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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 323


Chapter 323: Lord Lan Escaped by a Crafty Scheme!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Thinking about the hidden wound that wasn't fully cured in Song Jue and the hidden wound that hadn't shown effect in his father, Ye Nantian, thinking about the this dangerous martial world that was full of tricks, thinking about all the blood and death he might have to face in the future...

This spectacularly marvelous skill was good enough for everybody to dream about.

Ye Xiao was lucky to have it, yet he had nearly made a huge mistake by putting it away. That was how he had his view of the important overshadowed by the trivial!

Ye Xiao took a deep breath. He operated the Yang Eye and looked at Bing-Er's body.

After feeling an itchiness that he was familiar with in his eyes, a gorgeous naked body showed up in his sight...

- Puff! -

Ye Xiao was trying his best not to let the blood rush out from his nose. He kept looking at Bing-Er's breasts... He was trying to see through the skin.

As expected, his view was getting deeper...

After a while, he saw a flashing mass of red. Apparently, he had seen through the skin and watched the blood flowing...

It was what Ye Xiao expected, so he was more concentrated on the Yang Eye. He wanted to do more. He wanted to learn the mystery of human body. However, he couldn't see deeper than this.

He took a deep breath in and stopped the Yin Yang Eyes slowly. He thought, [My Yin Yang Eyes is in an initial level, so I can only see this deep. Maybe I am still too weak for that. I guess I will be able to see through the entire human body as long as I focus on cultivation for a while.]

[When that day comes, the hidden wound in Uncle Song or the one in my father, all painful illness will be cured with the help of my Yang Eye. In the future, a fight in the battle or a combat in the war, this skill will help me a lot.]

So he thought, his eyes became brighter. He was more and more thrilled.

As his point of view changed, he felt that this skill that he had been disdainful with was actually some super powerful technique!

After all, he was the only person who had such a fantastic skill in the world, even in the universe!

Nobody knew about it.

He could use this skill to conquer every land! He would take all advantages.

As he thought about these, he couldn't help laughing.

He was laughing in a wretched way though...

At this moment, he suddenly thought about someday, maybe he would meet his Lian Lian again...


I can't think about it further.]

He was going to bleed in the nose again.

A man should never be always thinking about dirty stuff! It was wrong to even imagine!

At the moment, Bing-Er was looking at her Brother Xiao with concerns. She didn't know why Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts and smiled like a fool again. She was worried and she thought, [Why is he smiling so... weirdly. It feels like... flirting... It makes me blush and embarrassed, but I kind of like it...]


After that, Ye Xiao spent one whole day to cultivate the Yin Yang Eyes at home. He thought that since he had learnt the greatness of this skill, he should take time to cultivate it as soon as possible. The earlier he improved it, the more benefit he would get from it!

Thus, he stayed at home for four and a half days in total.

It was the most peaceful time since Ye Xiao was reborn!

However, he didn't know, during the four and half a days, many things had happened.


After Lan Langlang got the dan beads from Feng Monarch, the night of the same day, he gathered three hundred guards to disguise themselves and leave for the south battle fast at night.

Apparently, he wanted to deliver the dan beads to his father as soon as he could.

When he returned to his house that afternoon, he told everybody, ’’In three days, I will find some good men to send the dan beads to my father.’’

But when the night fell, he didn't even look for anybody. He just picked some guys in the house and left, leaving the ’’three days’’ behind.

That was a nice scheme. [When I am looking for stronger men, my enemy will look for stronger men against me too. No matter when I leave, there is danger ahead of me! I should better leave sooner than later.

I shall prepare nothing.

Go straight away!

Speed is too important in war!

When people think that I will be leaving in three days, I will be on half my way already!]

Lan Langlang was playing some bravo schemes.

Wenren Chuchu was planning to catch up with them and kill them in the first day. However, she had been with Bing Xinyue all the time. She thought it must be improper to do official business when she was with Bing Xinyue. Besides, she thought that he would have to gather more good men to guard such precious treasures...

It was such an important task after all. No one dared to be reckless on this.

However, Lan Langlang did. He just did something unexpected.

When Wenren Chuchu sent somebody to watch the South General's House the next day, Lan Langlang had been three hundred miles far away. When Wenren Chuchu's men made sure Lord Lan was truly gone, it was already the fourth day!

At that time, Lan Langlang was already three thousand miles away from the capital. Wenren Chuchu wanted to do it easily, but she just couldn't anymore.

Even if she sent a letter to get people to stop him, it would still be too late.

Wenren Chuchu was furious about this.

She scolded those spies that she had sent to the South General's House, ’’What the hell do you think you are doing? A man is gone with hundreds of people. You spent three freaking days to figure it out! You are simply a bunch of pigs! That is insulting pigs, to be honest! You are worse than pigs!’’

The spies all showed green faces. They just kept their head low while listening to her. In their hearts, they knew they were wronged.

[That foppish guy did say that he would find some good men to send the dan beads. He said it was a safe plan. The House of Lan has been recruiting men during the three days. It looks like they are preparing. How can we know it is a scheme?]

When things were clear to everybody, it was too late for Wenren Chuchu's side.

Who knew that a foppish young lord from the ’’three lords in town’’ had such a scheme and determination?

He actually played such scheme in such excellent way! That was admirable!

When Zuo Wuji heard about it, he was quiet for a while. He said, ’’Prompt decision makes him a man of great value;resolute moves show the sharpness of him;a bold plan makes him a decisive man;thousands miles doesn't negate his fortitude. Lan Langlang... is not that Lan Langlang in old days anymore! He is a man of potential to do great things now!’’


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