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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 324


Chapter 324: More Chaotic!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Besides things around Lan Langlang, there were other waves in the capital.

The auction was finished. Hundreds of supreme dan beads were sold. Those forces didn't all leave town right away. They all stayed in the city.

Nobody expected that to happen.

The reason was simple though. The hundreds of dan beads were all bought. After the auction, everybody knew who got how many dan beads.

When they were outside the salesroom, they got rid of the control of the House of the Chaotic Storms. Those who failed to get the dan beads wanted to get some, those who had some wanted more, and those who got a lot were afraid to be robbed. They were all taking moves for their own profits.

Some powerful ones had started to rob. When they found somebody left the city with supreme dan beads, they followed them, killed them and got what they wanted!

Under such a terrible situation, those who were weak but had bought the dan beads didn't dare to leave. How could they?

In such a stalemate, the clans and the sects all sent their good men to the city to support their men!

Surely, they said they were coming to make the payment to Ling-Bao Hall. How could they not send as many people as they could to protect what they were delivering. It was simply an excuse. They used such an excuse to send lots of their superior cultivators to the capital. They aimed for different things. Some of them were here to guard the supreme dan beads that they were taking home. Some of them were here to rob. Even some of them had both purposes!

All in all, the capital didn't return to peace just because the auction ended. In fact, it was getting more chaotic.

Endless superior cultivators getting into the city...

Everybody was ostensibly fine with each other. The city seemed to be in peace, but in fact, waves never stopped.

The two great sects were the more aggressive ones.

They got nothing from the auction, and they only got humiliated by Master Bai. They were ashamed. They even got kicked out of the auction, yet they didn't leave the city.

They were staying in the city and now there were more cultivators getting over...

What were the great sects doing in the city? Everybody with a clear mind knew it.

The House of the Chaotic Storms could surely humiliate them, but it didn't mean that they were soft and weak.

In fact, for ordinary people in the martial world, they were still in a high position!

They were the great sects after all!

They still had overwhelming power!

Everybody was worried about the current situation.

Nobody dared to leave.

There were different kinds of people in the city;they were all restraining each other. Nobody dared to take a reckless move. The situation was in a weird balance.

Everybody knew that it wouldn't last long.

When the balance was broken, smell of blood would fill the air.

The king of the Kingdom of Chen got over 70 billion incomes. He felt no financial pressure anymore. The royal treasury had never been more enriched. He could afford fifty more years of war now.

The king was so happy that when he received the money. He picked up the brush pen himself to write the plaque for Ling-Bao Hall. It said ’’The Best Hall In Chen’’.

It made Wan Zheng-Hao shout ’’long live the king’’. Everybody in the Ling-Bao Hall was happy.

In fact, he was doing it only to show respect to the king. Ling-Bao Hall might not be able to defeat the Sunlight Sect or the Starlight Sect, but they were powerful enough to deal with the Kingdom of Chen. If it wasn't for Ye Xiao's connection, Wan Zhenghao wouldn't think much about the praise from the royal family. He might just be polite to them and that was all.

Ling-Bao Hall had many branches all over the Land of Han-Yang. They had branch in each country. Generally, they should be an independent association that showed no loyalty to any kingdom. They were simply merchants. This time, they pleased the Kingdom of Chen, but at the same time, offended all other kingdoms. In fact, they lost more than they had gained!

They might lose even more than money. If Ling-Bao Hall could only stand in the Kingdom of Chen, they would eventually lose all their influence. If the king of the kingdom wanted more money from Ling-Bao Hall and tried to merger Ling-Bao Hall, he only needed to find whatever an excuse to take Ling-Bao Hall down. Ling-Bao Hall would collapse!

Now they were safe though. Ling-Bao Hall and the Kingdom of Chen were in a perfect relationship at the moment. They wouldn't suddenly become enemies. Ling-Bao Hall's great wealth and their relationship with the House of the Chaotic Storms were more than enough to suppress all other forces. Besides, Ye Xiao was the hidden key of a special relation between Ling-Bao Hall and Kingdom of Chen. It was impossible for them to turn against each other!

The king got the easy money. Officials were getting good pay. People in the military departments all felt proud and confident. They were preparing to spend the money.

They wanted food, horses, arrows and bows, weapons, clothes, salary for soldiers, everything they might need to use...

Everybody in the country, including those soldiers in the battles, heard the news and felt jubilant.

The situation of the war was getting better now as the kingdom had a lot of money to support its soldiers. Soldiers wouldn't have to just hide behind the trenches, always defending.

In the north, Ye Nantian hadn't shown up in sights of the enemies since he returned to the battle. He was waiting for an opportunity to fight back and destroy the enemy once and for all. However, there was a heavy rain earlier which made the grassland drown.

The army of the Grassland Wolf couldn't make any attack at all.

It seemed to them that even though they Ye Nantian was not in the battle, they still couldn't attack. The King Hu Lun of the Grassland Wolf could do nothing but only sigh. What a waste!

He just felt it a great pity.

He didn't know that if it wasn't for the rain, his army would have all died, since Ye Nantian was hiding somewhere and planning to wipe them up.

The Wolf King sighed. He didn't know the rain had saved his army.

They wouldn't die so soon at least...



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