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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 325


Chapter 325: Full of Assassins

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Compared to the Wolf King, Ye Nantian was even more depressed...

That had been such a great opportunity for him to set the Grassland Wolf up. He could have destroyed them all and made the north land return to peace for dozens of years.

The unexpected heavy rain suddenly extended the war in the north!

It wouldn't make any difference for just Ye Nantian's battle, however, the kingdom was surrounded by enemies and the kingdom expected him to defeat the Grassland Wolf quickly and go to support other battles!

Luckily, the rainstorm wasn't just in the north. In the west and the east, Kingdom of Chen was in absolute inferior position. The armies were in danger. Because of the rainstorm, it delayed the enemies attack plan. The flood ruined many of the camps of both sides.

In such a terrible situation, both sides were forced to make a ceasefire. They were all looking for the troops that were missing because of the flood. It turned into a truce period. That was extremely rare.

The commanders of the enemies were both furious. They were so angry, however, they could do nothing about the nature's disaster.

Kingdom of Chen luckily got a chance to take a breath.

[Such a good opportunity! It just went away?]

Zhan Qianshan, the No. 1 military god in the Kingdom of Tianyu was nearly ill because of it.

It was just... so annoying.

A great victory had been so close to him. It was just right in front of him, however, a rainstorm showed up like there was suddenly a huge hole in the sky...

[Is the god blessing the Kingdom of Chen?!]

When the rainstorm stopped and the battle returned to a usual situation, a horrible news got to him. The Kingdom of Chen suddenly got over 70 billion military expenditure!

[Seventy... billion?!]

Such a good news thrilled up the entire army of the Kingdom of Chen. The soldiers were so excited and encouraged. They could even face and fight against a dragon if they had to!

Facing such an army, the enemy should better just avoid direct fights. If they forcibly started a fight, they would have to be the one who lost more soldiers for sure.

The worst situation for the enemy was that they could have been crushed down all at once if they were careless!

They wouldn't want to take that risk.

Thus, the enemies in both the east and west started their defensive strategy instead of seeking fights all the time like they had been doing!

As for the south battle...

It was an extremely balanced situation!

Both sides were in peace!

They didn't have place to start a fight at all.

The four battles were all stuck in a weird situation, no matter for what reason.

For all the enemies of the Kingdom of Chen, it was a worrying situation!

They were anxious like hell.

The reason was simple. They fought in four directions, so it would be better for them to finish the war sooner. Things would get worse for them as time passed. The Kingdom of Chen was trying to make the war into a protracted war. That was their only hope to win the war. Now that the Kingdom of Chen got a 70 billion funding, it was like a mountain crashing down on the enemies. The battles had changed. The enemies were feeling depressed now. They knew they would never be able to win now as the Kingdom of Chen could hold on for an unbelievably long time!

They were short in financial conditions!

All the enemies started to hate the Ling-Bao Hall!

[Freaking hell!

What is it to you a small salesroom? It is the war between nations and the alternation of different generations! How dare you put your hand into the world's affair? You really are going to have some real trouble!

You have caused such troubles for us already!

You deserve death!]

The hunting lists of those kingdoms were added several names permanently!

Feng Zhiling was surely the first one!

Wan Zhenghao was the second!

Ling-Bao Hall knew that they wouldn't be welcomed anymore in other countries, so they had secretly ended the businesses in other countries. The branches were still there, but they were just empty places. Thus, even if those kingdoms wanted to mess with Ling-Bao Hall, they just didn't have a way to.

The branches were fine because those kingdoms wouldn't destroy any empty places. To let the branches stay would show their generousness after all!

Ling-Bao Hall, the powerful association that was marked with the name of Kingdom of Chen, stayed still around the Land of Han-Yang. It was a marvelous scene!

Those kingdoms didn't do anything about Ling-Bao Hall's branches, but they did try to deal with the ones who were in charge of Ling-Bao Hall. Countless assassins were sent from different kingdoms. They were all dressed in disguise and went to Chen-Xing City!

Those kingdoms had placed large prices for Feng Zhiling and Wan Zhenghao's heads! They were determined to get them killed!

The total amount of the prices was a world shocking number!

’’No matter what it takes, we have to kill those two bastards!’’ The prince of the Kingdom of Lanfeng, the war god Wenren Jianyin angrily shouted, ’’Smash their bodies! Wipe out their clans!’’

’’Even their death couldn't set my heart in relief!’’ Zhan Qianshan gritted with his teeth and said, ’’Whatever price it takes, I will see them dead!’’

Many of the nobility in the Kingdom of Tianyu and Kingdom of Lanfeng hated Ling-Bao Hall!

’’Offer a reward to take their lives!’’

’’Offer a long-lasting reward for their heads! I won't stop unless they die!’’

What a horrible bounty post!

Both kingdoms had post the rewards. All the nobility of the two kingdoms took part in it!

They all wanted to give their money.

That reward statement meant no matter who killed Feng Zhiling, all the reward would go to him alone!

Under the drive of the terribly huge bounty, all the assassins in the world gathered to the Chen-Xing City like flies that smelled sh*t!



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