobody knew that there was a secret room inside this small tailor's shop.

Feng Monarch was quietly sitting inside that room with a cup of tea in his hand. He was frowning.

Suddenly, steady rhythmical sounds of knocking sounded under the floor.

Ye Xiao lightly stomped somewhere on the floor with his foot, and suddenly, a hole showed up on the floor, with Liu Changjun suddenly getting up from it.

’’My lord.’’ Liu Changjun got down on one knee and saluted to Ye Xiao.

Not like how he dealt with Wan Zhenghao, he treated Ye Xiao with extreme respect.

Since Ye Xiao recruited Liu Changjun and taught him something he needed, he became greatly improved, learning many kinds of secret martial arts in the process. He was far stronger than he used to be, even though he was still in the same cultivation level. The only thing holding him back was that he had cultivated those martial arts for just a short time, but with all that he had learnt recently, he could be one of the best cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang now.

Other than that, Liu Changjun had become the head of Ye Xiao's under strappers. All the assassins that had been recruited were under his command. The power in his hands even made Wan Zhenghao jealous.

Liu Changjun was worthy of Ye Xiao's trust and respect. Every order from Ye Xiao was completed well. He had never hesitate about any missions he had gotten.

In Ye Xiao's mind, Wan Zhenghao was only No. 2 of the most able man he had, and Liu Changjun was No. 1!

’’What is going on in the capital? Why are there so many waves? They are all pointing at Ling-Bao Hall! How come!’’ Ye Xiao asked, frowning.

Liu Changjun wanted to say something, but he didn't. After a while, he said, ’’The reason was surely the auction this time.’’

Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes and said, ’’Hmm? What is it? Details!’’

Ye Xiao had been a great cultivator who had marvelous skills, but he wasn't a man with schemes and tricks. Otherwise, he wouldn't end up to be alone all his life.

This was his second life, yet he was still not so improved on that. He had felt something wrong, but he didn't quite see clear of it.

’’Thing is...’’ Liu Changjun said, ’’The supreme dan beads we sold this time... It is a huge number indeed. This time, the powerful ones didn't get them all by suppressing others. The dan beads were all sold in a fair way. The supreme dan beads were sold in enormous prices. Many people do not have that much money to get lots of the dan beads, and thus, every faction has some dan beads. It should be a good thing that everybody get something, but people are always greedy. The ones who got less than they wanted are trying to have more. Those who got a lot want to keep the dan beads safe, and they still want more. Those who get nothing are seeking other ways to get to the dan beads. They all wish they could get the dan beads by paying nothing...’’

Ye Xiao was surprised. ’’Ah? Is that real?’’

People's greediness was surely beyond Ye Xiao's imagination. Those who got nothing wanted to get some, while those who got something wanted to get more. For Ye Xiao, although supreme dan beads had exorbitant prices, they were still dan beads;it wasn't that special for him. For others, however, it was something they couldn't have enough. They would always want more, let alone those who hadn't get anything!

Liu Changjun sighed. ’’Besides, the two great sects failed to get even a single dan bead this time. A lot of supreme dan beads have shown up this time, so it will surely draw a lot of superior cultivators to come. As time passes, the positions of the great sects may be challenged, so they surely don't want to leave the city. Since the two great sects won't leave the city, none of the others dare to leave. Everybody knows that if any of them stepped out of the city, they will be caught up and killed. None of them can be confident about escaping the strikes from the two great sects. They wouldn't have a chance to escape indeed.’’

’’What they can do now is to wait for their people to come. When their families or sects come, they will be strengthened. When that happens, even if anybody wants to catch them and kill them, it will harm both sides. That will make the great sect hesitate about it and make a cautious decision.’’

’’By the way, there is people saying that the Boundless Saint of the Boundless Lake has come to the Chen-Xing City. He didn't show up in the auction though. If it is true, he must be waiting for something... What he is waiting, what he wants, is clearly the same thing that the two great sects want.’’



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