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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 326


Chapter 326: Can't Bear It Anymore!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

All in all, a lot of people suddenly rushed into the Kingdom of Chen. There were a lot more hurrying on the way...

The city had become a huge powder barrel!

There might be a time when somebody made a spark in the city, and the entire city would be blown up to the sky!

Under such circumstances, the king became anxious after just a short time of happiness.

Although the king stayed in the royal house, he still felt unsafe deeply, as there were so many superior cultivators from all over the Land of Han-Yang inside the kingdom.

[What the hell is this.]

Every night before he went to bed, he touched his head and neck. [Am I still alive?] The next day when he got up, he took a deep breath. [A brand new day. Hell yeah, I am still alive!]

Who knew what a torture it was to a king!

Even though he was a man with broad mind and a man who had experienced battles and was skillful in fighting, he still felt anxious and depressed facing such a dangerous situation. He was worried, anxious, and frowning all day long.

[Since when a king has to be so cautious? What the hell is this all about?]

’’This is such a historically weird stuff!’’ The king fiercely cursed, ’’I should be a terribly special king in the history! I really want to screw everything up!’’


Ling-Bao Hall received a lot of resources from all those forces during the days. They were earning huge a lot!

As the biggest salesroom in the Land of Han-Yang, Ling-Bao Hall had a rarely large storage for sure.

Especially after Feng Monarch cleared it up earlier, it had a capacity of a huge lot of things.

However, even so, within four days, the storage was filled up quickly!

Feng Monarch had taken away those Space Rings when he left last time.

What was unluckier was that Feng Monarch had disappeared for days. Things arrived but Wan Zhenghao couldn't find any space to put them. He was anxious. Those that were delivered later could only be placed in the yard outside the storage.

Whoever saw this were stunned.

[That is amazing! So many precious resources are placed there. So many treasures that the noble clans and big sects collected for years are just place outdoor. What is this about?!

That is the one who has wealth speaks louder than others!

That is showing off!]

Wan Zhenghao was wronged. [I am not showing off. Come on. There is no room in the storage. I have to do it this way!]

People didn't buy it. They didn't believe him. [Oh fxxk it. If this is not showing off, what you are saying now must be!]

Wan Zhenghao was upset.

Luckily... it was nearly finished.

The last strongpoint of those families and sects was that they kept their promises.

At the beginning, Wan Zhenghao just felt worried. [Why is Feng Monarch not here?]

And then Wan Zhenghao just cried!

He finally realized something. This time in this auction, he actually had put himself into a hornet's nest!

That was such a terrible hornet's nest. It was totally beyond the limitation of Wan Zhenghao could bear... thousands of times!

When he heard what people were talking about, he cried. He cried out loud immediately. Tears came out like spring water.

’’I don't think I can go on with this life anymore...’’ he cried out loud.

An over 500 kilograms man sat on the floor stretching two legs clapping the floor crying. Who had seen such a scene?

Liu Changjun was going to comfort him with a few words, something like ’’everything is going to be fine... I am here with you...’’.

However, when he got in the door and saw a huge pile of meat crying, goosebumps formed on his skin. He couldn't say a word and just left right away.

[What the hell!

That is gross!

Even if things go beyond our control, it would be no worse than death we have to face. You have lived thousands of years. Do you really have to do this?

It is our own place! What the fxxk do you fear for?

Even if we have to die, you will be the last one!]

Liu Changjun was disdainful about it, so he just ignored it!


Go ahead! Just cry to the end of your life!

I wonder how your tears saves your life!]


During this time, the native forces in the Chen-Xing City couldn't even dare to make sounds loudly. They were like wives that had done something wrong to their husbands. They just didn't want to recklessly get involved into some disasters. Even those young people from the royal house, those princes, didn't dare to go out a lot. They were so cautious and didn't do anything that could be wrong.

They had thought of ’’recruiting some martial forces’’, but now such an idea was completely gone like a fart disappearing in a typhoon.

They all knew what things were. They knew it was inordinate ambitions, so they didn't bring it up anymore.

Those who gave them such advices all got reproached. ’’What the fxxk. What kind of suggestion you are proposing to us. It is pushing me to death...’’

Not all the young men from the court were acting cautiously. Zuo Wuji became vibrant somehow.

He hung around with Chen Zhi nearly everyday.

He was just a young lord of an official's family. He wasn't that noted anyway. Nobody really cared about what he was doing. Zuo Wuji took the opportunity to sort out all the things he had heard, seen and learned during the time...

He analyzed everything and gradually got to know how this world outside this kingdom was running.

Chen Zhi had brighten his sight too.


During the few days, Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu were also looking for Feng Zhiling.

Wenren Chuchu surely wanted Feng Zhiling to cure her master, so she could have time to return to the Kingdom of Lanfeng quickly. She wanted to do something for her country and her family during the last period of time she had in the Land of Han-Yang...

However, after the auction, Feng Zhiling was gone. Nobody knew where he was. He seemed to have vanished in the world. There was completely no sign of him. No one could contact him anymore.



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