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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 327


Chapter 327: I See You!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Wenren Chuchu could only grit with her teeth when she knew no one could find Feng Zhiling. [Feng Zhiling, you have time to waste for sure, but I don't!] What Ling-Bao Hall did had turned the situation of the war. Things became worse for the enemies of the Kingdom of Chen. Kingdom of Lanfeng was exactly one of those enemies. Wenren Chuchu was the princess of the Kingdom of Lanfeng. She was so worried and she truly didn't have time to waste now!

Bing Xinyue was quite calm. She was steady and quiet, although she too wanted Feng Monarch to show up again in front of her.

Bing Xinyue clearly knew that the reason why she wanted so... was not the disease of her!


Every force was taking moves. Everybody was cautious.

A strange thing was that the House of the Chaotic Storms, who had declared that they would stir up the waves of the world, actually had been silent for days. They had done nothing at all.

They didn't even care about the war.

They even recalled their men outside.

It was really a confusing move. Nobody knew what Master Bai was trying to do.

For thousands of years, it was told generation to generation that once the House of the Chaotic Storms started to stir the Land of Han-Yang, they would just do it fast and destroy the target quickly! They always did!

This time, the target was apparently the Kingdom of Chen. Kingdom of Chen had fallen into four sides surrounding. However, one after another unexpected thing happened, and even the House of the Chaotic Storms disappeared!

What did that mean?

Who could made Master Bai, the House of the Chaotic Storms, make such a decision?

The leaves of the bamboo forest were blown, and it was like waves on the sea.

Master Bai was calm. He sat on the wheelchair like he always did. He stared at the bamboo forest. There was a smile on his face, and it seemed nothing was troubling him.

He didn't say a word. It felt like he had become a part of the bamboo forest and the mountains.

He integrated himself with the nature, and he breathed together with the sun and the moon!

He stopped thinking about the world affairs. Even the Heavenly Mystery didn't show up in his mind.

He was like a hidden sage who had seen through all secrets of life. He just admired the beautiful scene of the bamboo forest in front of him and praised the blessing from the nature.

A levitating figure came over stepping on the leaves of the bamboo forest. She saw Master Bai was enjoying the view, so she didn't want to bother him. She just quietly stood by his side without saying anything. She enjoyed the view with him.

It was just a short time, yet their minds had become in a perfect conjunction.

It breezed to the bamboo forest and made sounds. The sounds of the leaves made them feel incredibly in peace.

After a long while, Master Bai started to laugh gently. He said, ’’Wan-Er, your mind state has improved. I am happy about it.’’

It was exactly Wan of the Clouds standing there. She softly answered, ’’It was a good luck. Thanks to Master Bai. You told me to step forward on the day of the auction. My mind state was messed a bit at that moment. That martial world spirit returned to me for a moment... and because of that, my mind state improved unexpectedly.’’

Master Bai smiled blandly and said, ’’That is right. It is because the temporary change of your personality gives you the opportunity. Actually, Wan-Er, you should know that you are too soft. Because you are too gentle and kind, there is some sense of weakness in you. Living in the martial world, you shouldn't be weak. You cannot even look weak. That sense of weakness on you may be a good thing for normal women, but it shouldn't be in you.’’

’’It doesn't suit Lady Wan-Er in the House of the Chaotic Storm!’’

Wan-Er answered, ’’Hmm.’’

’’So, you have to change. However, you naturally don't like fighting. You hate violence and blood. Every time when you are reborn with me, you need to start over. Although you just need a special moment to finish changing, it is still against the nature.’’

’’It is against your free will.’’

’’So you are not happy about it.’’

’’So you never really change your nature.’’

Master Bai took a breath out. He looked gentle. ’’Personally, I really like the softness of you. The toughness of a hero and the softness of a beauty are a perfect pair. It feels like a beautiful wife serving her scholar husband at night. It feels so good.’’

’’I like that feeling.’’

’’If I can recover to my perfect condition, there will be no one who can defeat me. When that day comes, of course you can just be a soft and gentle beaut, and I will just enjoy it.’’

’’But... not now.’’

Master Bai held her hands gently and said, ’’You and me, neither of us want you to make such a change. However, I have to let you do it because of this special situation.’’

Wan-Er felt warmth in her heart. She leaned on Master Bai's chest and said with happiness, ’’Please, Master... I don't feel even a bit grievance. I will make any change for you. I am more than satisfied to stay with you. I have nothing else to dream of...’’

’’Don't worry, Master. For your great plan, I will make whatever change that it requires me to.’’

Master Bai reached out a hand to hold her waist. ’’I see you.’’

He paused and continued, ’’You see me too.’’

Wan-Er's tears came out fast. She spoke with quivering voice, ’’Master...’’ She suddenly turned to him face to face and desperately kissed on his lips...

They stepped apart after a long while.

Master Bai's pretty face that had always been calm showed up red. It made him look more handsome and cute. Looking at the scene in front, he said, ’’Wan-Er, look. My favorite plant is bamboo. The thing I love to do the most is to see the bamboo leaves falling and flying in the air... through the wind, the rain, the fog, the snow...’’

’’I would like to hold a glass of wine and look at the bamboo forest when it is snowing. I would like to hold a cup of tea and listen to the sound of the bamboo forest in the summer... Those are the most pleasant days for me.’’



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